Stephen Curry’s Shooting Form: How to Master It?

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Have you ever wondered how Stephen Curry maintains such a sharp shooting ability? You are not the only one because everyone is as curious as you to know Stephen Curry’s shooting form or want to learn how to shoot like Stephen Curry.

Since the Golden State Warriors drafted Curry in 2009, he has consistently proven himself to be the most excellent shooter in the history of the NBA. Hence, the official NBA website listed him as the shooting leader. If you want to know more about Stephen Curry’s shooting tips, never miss out on this blog article.

How Important is Shooting Form in BasketballHow Important is Shooting Form in Basketball?

It would help to remember that shooting form is the most vital factor in scoring a shooting percentage above the average score. Like any other sport, it all boils down to the foundation of the routine, move, and execution. Everything will follow badly if the implementation is incorrect in the first part.

In basketball, shooting form is the key to a great field goal rate and shooting percentage. It is the same reason as Steph Curry’s shooting percentage, which almost all players have difficulty achieving. 

Whether you are a basketball enthusiast or a player, remember that there may be a lot of excellent shooters without great form. You may still score without a good posture, but your chances of scoring are high when your shape is better. Still, players with suitable conditions are always prolific shooters.

If you are still curious about how vital shooting is in basketball, take a short review of this bulleted list of why you need to work on your posture.

  • Accuracy

AccuracyThe building block toward accuracy is a flawless shooting form. If your position is correct, it increases your accuracy rate and expedites your shooting release. You will eventually pick up this technique as a muscle memory when you already have a great posture, thus improving your instincts in finding the proper arc.

  • Balance

A sustained balance from pre to post-ball release is only achieved through a good shooting posture. Making a scoring attempt from anywhere on the court needs balance, especially when shooting off the dribble. Most of all, attaining an outstanding balance decreases your chances of being injured.

  • Shooting Performance

If you have been training your muscles and endurance for a while and still have not improved your shooting performance, you need to work on your shooting form now. Until then, you will be able to improve other aspects like quicker ball release and right jump elevation.

The bottom line is that right angles make the correct attempts. If your posture is well-calculated, it will be easier for you to make a scoring streak. Save your energy from exerting so much effort in executing the wrong position and start making the right choice.

How is Stephen Curry So Good at ShootingHow is Stephen Curry So Good at Shooting?

Stephen Curry is one of the most famous NBA shooters in history, if not the most. With this reputation on the court, it is inescapable that everyone is wondering how he became so great at making a basket shot anywhere from the court.

Two possible reasons can explain his shooting expertise: nature and nurture. If you are an avid fan of his, you might have heard that he started playing basketball as early as five years old, according to his biography on the NBA Family website.

Stephen Curry’s father, Dell, was a former NBA player for several teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Hornets. He would often bring Steph to his practice games, including Steph’s younger brother, Seth. During these years, he would let them practice playing basketball at the young age of five.

Although Steph had advanced exposure to basketball, his shooting ability improved not because his father handed it out as a silver platter but through his vigorous work ethic. He practiced from his elementary years until his college years in Davidson.

ReleaseDuring his rookie years, he averaged 17 points per game, thus making him the second-best rookie in 2009. However, he got injured in 2011, which changed Stephen Curry’s shooting workout. Until then, his corrected shooting form did him wonders.

The short answer to the question is that Steph Curry has a good shooting form because he has been exposed to the sport since his early life and has consistently improved through practice and experience.

What is Steph Curry's Shooting FormWhat is Steph Curry’s Shooting Form?

Learning Stephen Curry’s art of shooting is an excellent idea because you will learn many things from his excellence, which is proven effective. If you are curious about Steph Curry’s shooting form, this blog will break down his styles and techniques.

If you check and study this YouTube video, you will see how intricate and accurate Steph Curry’s shooting drills are. He makes it easy and seamless to look at, but his palm-shooting style takes time and practice to master.

Although there is no specific monicker to his shooting style, you can see in his previous games that he is a one-motion shooter. It means he releases the ball in a direct and fluid motion without any hints of doubt. 

To learn more about his shooting form, below is a step-by-step process. Check them out.

  • Dip

Right after catching the ball; bring it closer to your hips before releasing it to gain more power and strength.

