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What is a FG in Basketball

What is a FG in Basketball?

In recent years, the world of basketball, especially in the professional ranks, has become an analytics-centric game. As a result, we now measure advanced statistics with complex abbreviations such as PER, which is spelled out...

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Why is Steven Adams Called Aquaman

Why is Steven Adams Called Aquaman?

The NBA world can get pretty creative when it comes to giving nicknames. You may have heard about “The Glove,” “The King,” “Black Mamba,” “Pistol,” “Junkyard Dog,” and “His Airness.” And yet, probably one of...

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Why Does Los Angeles Have Two NBA Teams

Why Does Los Angeles Have Two NBA Teams?

California has a lot of big and high-profile cities that it’s bizarre why two NBA teams call Los Angeles home. So, just out of curiosity, have you ever wondered why does Los Angeles have two...

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