How Much Does Steph Curry Weigh?

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Basketball has been a game dominated by big and tall people for the longest time. In the NBA, the center is a position covered by literal giants, mostly men at least 6-foot-9 and 250 pounds. In fact, the big guys won 27 of the 75 available MVP awards. That being said, the game has evolved to such a degree that the smaller, more skilled guys can run amok. One perfect example is the two-time NBA MVP, Steph Curry. In addition to his height, how much does Steph Curry weigh

Steph Curry’s height and weight are officially listed as 6-foot-3, and he weighs 190 pounds. In comparison, the height and weight of an average NBA player are 6-foot-7, 217 pounds. The biggest guy out there is still Boban Marjanovic, a 7-foot-3 behemoth that weighs 290 pounds. Obviously, Curry’s frame is small compared to his peers and colleagues, but his career always serves as an inspiration for many regular-sized guys to make it big in the NBA.

How Stephen Curry's Weight Has Changed Over TimeHow Stephen Curry’s Weight Has Changed Over Time

When he was still a child, Steph was always around his dad, Dell Curry. You can still see pictures of Steph and Dell when the latter was still a toddler or at least in grade school. He was a skinny, curly kid with light skin, apparently because of his biracial roots.

Did the weight of Stephen Curry change much after these very early years? Aside from the natural weight increase because of age, Curry remained skinny in high school. He was said to be 5-foot-6 and 130 pounds during his first and second years. At that time, he and his family had serious doubts if he was ever going to make it to the NBA. Even the jersey he wore back then, according to Curry, was too big for him. He had to revamp his shooting form and release so his shot couldn’t be blocked by taller defenders.

How Stephen Curry's Weight Has Changed Over Time

Eventually, Steph had his growth spurt, and his weight came along with it. He was still rail-thin– he grew three inches in his junior year and eventually to 6-feet by the time he graduated high school. In his sophomore year at Davidson, Curry was listed as 6-foot-3 while weighing 185 pounds. Fast forward now, and Curry is at 190 pounds (84 kg), but that’s almost pure lean muscle. His body fat percentage is estimated to be 9%.

Stephen Curry's Diet PlanStephen Curry’s Diet Plan

Genetics certainly play a role in Steph Curry’s physique, but adding muscle and maintaining it boils down to workouts and a diet plan. According to his wife, Ayesha, this is what Steph regularly eats:

For breakfast: Steph often goes for a quick, five-minute fruit or vegetable smoothie; other quick breakfasts include whole wheat avocado toast, fried eggs, fresh fruits, and Sharp Cheddar.

For lunch: Ayesha prepares 10 containers of vegetables, proteins, and starch for her husband to have a balanced lunch as soon as he gets home. Steph practices from 7:30 until noon, so he should be really hungry after a workout/practice session. This meal preparation allows Ayesha to do everything at once and avoid becoming overwhelmed by a daily meal. 

The usual Steph Curry lunch after practices includes chicken (his favorite protein), quinoa, and sweet potato. If Steph is his home, Ayesha often prepares sandwiches and salads that often revolve around chicken or seafood. Ayesh’s chicken tenders preparation is very interesting because she coats the chicken with flaxseed for a healthier twist.

For seafood dishes, the Currys like to keep the marinade simple. Just a touch of soy sauce and apricot marmalade with garlic and ginger is enough to work on the taste buds.

For dinner: Steph likes spaghetti for dinner, and Ayesha adds another head-scratching ingredient in it: brown sugar. She says it helps bring out all the other flavors. This may not work well for everyone, but if it works for Steph Curry, so be it.  

For dessert: Everyone in the Curry family and their friends seem to like bananas. Any banana-centric dessert is a hit, so Ayesha often goes that route. If it’s not broken, why fix it?

Stephen Curry's Diet Plan

More of Steph Curry’s Diet

Steph Curry takes care of his body as any world-class athlete should, but he indulges in junk food every so often. How often, you may ask? How about every game day?

Whenever the Warriors play, salads and fruits are out of the question. Before the game, Steph likes to mow down a bowl of pasta, most likely the brown sugar spaghetti he likes. 

As soon as he arrives at the arena, Steph goes to the popcorn table. In fact, he claims to be a popcorn connoisseur of sorts. His fondness for popcorn dates back to the days when he would watch his father play in the NBA while munching on popcorn. Steph loves popcorn so much that he knows which arena serves the best and which serves the worst.

On other occasions, he may have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The point is that Curry follows a strict dietary regimen throughout the week but loves to eat junk on game days for a quick fuel source. Carbohydrates provide him the needed energy as he runs up and down the court during a 48-minute basketball game. 

Let’s just say it worked wonderfully for him.

Average Weight of a Basketball PlayerAverage Weight of a Basketball Player

When talking about regular people, Steph Curry’s weight and height— 190 pounds on a 6-foot-3 frame– are average. But NBA players are the farthest thing from normal people; they are freaks of nature, meant in a good way, of course.

What is the average weight of an NBA basketball player? In 2021, the average was 217 pounds. That’s nearly 30 pounds heavier than Steph Curry’s weight. Interestingly, the average weight of an NBA basketball player has been the lightest since 2011. Until that year, the NBA’s average weight has been up since the 1970s.

Even though Steph Curry’s weight and height are on the short end of the spectrum, he is not the lightest player in the NBA right now. That distinction goes to Trae Young, who weighs a mere 160 pounds. The lightest player in history was Spud Webb. The 5-foot-6 former Slam Dunk champion only weighed 133 pounds in his heyday. Earl Boykins was a close second at 135 pounds during his playing years.

But what about the big boys? Who tipped the scales the most in the NBA? That “honor” goes to Oliver Miller, who once ballooned to 380 lbs during his career. Shaquille O’Neal came pretty close at almost 360 pounds.

Wrapping Things Up: How Much Does Steph Curry Weigh?

Steph Curry could be the smallest person on the basketball court at a given moment. His height and weight are below the NBA’s standards, although he is pretty tall compared to the average person. 

However, as a world-class sports league, the NBA is the farthest thing from regular. As a whole, basketball is considered a big man’s sport. In fact, the average weight of an NBA player is almost 220 pounds. Players such as Earl Boykins and Spud Webb, both weighing just over 130 pounds, are the exceptions, not the norm.

That said, how much does Steph Curry weigh? Curry’s weight is listed at 190 lbs, just a tad heavier than he was coming out of Davidson. At the time, he was said to be weighing 180 lbs. But even if Curry’s current weight is almost 30 pounds lighter than the average NBA player, it is a stark improvement from his physique in high school.

How much did Steph Curry weigh back then? Stephen Curry’s weight in high school as a freshman is 130 pounds. He then grew to 5-foot-9 his junior year and six feet his senior year. During his sophomore season at Davidson, he was 6-foot-3 and 180 pounds, not much different from his adult height and weight.

If you’re a smaller guy who loves basketball, Curry’s journey from a skinny kid to probably the greatest shooter of all time should inspire you. Maybe you were asking, “How much does Steph Curry weigh?”, especially when compared to his peers. Now, you know that, while size matters, it’s not everything needed to succeed in this sport.

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