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What is a Basketball Foul

What is a Basketball Foul?

What is a Basketball Foul? Fouls in basketball are inevitable whether you play offense or defense. A foul is any act committed by any offensive or defensive player that results in unwarranted contact. Understanding the...

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What is a Crossover in Basketball?

The only legal way for a player to move with the basketball is through dribbling. It is one of the five basic skills in basketball. Being adept at handling the ball is a must, especially...

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What is Goaltending in Basketball

What is Goaltending in Basketball?

When watching a basketball game, fans love to see highlight-reel plays. Rim-rattling dunks, above-the-rim feats, and gritty defensive possessions often draw the cheers of the crowd. Speaking of above-the-rim exploits, not all high-fly acts are...

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What is a Turnover in Basketball

What is a Turnover in Basketball?

If you’re a part of a basketball team, especially as a coach, there is a list of things that you treat as must-dos and mortal sins. The former might entail getting back on defense, making...

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What is Cherry Picking in Basketball?

Cherry picking meaning in basketball refers to a player who does not play defense and stays near their basket for a fast break two. Coaches, players, and fans might not like a cherry-pick play, but...

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What is a Basketball Screen?

Basketball teams use different methods to try to score. Most of these are running a set play, a structured offense called by the coach and players during the game. When the play is called, the...

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