  • Hand Form

Make sure that you make a V-form with your index finger and thumb. Your hands should also be positioned on the side and then heading toward the direction of the net when releasing.

  • Palm Position

Know that Steph is known for being an incredible palm shooter. He makes sure to rest the ball over the entire palm, then transfers it to his fingers when shooting.

  • Align

Make sure that your shoulder is on the same height elevation as your elbow, plus your forearm should be moderately above your eye level.

  • Turn

Turn your feet away from your dominant side. Since he is right-handed, he slightly moves his feet to the left to gain balance.

  • Wide Stance

Your knees should point toward each other to achieve a wide stance figure. Note that this is what Stephen Curry is known for.

  • Set Point

This position transpired before you release the ball. In the case of Stephen Curry, his set point is positioned slightly above the right eye.

  • Release

How is Stephen Curry So Good at ShootingIf you have performed the above tips perfectly, you may then release the ball and shoot like Stephen Curry.

If you want a thorough discussion of his shooting form, the following sections will satisfy your curiosity. Continue reading and transform yourself from a mediocre shooter to an elite.

How Does Steph Curry Practice ShootingHow Does Steph Curry Practice Shooting?

Steph Curry’s shooting drills are not just any other practice drills; he consistently seeks ways to maximize his potential and improve his abilities to a great extent. The secret to his record is his training plan. Now, how does Steph Curry Practice Shooting?

According to an article from the NBA’s official website, Stephen Curry’s practice routine include the following points.

  • Game of 21 With a Twist

The regular Game of 21 requires a player to record 21 points in any possible way without time duration. Meanwhile, Stephen makes a game of 21 with a twist. He must only take up 1 minute to make 1 point (meaning he should finish it under 21 minutes) and has to run to the half-court before making another attempt. 

  • Combination of 3s

Brandon Payne, Steph’s trainer, told the NBA that Curry makes a combination of 3s. Specifically, a combination is just counted as one point.  His goal is to reach 21 points or 21 combinations of 3s.

  • 20 Shots Mechanism

Another effective drill that Payne disclosed is the 20 shots mechanism. Curry needs to make 20 shots in 2 minutes in multiple spots to improve his shooting speed and accuracy despite time pressure.

  • Two In Row

The drill that improves his three-point skills is the game Payne designed, “Two In Row.” Steph needs to make two consecutive three-point shots in five different spots in just 90 seconds.

Since Steph steadily improves over time, Payne adjusts the mechanics to keep up with his upward trajectory. Hence, you can also adjust these drills according to your level.

3 Tips to Improve Your Shooting Form Like Steph Curry3 Tips to Improve Your Shooting Form Like Steph Curry

If there is one NBA player worth emulating, Stephen Curry should be your top choice. He has exhibited excellent shooting form throughout his career, and the results are eminent in his stats. Here are tips you should follow to improve your shooting form like Steph Curry, based on his guidelines from the MasterClass.

  • Practice from nearer proximity

Make improvements from the fundamentals so you will not have difficulty adjusting to more challenging routines and challenges. Start by shooting from proximity to the basket; in this case, you will be able to identify your shooting loopholes. Then, make repetitions and concentrate on your shooting dynamics.

  • Find your mechanics

Missing the basket left and right suggested that you must improve your core dynamics. If you keep making long and short shots, assess yourself to find enough rhythm in releasing the ball. You will eventually pick up the pace, strength, and timing once you make more repetitions.

  • Increase the distance

Once you see improvements, increase the distance to improve shooting accuracy from anywhere on the court. In addition, you must also make more risky and complex shoots to mimic the intensity of NBA games. Keep this momentum and strive to record 100 perfect shots in a single session.

Wrapping Things Up: Stephen Curry’s Shooting Form

Steph Curry’s follow-through is one of his famous techniques to secure a basket. Most fans are aware of his skills, but only a few are interested in knowing the reason and his techniques for doing so. One of the sections above elaborated on his peculiar shooting style as disclosed by Brandon Payne, Steph’s training.

In a single practice session, Steph improves his accuracy and shooting form. If you aspire to become like him in the future, read every line by heart and understand the complexity of his shooting form. You might as well study this YouTube video to analyze his secret visually.

If you’re interested in learning Steph Curry’s story, check out this basketball biography book.

We hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to check out our other basketball FAQ articles here.

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