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Why Do Basketball Players Tap Their Heads

Why Do Basketball Players Tap Their Heads?

Basketball is a game of emotion, physicality, and communication. More often than not, this involves physical expressions of excitement, encouragement, and celebration. Watch a basketball game, and you can readily see that players show these...

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How Much Do Air Jordans Cost

How Much Do Air Jordans Cost?

The Air Jordan — arguably the greatest shoe line to ever exist from arguably the greatest player of all time. You can call them Jordans, Js, or Air Jordans, but one thing is for sure:...

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What Does H2 Mean in Basketball

What Does H2 Mean in Basketball?

The game of basketball is rather simple — put the ball in the hoop, and whoever scores more wins. However, as time passed, the sport evolved, and so did the terminologies surrounding it. Now, different...

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What is the New NBA Teams

What is the New NBA Teams?

We often hear about the expansion of the NBA, but we don’t always hear about the teams recently added to the league. So, what are the new NBA teams? We want you to completely understand...

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What Does an NBA Director of Player Development Do (2)

How to Beat Full Court Press in Basketball

When your opponent deploys a full-court press, there are three possible outcomes: You set up your offense with a dwindling shot clock. You commit a turnover. You score a wide-open layup right at the basket....

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