What Mouthguard Does Stephen Curry Use?

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Stephen Curry is one of the most prolific shooters in the NBA today. He has shattered records and won multiple championships with the Golden State Warriors. He’s also maintained a wholesome image in the press and with fans. But, there’s one quirk about Curry that often overshadows his on-court performance: he wears a mouthguard during games, and he does some unusual, some would say gross, things with it. In this blog post, we will discuss why Stephen Curry wears a mouthguard and what benefits come from it!

Why Do NBA Players Wear MouthguardsWhy Do NBA Players Wear Mouthguards?

So, why do Stephen Curry and many other NBA players wear a mouthguard? The answer is simple: to protect his teeth. In a sport like basketball, where contact is relatively common, it’s essential to have some sort of protection for your pearly whites.

While mouthguards were initially made for contact sports like boxing and football, basketball’s also a dangerous sport especially in the fast-paced format that it has become. There have been plenty of players who have had their teeth knocked out during a game. Just last season, Jaylen Brown lost a tooth after colliding with teammate Jayson Tatum. Kevin Love also famously got his front tooth knocked loose in the 2018 Playoffs.

But, mouthguards are not just for preserving dental health. Some studies suggest that mouthguards can also protect a player from concussion. The study claims that mouthguards have a cushioning effect that absorbs vibration in case of head trauma.

While Curry has never had any major dental injuries, he’s certainly no stranger to getting hit in the mouth. In fact, Curry wears his mouthguard because he’s had his teeth knocked out before. Curry took an elbow to the mouth during a game in high school and lost a tooth. He now wears a mouthguard to every game to prevent history from repeating itself.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Mouthguards

Additionally, the Wallstreet Journal has uncovered statistical evidence that Stephen Curry’s mouthguard chewing habits may have some performance benefits for Curry. In an article titled Stephen Curry Shoots Better When Chewing His Mouthguard, the newspaper posits that Curry’s a better free throw shooter when he has a mouthguard on. Curry even goes so far as to confirm the article by stating that he chews on his mouthguard as a way to calm himself down during clutch situations.

How Many Mouthguards Does Steph Curry HaveHow Many Mouthguards Does Steph Curry Have?

In an interview, Curry said that he uses up about 12 mouthguards per NBA season. It’s a remarkable number, especially in basketball since it’s considered a non-contact sport. For comparison, NFL quarterbacks typically go through 2 mouthguards per season.

However, knowing how defenses play against Stephen Curry, it’s easy to understand that he really does get hit a lot in the head a lot. He curls around screens and picks and gets hit by rotating big men; he also has a deadly mid-range game that sometimes calls for aggressive close-outs. And lastly, his inside game has become so potent that he needs to be double-teamed whenever he drives, which often ends up in a collision with a contesting big man.

How Much Does Steph Curry Spend on MouthguardsHow Much Does Steph Curry Spend on Mouthguards?

As one of the most recognizable names in basketball, it’s safe to assume that Steph Curry probably doesn’t have to pay for his mouthguards. The Warriors, after all, are a rich team, and they can afford to supply their players with all the gear players need. Sponsors such as Under Armour, would also probably happily foot the bill for Stephen Curry’s mouthguard bills.

Given that Curry consumes around 12 mouthguards per season, we could deduce that Curry spends hundreds of dollars on mouthguards. If the internet sleuths are correct, he could spend about $150 to $500 per year on mouthguards.

How Much Does Steph Curry Spend on Mouthguards

For other players who play far more physically than Curry, you can expect that cost to go up even more. Overall, mouthguard use in the NBA has risen in recent years, with an unofficial estimate of about 50% of players using them.

Which Mouthguard Does Steph Curry UseWhich Mouthguard Does Steph Curry Use?

In fact, Under Armour, Stephen Curry’s shoe partner also sells mouthguards branded after the player, for which the company charges $41 a pop. So, if Curry were to use just the Under Armour mouthguard during the NBA season, it would easily cost him $500 per season on mouthguards.

However, despite having his own mouthguard line, Stephen Curry’s favorite mouthguard brand is not Under Armour. Instead, he prefers the MOGO M1 Flavored Mouthguard – a flavored mouthpiece brand he’s been using since college. MOGO prices their mouthguards at $12, which could bring his total yearly spending to $144.


