How to Shoot Like Kobe Bryant?

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Kobe Bryant is regarded as one of the greatest players ever to grace the basketball court. In fact, it can be argued that if not for Michael Jordan, Kobe would be the best Shooting Guard the game has ever seen. Before his untimely death, Kobe undoubtedly left his mark on the sport in and out of the court. Dubbed the Black Mamba, Bryant was known for his killer instinct and scoring ability — which is why it comes as no surprise that many want to play like him. And, if you want to play like him, you have learn how to shoot like Kobe Bryant.

Shooting Stance and Body Positioning of Kobe BryantShooting Stance and Body Positioning of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant has one of the most immaculate shooting forms in the NBA. His unreal attention to detail and work ethic produced the most elite shots the game has ever seen. Everything from his stance to his aerial posture and overall shooting mechanics is a beauty to watch. You need all these to learn how to shoot a basketball like Kobe Bryant. So, let’s dissect Kobe’s shot:


Kobe uses what is traditionally called the Triple Threat Stance. This is a fundamental stance that players, especially professionals, use to stay ready to pass, drive, or shoot. This stance works by keeping the ball low and close to your hips with your shooting elbow behind the ball. You’ll also notice that his right knee is pointing inward while keeping his base wide — this gives him mobility should he choose to drive or jumping power if he chooses to shoot. The triple threat stance is where Kobe gets his famous dip and jump when doing his iconic fadeaway.


Everyone who knows basketball knows that Kobe’s footwork is one of the best the game has ever seen. More specifically, Kobe’s Jab Step, coupled with the timing of his foot, combined for tons of scoring options. The way Kobe positioned his feet allowed him to maintain balance and create space to shoot even in the tightest situations. In fact, young players today are usually asked to watch Kobe’s videos and follow his footwork. Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, and Devin Booker are some of the current NBA players who patterned their foot game after the Black Mamba.

Shooting Form

Wrist fully bent, elbows straight, arm stretched out — KOBE! Every proper basketball fan knows this image and this is a prime example of how to shoot like Kobe Bryant. Kobe’s shooting form is famous for being fluid, high, quick, and with a solid follow-through. Kobe starts with the ball down low from the Triple Threat Stance before bringing it up quickly with his shooting elbow fully bent to prevent defenders from reaching it. Kobe’s shooting form can be likened to a catapult because everything in his body (ball, right eye, right elbow, right hip, and right leg) is aligned.

The Kobe Bryant’s Shooting DrillsThe Kobe Bryant’s Shooting Drills

One of the things Kobe was known for was his work ethic. Kobe was a certified workaholic who lived and breathed basketball — he was always the first one in the gym and the last one out. Kobe’s shot was a result of his work in the gym, so if you want to know how to shoot like Kobe Bryant, you have to train like him. It is also worth noting that Kobe loved working on his fundamentals. Here are some shooting drills that Kobe did during his playing days:

1. Kobe’s Mikan Drill

Named after the great George Mikan, this is a fundamental drill where a player stands under the basket and lays the ball in for a specific time. However, in Kobe’s version of the Mikan drill, you shoot from within 15 feet instead of doing layups. This great warm-up isolates your shooting arm so you can focus on its mechanics.

2. Two-Ball Shooting Drill

Think of this drill as the elevated version of Kobe’s Mikan drill — only a lot more uptempo. With this drill, a player goes around shooting the ball from mid-range. As the name suggests, this drill requires two balls to keep the pace of the drill fast. While the Mikan drill isolates the shooting form of a player, the two-ball drill practices staying true to your shooting form even if you’re tired and jumping.

3. Fadeaway Drill

The Kobe Bryant fadeaway shot is notorious for being unstoppable and, consequently, iconic. The fadeaway is an important weapon in Kobe’s arsenal because this allows him to create a shot even if there’s virtually no space to operate anymore. There are various ways to practice your fadeaway, but the best way is really to do it. Fadeaway drills position you in different parts of the court and at different angles so that you can get used to the feeling of doing it. For added challenge and practice, ask someone to stand in front of you.

