What Do D2 Basketball Scouts Look For?

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If you’re asking yourself, “What do D2 basketball scouts look for?” you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll talk about what Division 2 (D2) basketball is, which D2 players went to achieve success at the professional levels, and what it takes to get recruited by D2 basketball teams. 

When it comes to recruiting players for a D2 basketball team, scouts are looking for athletes who have the potential to be successful at the collegiate level. They want players dedicated to their craft and are willing to work hard to improve their skills. Additionally, they look for players who have the physical tools to compete at the D2 level. 

What is D2 Basketball What is D2 Basketball? 

D2 basketball is a division of college basketball in the United States. It is typically composed of smaller schools that compete lower than D1 teams. While the level of competition may be lower, D2 basketball is still a highly competitive category. 

Just because it’s a level lower than the more widely covered D1 doesn’t automatically mean that D2 players are not NBA material. In fact, a handful of D2 athletes made it to the Basketball Hall of Fame. To paint a picture of what the competition in D2 basketball looks like, here are a few players that came from D2 schools that you might already know about: 

  • Scottie Pippen 
  • Ben Wallace 
  • Dennis Rodman 

While these players weren’t exactly the biggest names in basketball, their effectiveness on the hardwood floor is undeniable. They’re generally role players who can lead their teams in multiple statistical categories on any given night. However, they’re usually not considered the go-to guy in their respective teams. 

What Do D2 Scouts Look for in a Basketball Player What Do D2 Scouts Look for in a Basketball Player? 

Many people think that D2 basketball players are not as good as those in D1. That’s not true. There are only so many teams in D1, and so many talented players are trying to get in. This creates an oversupply of gifted players that spills over to the D2 teams, especially if certain positions are already filled.

What Do D2 Scouts Look for in a Basketball Player 

Scouts frequently begin their evaluations of potential recruits by watching them play in high school or AAU games. They take note of a player’s stats and performance, but they also pay attention to intangible factors such as body language and coachability. If a scout likes what he sees from a player, he will then begin to do more research on the athlete. This may include talking to coaches, teachers, and family members to get a better sense of who the player is. 

A scout’s goal is to find players with the potential to succeed at the collegiate level and beyond. They want athletes dedicated to their craft and willing to put in the work necessary to improve. Additionally, they look for players with the physical tools to compete at the D2 level. If you have what it takes, a D2 basketball scout will take notice. 

The result is a highly competitive division with players that all have a chip on their shoulders for not being recruited. This is why you see a lot of D1 guys who don’t usually see playing time on the court transferring to D2 schools. They know that they can still compete at a high level while showcasing their talents. It’s all about playing against the best competition possible, and D2 provides that opportunity. 

So there isn’t much difference between what D1 and D2 scouts look for in players. This means that they’re generally still looking out for talent, skill, and dedication to the game. 

However, the number of athletic scholarships offered by D2 schools is usually fewer than the D1 teams. D2 teams typically have just ten scholarship slots compared to D1’s 13. Scouts, therefore, might also need to consider a player’s academic performance. 

How to Get Recruited for D2 Basketball How to Get Recruited for D2 Basketball 

That being said, the recruitment metrics of D2 basketball are generally the same as D1. Players must have a high degree of athleticism and skill for basketball.

How to Get Recruited for D2 Basketball 


Basketball is a sport that requires a high level of athleticism. Players need to be able to run, jump, and change direction quickly. They also need to have good hand-eye coordination and balance. As a result, many basketball players are excellent athletes. However, being an exceptional athlete does not guarantee success in basketball. 

Shooting Form 

When scouting a potential basketball player, one of the first things scouts will look at is the player’s shooting form. A player’s shooting form can tell a lot about their potential as a shooter. For example, a player with poor shooting form is likely to have difficulty consistently making shots. On the other hand, a player with good shooting form is more likely to be a consistent shooter. As a result, scouts put a lot of emphasis on shooting form when evaluating players. 

There are a few key things that scouts look for in a player’s shooting form:

1. They want to see a smooth and fluid motion.

2. They want to see the ball released from the fingertips near the top of the shot arc.

3. They want to see follow-through on the shot.

Players who can meet all of these criteria are typically the ones to have successful careers as shooters. 


In today’s positionless basketball, players need to be more adept at multiple tasks on the court. For example, a point guard needs to be able to handle the ball and run the offense and need to be a good shooter and defender. Similarly, a center needs to score down low, grab rebounds, and slide their feet quickly, defending guards and forwards coming off a screen. In short, versatility is critical in today’s game of basketball. Players who can do a little bit of everything are the ones who will ultimately find success on the court. 

Physical Advantage 

In connection to versatility and athleticism, D2 scouts also look at a player’s physical advantages. Height, wingspan, strength, and other attributes that may not be skill-based but can provide an advantage against other players on the court can give teams the edge they need to win D2 basketball tournaments. A quick-footed 6 foot 6-inch forward, for example, may not be an imposing interior defender. Still, if he also has a 7 foot 1-inch wingspan, he can be a formidable shot blocker and intimidator too. 

Dedication to the Game 

Anyone who’s ever played basketball knows that it’s a sport that requires talent, skill, and dedication. While talent and skill can be taught, commitment must be learned through experience. Players dedicated to the game of basketball are willing to put in the time and effort needed to improve their skills. They’re also willing to sacrifice their personal goals to help their team win. Dedication is what separates good players from great players. It’s what drives players to keep pushing themselves even when they’re tired or injured. Without commitment, it’s impossible to reach one’s full potential as a basketball player. 

Wrapping Things Up: What Do D2 Basketball Scouts Look For?

What do D2 basketball scouts look for? The answer may surprise you. While it’s true that D2 players may not have the same level of experience or exposure as their D1 counterparts, they can still be highly skilled and talented.  

In many cases, D2 basketball tournaments are often the best place to scout for role players, as players generally don’t have superstar attitudes and are humble enough to try and fit in with a new system instead of playing above it. 

Because of their attitude, D2 basketball players are often more NBA-ready in terms of coachability. Many D2 players can make more impact on the NBA than some D1 players.  

They missed out on certain opportunities. This is why it’s so essential for D2 basketball scouts to take their time and assess all potential recruits. A D2 team can be just as successful – if not more successful – than a D1 team with the right player. So if you’re wondering what do D2 basketball scouts look for, the answer is simple: they’re looking for the best of the best, regardless of division.

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