How Tall is Stephen Curry? Has It Changed?

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Stephen Curry has just captured his fourth NBA championship and first Finals MVP. That’s an impressive feat for any player, but come to think about it, Curry is among the smallest players on the court at any given time. But despite his small stature, Steph Curry has consistently proven himself to come up big in clutch situations. But then again, have you ever asked, “How tall is Stephen Curry?”

Is that an important question to ask? Without a doubt! Basketball has always been a game of giants, but for some reason, a guy who’s average in height (at least by NBA standards) is dominating. Without further ado, the article will inform you more about Stephen Curry’s height.

How Tall Does Stephen Curry StandHow Tall Does Stephen Curry Stand?

Some players have been accused of exaggerating their height by an inch or two, perhaps to boost their draft stock. Players like Kevin Love, Allen Iverson, and Nate Robinson, just to name a few, are actually shorter than their listed heights!

Because of this, the NBA launched an investigation to set things straight. They found out that some players add an inch or two to their heights, while some, like Kevin Durant, are actually taller than their listed heights. (KD said it was intentional, but that’s a story for another day.) 

So, is that the case with Stephen Curry? Actually, not at all. His listed height is 6-foot-3 (1.91 m), which is exactly what the NBA people found out. He stands an inch shorter barefoot, but they don’t run around the court without their shoes, do they? Therefore, it’s safe to say that Stephen Curry’s height in feet is 6-foot-3, the same as his listed height.

Has Stephen Curry's Height Changed Since His Rookie YearsHas Stephen Curry’s Height Changed Since His Rookie Years?

No, it appears that it did not, although it’s possible that Curry grew an inch since his rookie year. That said, it’s nothing crazy and probably a common occurrence in the NBA. Many young NBA players enter the league at 19 or 20 years old, and it’s not uncommon to see males with two or three-inch growth spurts until they are 21.

Has Stephen Curry's Height Changed Since His Rookie Years

Coming into the 2009 NBA Draft, his scouting report always mentions his height. Back then, the game was much more structured, meaning teams and scouts always gave prospects a label based on their positions. 

Because of his height, listed initially at 6-foot-2, Curry was viewed as a non-traditional point guard. He was the primary ballhandler at Davidson, but he was more of a scorer than a passer. At that time, 6-foot-2 scoring guards would have to face the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and other big guards. Besides, the Warriors already have another small combo guard, Monta Ellis, who’s also listed at 6-foot-3.

Scouts Aran Smith and Stevan Petrovic gave Curry slack because he was “too small” and, therefore, lacks the size to play good defense at the pro level. Fortunately, the Warriors did not listen and picked Curry 7th overall. 

Why Does Steph Curry Appear to Be ShorterWhy Does Steph Curry Appear to Be Shorter?

Not only does Steph Curry look short, but he is also considered “short” by NBA standards. The average height of NBA players is 6-foot-7, and Curry falls short by at least four inches. Out of 450 NBA players, 146 of them are taller than 6-8, and 23 of those are 7 feet and above. Therefore, whenever Stephen Curry shares the court with these giants, it is perfectly understandable why he appears shorter.

It’s also interesting to note that Curry’s height was average growing up. At 15 years old, Steph was only 5-foot-6 and 130 pounds. He grew to 5-foot-9 his junior year and 6-feet in senior. Steph then grew to his adult height of 6-foot-2 at Davidson when he was 20 years old.


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7 NBA Players Who Stand With Stephen Curry's Height7 NBA Players Who Stand With Stephen Curry’s Height

7 NBA Players Who Stand With Stephen Curry's Height

1. Seth Curry (6-foot-2)

Seth, Steph’s younger brother, is a tad shorter at 6-foot-2, but side by side, they look pretty similar in build and height. The younger Curry is also a dead-eye shooter in his own right, but as we all know, Steph is undoubtedly the greatest shooter of all time.

2. Ja Morant (6-foot-3)

Morant and Curry had a similar build coming out of college, but they had very different games. While Curry relies so much on his shooting and quick release, Morant is a more athletic specimen who loves to penetrate and finish amongst the trees. Steph has since developed that part of his game, but it’s safe to say that Ja may not be able to improve his shooting to match Steph’s level.

3. Jrue Holiday (6-foot-3)

Jrue has pretty much the same height as Steph, but Holiday was built like a tank. While Stephen Curry’s weight is a lean 190 lbs, Holiday is listed at 229 pounds of pure muscle, which gives him an advantage if it’s a purely physical matchup.

4. Jamal Murray (6-foot-3)

If anyone on this list plays a lot like Steph, it would be Jamal Murray. Murray was also the 7th pick in his draft class, a pretty good outside shooter, and one of the best finishers at his position.

5. C.J. McCollum (6-foot-3)

McCollum is one of the better secondary scorers in the NBA, but his height made him a liability at the two-spot. After the trade to New Orleans, C.J. played a lot of point guard and averaged career numbers. His PPG (24.3), RPG (4.5), APG (5.8), SPG (1.3), and FG% (49.3%) would have been career-highs, albeit at a small sample size (26 games).

6. Russell Westbrook (6-foot-3)

If there ever is an anti-Steph Curry, especially coming out of college, it’s Russell Westbrook. Brodie relies on his speed and athleticism, while his shooting leaves much to be desired. On the other hand, Steph was primarily a shooter who had to develop his finishing skills. In the end, both are probably going to be Hall of Famers because of what their individual achievements.

7. John Wall (6-foot-3)

Wall is essentially the same player as Westbrook, only with an extensive injury history. That prevented him from realizing his potential. Wall has not played meaningful basketball in years and may have to sit out this season before the Rockets can find a trading partner. Just a tidbit: Stephen Curry’s wingspan is essentially the same as his height, but John Wall’s is listed at 6-foot-10!

Wrapping Things Up: How Tall is Stephen Curry? Has It Changed?

An NBA player’s height has always been a subject of speculation. Ever since the NBA has officially investigated the issue, the truth is out in the open: Most NBA players really do exaggerate their heights.

Is that the case with Stephen Curry? If so, how tall is Stephen Curry exactly? According to the official heights listed in the NBA, Curry was as tall as he was listed– 6-foot-3 while weighing 190 pounds

Curry growing to a decent height and weight was a bit absurd considering how small he was in high school. Stephen Curry’s height and weight when he was 15 was 5-foot-6, 130 pounds. He then grew a couple of inches to 5-foot-9 his junior year and 6-feet a year later. Finally, in his sophomore season at Davidson, Curry grew to 6-foot-2 and settled with his adult height in the NBA.

To recap: How tall is Stephen Curry? He is 6-foot-2 and three-quarters barefoot and just over 6-foot-3 with shoes. Curry’s height hasn’t changed much if at all when he was in the NBA. However, growing up as a teen in North Carolina, he needed all those inches to become what he is today. 

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