Advanced Shooting Techniques Inspired by KobeAdvanced Shooting Techniques Inspired by Kobe

Kobe loved the fundamentals and mastering them allowed him to elevate his game. After his shooting fundamentals, footwork, and other basic aspects of the game were nailed down, Kobe was able to integrate more advanced moves into his game. Let’s go over some of them:

1. Pump Fakes

Needless to say, Kobe mastered the art of the pump fake. Everyone in the league knew that Kobe could shoot from anywhere so the directive was to jump on his every shot. Unfortunately, Kobe integrated the simple pump fake into his arsenal and it never failed to fool defenders. The way Kobe mixed pump fakes with his jabs, his fadeaways, and more, spelled trouble for the league.

2. Shooting off-balance

Kobe’s balance and footwork were elite — he shot with a wide base and his body was aligned at multiple points. However, just as Picasso mastered conventional art before creating his own style, so did Kobe. Kobe’s fundamental shot became second nature to him to the point that he could vary it already and execute even formless shots. He even famously shot it from the backboard one time.

3. Clutch Game

Being clutch is easier said than done. Any player can drain a shot, but only a few can drain it with all the stakes behind their shoulder and with the clock ticking to the buzzer — Kobe was that guy. What people forget sometimes is that there’s a science to being clutch. Kobe is able to shoot well in the dying moments of a game because he has practiced endlessly and has adjusted his mentality to keep his body calm. Again, shooting was second nature to Kobe, so all he had to do was keep a level head to make sure that his body executed a move that he had done hundreds of times.

Best of Kobe Bryant’s Iconic ShotsBest of Kobe Bryant’s Iconic Shots

The highlights of Kobe’s 20-year career are as legendary as it gets. Kobe won everything that there is to win in the NBA and a big reason for that is his shotmaking. It goes without saying that Kobe has some of the most iconic shots in the history of the NBA so let’s go over some of them here:

1. Kobe from Behind the Board

Starting us off is one of Kobe’s most iconic circus shots that displayed his mastery of the jumpshot. In a game against the 2009 OKC Thunder, Kobe was forced to the baseline by a young James Harden. Kobe responds by jumping out to create space and attempting a high looper — swish.

2. Free Throw with a Torn Achilles

Unfortunate as it may have been, Kobe’s Achilles injury is one of the most iconic events in recent basketball history. In 2013, Kobe tore his Achilles tendon and it signified the end of an era. He would never play the same way after that and would go on to retire three years after the injury. Symbolic of the Mamba Mentality, Kobe still manages to sink two free throws while dealing with the physical and mental pain dealt by the injury.

3. 2006 Buzzer-Beater vs Suns

Kobe’s 2006 buzzer-beater vs the Suns will always be regarded as one of if not the best Kobe game-winner ever. After sinking the game-tying bucket to send the game to OT, Kobe had the opportunity to put the game in his hands again. The play was a full-court iso, a classic “give the ball to Kobe and get out of the way” play — midrange, nothing but net.

4. 81 Points

Why pick an iconic shot when you can pick an iconic game? Kobe’s 81 points are the most since Wilt’s mythological 100-point game. Up to this date, the 81-point game has neither been replicated nor eclipsed by anyone in the league. Every shot that Kobe made in this comeback win proved how much of a pure scorer he was in his prime.

The Final Game-Winner

Do you know what’s better than scoring 60 on your final NBA game ever? Also scoring the winning bucket — and this is exactly what Kobe did. With a little over 40 seconds on the clock, the Lakers were trailing by 1 and Kobe was bringing the ball down. Julius Randle rushes for a screen which Kobe uses to get free from Gordon Hayward and ultimately shoot one of his patented jumpers to put the Lakers up by 1.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Shoot Like Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest players of all time. In his arsenal were a ton of moves, but none were as lethal as his actual shot. There are a lot of things to consider if you want to how to shoot like Kobe Bryant. Kobe sported one of the purest jumpers in the game and this was a result of endless hours in the gym. Kobe’s shot started with a wide base, a perfectly aligned body, and a solid follow-through. After nailing the fundamentals, Kobe was able to pull off more advanced moves that ultimately contributed to his game. When all was said and done, Kobe left the basketball world as nothing short of a legend.

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