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What Are Open Looks In Basketball

What Are Open Looks In Basketball?

In the game of basketball, we are often told to focus on getting open looks instead of forcing shots. That is why plenty of offensive sets are designed to get open looks for any player...

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Why Do Basketball Players Chew Gum

Why Do Basketball Players Chew Gum?

If you have been watching NBA games for a very long time, you will notice that it is common among different NBA players to like chewing gum. This has been something that players have been...

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What Do Basketball Players Eat

What Do Basketball Players Eat

So much of a basketball player’s success goes into what he puts into his body because what you eat is what will ultimately fuel you and allow you to become a better player. And we...

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How Do NBA Pensions Work

How Do NBA Pensions Work?

Retirement is a part of anyone’s life, even the seemingly superhuman athletes. No matter how much jumping and dunking basketball players do in their prime athletic life, at some point, they’d have to hang up...

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Basketball vs. Soccer Which is Harder

Basketball vs. Soccer: Which is Harder?

Sometimes, it’s pointless to compare two very different sports, but the discussion can be fascinating. At the very least, you could know a lot about the said sport and maybe come to appreciate it. Case...

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Basketball vs. Football Which is Harder

Basketball vs. Football: Which is Harder?

Two of the most famous North American sports are basketball and American football, or just football. Between basketball vs. football, the latter enjoys a broader audience, with 37% of Americans choosing it as their favorite...

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