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Other NBA Players Who Wear MouthguardsOther NBA Players Who Wear Mouthguards

Maxillofacial injuries are pretty common in the NBA. For example, Rip Hamilton of the Detroit Pistons didn’t wear his mask just for kicks. He wore the mask because he had facial injuries for most of his time with the Pistons. This is because despite being categorized as a non-contact sport, some NBA teams’ fast-paced and aggressive play style makes the likelihood of accidentally hitting an opponent’s face much more likely than you would expect.

For this reason, other NBA players have also started wearing mouthguards for protection. Mostly, players who wear mouthguards are those who tend to get banged up in the paint, so most of them are post scorers and slashers. Here are some of the most high-profile players who have used mouthguards in the NBA:

Lebron James – known for his well-rounded game, James’ scoring ability and strength merits an aggressive defense, especially in the post. He powers through smaller opponents and goes around slower and bigger defenders, and when he does get to the ring, shot blockers tend to contest his attacks with the utmost strength, which often ends in violent collisions. So if there’s one guy who needs to have a mouthguard, it has to be Lebron.

Kevin Durant – As one of the best outside scorers the league has ever seen, anyone guarding Kevin Durant is always on edge. He can either pull up from the mid-range, shoot a 3-pointer over them, or drive to the basket with his 7-foot frame for a dunk. Defenders are often left flat-footed by Durant and are, therefore, always in a rush to close out on his jump shots that usually end up making contact with the “Slim Reaper.” And because he’s such a tall player, his defender’s shot contest efforts often hit him in the face. Luckily, he always has a mouthguard on to protect him from injuries.

Blake Griffin – Especially during his younger years, Blake Griffin was a beast in the paint. He often forcefully takes a rebound high in mid-air and stuffs it in for a put-back slam. His high-flying and powerful play style required protection for his face and teeth if he ended up on the ground from an awkward landing or with an elbow to the face from the types of rebounds he likes to attempt.

Rajon Rondo – The mouthguard-wearing populace of the NBA, however, is not limited post players. Rajon Rondo, for example, is a slashing point guard who often gets hit in the face with a loose elbow. For this reason, he also wears a mouthguard. He even has his own mouthguard quirk, just like Curry’s nasty chewing habits. But instead of chewing on his mouthpiece, Rondo is often caught spitting his mouthguard into his jersey during games.

Kevin Love – After having a brush with dental injury on national TV in 2018, Kevin Love would be a believer in mouthguards. He not only got a tooth knocked loose against the Miami Heat, but he also showed some symptoms of concussion injuries. A mouthguard would have helped prevent both of these unsavory situations.

Wrapping Things Up: What Mouthguard Does Stephen Curry Use?

Mouthguards are important in the NBA because of the high-speed and physical nature of the game. Players often collide with each other while going for a rebound or trying to block a shot, and without a mouthguard, these collisions can easily lead to facial injuries. Mouthguards help protect players from dental injuries as well, which is why many players choose to wear them even if they don’t usually hit each other in the face.

But, there is evidence that mouthguards also help some players focus on the court. Stephen Curry, for example, has said that he feels more comfortable and relaxed when he wears his mouthguard. He also says that it helps him concentrate on the game and not worry about getting hit in the face. Furthermore, he has also developed a habit of chewing on his mouthguard during the game. He says that it helps him calm down during tense situations, which, as the best 3-point shooter of all time, he finds himself in a lot of the time.

As a result, NBA players probably consume hundreds or even thousands of dollars on basketball mouthguards yearly. Stephen Curry already fessed up to the fact that he probably goes through 12 mouthguards per season. Other players, who are more likely to get banged up in the interior, could be consuming more or less close to that number.

Stephen Curry’s habit of chewing his mouthguard has caught the eye of many fans. Some people think that it’s gross, while others find it amusing. But, whichever the case, he definitely put awareness about mouthguard use on the map for other professionals and non-professional basketball players.

So, what mouthguard does Stephen Curry use? He actually has his own line of mouthguards. These basketball mouthguards are designed to protect the teeth and gums while also being comfortable to wear. They come in various colors, so you can find one that matches your team’s colors or simply choose your favorite color. Curry’s mouthguards are also designed to stay in place while you’re playing, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out or getting in the way. But, even if he does have his own line, he also confesses that his favorite is the Mogo M1 Flavored Mouthguard.

So, whether you’re on the market for a basketball mouthguard because you want to protect your pearly whites, looking for an alternative for gum to chew on during crucial situations, or just wanting to mimic Stephen Curry, there are plenty of options to choose from. And, with so many different brands and designs on the market, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and budget. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself a mouthguard today!

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