When Does AAU Basketball Season Typically Start?

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If you’re planning to enroll your kid in the AAU program, you want to know what month does basketball season start.

Depending on your kid’s age, the schedule of the AAU Basketball Program is as follows:

  • Elementary (grades 1-7) and middle (grades 7-9) schoolers – late March to the middle of June 
  • High schoolers (grades 9-12) from late March to July, except for June

Enrolling your young basketeer will give him strong fundamentals to develop his skill. You cannot find a more intense league in the amateur bracket.

Know more about the AAU Basketball System in this material we prepared

How Does AAU Basketball WorkHow Does AAU Basketball Work?

Many NBA athletes spent time playing basketball in the American Athletic Union (AAU) league, LeBron James, Joel Embiid, and Jason Tatum. The league allows basketeers to compete with talented players from other districts.

Who can join?

Boys and girls who are seven years old and under up to 19 can play in the AAU. An all-girl team is hard to find; usually, they wind up playing in a boy’s group.

Can I form my basketball team?

A group of youngsters can organize their basketball team. Your team should be composed of 8-10 players within the same age bracket, with a team name, a coach, and uniforms. You can join a tournament by paying fees, and you’re good to play.

Can I join an AAU team?

You can check the AAU website to find a basketball team in your locale or check out the teams playing to pick one that fits your youngster. The coach will schedule a tryout to determine basketeers who will enter the team’s roster.

How much does it cost to join?

Category Amount
1. Membership Individual Athlete
Youth $14 – $16
Adult $14 – $39
2. Membership Individual Non-athlete $16 or $18
3. Club
C.1 Level 1
Youth $30 per year
Adult $50 per year
C.2 Level 2
Youth $60 per year
Adult $80 per year
C.3 Level 3
Youth $300 per year
Adult $320 per year
4. Registration $25 (one-time cost)
5. Insurance $12 per year
6. Tournament Fee $100 – $700 per team
7. Basketball Coach $20.75 an hour
8. Venue $125
9. Referee $125 per referee

How Many Games Does AAU Basketball HaveHow Many Games Does AAU Basketball Have?

The AAU has 56 districts; teams are situated in these districts. There is no specific number of teams and games, and each district has its team count different from the others. There are 12 age groups, and teams are divided into age and gender.

AAU’s goal is to hold basketball tournaments on weekends; teams play about three to five games on Saturdays and Sundays.

What Month Does AAU Basketball Typically StartWhat Month Does AAU Basketball Typically Start?

The AAU season starts in spring and early summer. The schedule for elementary (grades 1-7) and middle (grades 7-9) schoolers starts from late March to the middle of June and high schoolers (grades 9-12) from late March to July, except for June.

There are secondary seasons for elementary and middle schoolers in the fall and winter.

Basketeers are named to their teams in February.

How Long Does AAU Basketball Season Last?

Team practice starts in March before the AAU basketball season usually starts in April and ends in June or July. There are secondary seasons in which teams can play depending on the coach’s availability and the parents’ budget.

How to Choose an AAU Basketball Team

Selecting the AAU basketball team for your youngster can be daunting, with many options available. Parents will find navigating through these choices tedious, challenging, and frustrating. Different factors come into play when choosing the right program for your kid and your values. Check out these considerations we prepared to help in your selection.

What is your child’s goal?

It’s not you but your kid who’ll be joining the program. Knowing your child’s goals and skills is an excellent way to match a program that will meet your and your child’s expectations.

What is the organization’s values?

There are good and not-so-good teams in the AAU. A good organization cares about the player’s progress and not just playing games. 

Basketball is fun, and teammates should have a good time regardless of winning or losing a game. Playing time is divided equally among the players.

How are the coaches?

The coach is a vital piece of the puzzle. Make some background checks and find out about his experience and qualifications. Watch a game to see how the coach handles the players and situations.

How often do practices happen?

Practice makes perfect, and practices develop players’ skills and teamwork to win games. Does the coach teach them during scrimmages?

Are there competing games?

Elementary and mid-schoolers should be competing in tournaments with kids of the same age and skill set. Travel is not advisable for these young basketeers; spend money wisely elsewhere.

High schoolers are encouraged to travel to show their wares to college scouts and coaches.

What is your budget?

There are expenses involved when playing for a team, which greatly vary. Parents’ budgets should be factored in when considering the costs of playing. The money spent should have value in return.

7 Facts about AAU Basketball7 Facts about AAU Basketball

1. The AAU has nearly 700,000 members, with hundreds of authorized events generating about $20 million yearly from membership and tournament fees.

2. People recognize AAU basketball as a Weekend Tourney Team.

3. The success of AAU encouraged the emergence of other basketball leagues, such as Nike EYBL, Zero Gravity, Adidas Gauntlet, and Basketball Bull.

4. Six- or seven-year-old kids can enroll in the AAU program to develop their basketball skills.

5. Nearly all teams practice once weekly; more time is needed to develop a player’s skill.

6. Not all coaches are good, and their inexperience is exposed during the season.

7. Some players are included in the team to complete the roster and fund the team but get limited time on the court.

Wrapping Things Up: When Does AAU Basketball Season Typically Start?

Playing in the AAU is pricey. Parents must shelve between $400 – $4000 annually.

Is AAU basketball worth it?

The cost of enrolling in the AAU program bangs the parents’ buck. Once the basketball season starts, your kid will face excellent competition. He’ll be pitted against players from other districts who have the same skill or are better than them. They’ll enjoy the sweet taste of victory and accept defeat with grace.

Many NBA athletes played in the AAU; notable alums are LeBron James, Joel Embiid, and Jayson Tatum.

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