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How to Strengthen Knees for Basketball

Knees are as crucial to the body as columns are to a building; without them, everything crumbles. Shifty movements and changes of direction are fixtures in a basketball game. That is why it is essential

How to Get Back Into Basketball Shape Fast

How to Get Back Into Basketball Shape Fast

Basketball is a seasonal sport wherein players may go through certain weeks or months without playing the sport but would suddenly have to dive themselves back into it when the season is fast approaching. This

What are Curl Cuts in Basketball

What are Curl Cuts in Basketball?

One of the most important things that plenty of players today should know is to learn how to score without the ball. With that said, any player needs to know how to get open and

What are Cuts in Basketball

What are Cuts in Basketball?

With all of the stepback threes, jelly layups, and flashy ankle breakers, moving without the ball is one skill that is not taught with an emphasis in basketball programs. Contrary to popular belief, this skill

Can Basketball Help You Lose Weight

Can Basketball Help You Lose Weight?

When you start playing basketball, especially when really young, the fitness aspect of the sport is probably not the ultimate goal. Yes, basketball is fun and a great way to make friends, but if you

What Do D1 Basketball Scouts Look For

What Do D1 Basketball Scouts Look For?

Every high school basketball player dream of playing in Division 1 college. Unfortunately, only a select few, the cream of the crop, often gets the chance. Only 0.4% of high school basketball players play D1

What is a Slasher in Basketball

What is a Slasher in Basketball?

There are many different terms used to describe the playing styles of different basketball players. One such term is a slasher, often used to describe a guard or a wing player. The term “slasher” is

What Do NBA Players Eat

What Do NBA Players Eat?

Everything in the life of a professional basketball player is pretty much measured and calibrated. From the number of shots taken in practice to the number of macronutrients in a pre-game meal, all must be

Can Basketball Make You Taller

Can Basketball Make You Taller?

Many people are asking that question, “Can basketball make you taller?”, since the majority of basketball players are breathtakingly tall. In the NBA, the average height is 6-foot-7, a whole ten inches taller than the