What Numbers Did Michael Jordan Wear?

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If we mention Michael Jordan, everyone will agree that he is the real GOAT. Aside from his talent, everyone is curious about trivial things like his iconic jersey numbers. What numbers did Michael Jordan wear?

Jordan is famous for his jersey number 23, making it a legendary number in the basketball scene. However, he also wore 9 and 45 for short periods for some interesting reasons, which you will learn in the latter part of the blog.

This blog will explore everything about Michael Jordan’s jersey numbers and even Michael Jordan’s comeback game. You must not miss it!

What Numbers Did Michael Jordan WearWhat Numbers Did Michael Jordan Wear?

Michael Jordan is the most iconic player in the NBA league, as people of all ages know his legacy. He is the greatest player in the NBA, which left everyone a sticker for everything about him (even jersey numbers). What jersey numbers did Michael Jordan wear?

For most of his career, Michael Jordan wore the iconic jersey number 23. He made this number his statement that the NBA will think of him whenever we see this number. Jordan accomplished great career heights with this jersey number, such as carrying the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships. 

As you may have known, Michael Jordan left the NBA but decided to return to playing basketball. After that, he changed his jersey number to 45 for a brief period. Yes, the number did not have a long run in the NBA.

Casual fans may not have known this, but Michael Jordan wore jersey number 12 during a single game in 1990 because someone stole his jersey in their locker. Also, he played wearing a jersey with the number 9 during his Olympic career.

These different numbers are not just figures, but they represent the colorful career Michael Jordan had. These numbers were also bold statements of his personality like when he returned with the number 45. These numbers help us understand more about Michael Jordan as a player and as a person. 

Michael Jordan’s Number 23

Undoubtedly, Michael Jordan’s jersey number in Chicago Bulls is the most iconic number he wore, which is 23. He first wore the number in high school and collegiate basketball leagues. 

When Michael Jordan joined the Bulls in 1984, he requested the number 45—because his older brother Larry had the same number in his high school. Nonetheless, he decided to wear number 23 instead, making it his bitch. The rest is history.

You are curious about the meaning of Michael Jordan’s jersey number 23. In an interview with ESPN, Jordan shared that this number is unique because it represents his father. 

In case you did not know, his father was murdered when he was just 30 years old. Now, number 23 comes in because his father’s birthday was February 23. So, this number is in honor of the memory of his beloved father.

There are a few reasons why the number 23 symbolizes Michael Jordan’s career. Jordan achieved the highest accolades in his career while wearing the number 23. The number accompanied him in achieving six NBA championships, five MVP awards, ten scoring titles, and 14 all-star games appearances.

Overall, Michael Jordan’s number 23 is a symbol of his incredible talent and his dedication to the sport of basketball. Now, he owns the jersey number that this figure is closely associated with his NBA stint.

Michael Jordan’s number 45

Although Michael Jordan is most known for the legendary jersey number 23, there were brief moments in his career when he wore a different number. n 1995, Jordan made a surprising return to the NBA after quitting his NBA stint and decided to pursue a professional baseball career. 

During Michael Jordan’s comeback game by returning to the Chicago Bulls, he wore a different number that signified his reborn. Michael Jordan’s number 45 was controversial then, and analysts said he lost his branding.

Nonetheless, he explained that number 45 was a tribute to his baseball career. However, Jordan explained that he chose the number as a tribute to his baseball career. He similarly wore the same number as a baseball player for Birmingham Barons.

Despite his promising comeback, jersey number 45 only had a short run. During the first years of his comeback, he reaped rotten fruits. He felt the number 45 brought him bad luck. After the dramatic move, he never wore the same number again.

Michael Jordan’s number 45 means reborn! Although the number 45 was short-lived, it is a fascinating footnote in his legendary career. It is a reminder that he left the basketball scene to pursue a different sport, yet he returned to his roots and made bolder statements about his greatness and legacy!

Michael Jordan’s number 9

Michael Jordan’s Olympic jersey number 9 marks a new beginning for him. Michael Jordan’s number 9 debuted in the Olympics when he played for Team USA in 1984. Jordan may be among the youngest players on the team, but he proved himself as a rising star by averaging 17.1 points per game.

After four years, he returned to the Olympics as a “Dream Team” member at the 1992 Barcelona Games. The team is regarded as the best team a basketball league has ever had. The lineup featured legendary players like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Jordan.

At the time of his stint in the Dream Team, he wore the number 9 jersey again. Michael Jordan’s number 9 symbolizes his hard work, dedication, and hunger for success. He pursued a different league and proved himself as the best player that the basketball scene had ever seen.


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Legacy of Michael Jordan's Jersey NumbersLegacy of Michael Jordan’s Jersey Numbers

Michael Jordan’s jersey numbers are the symbols of his successful NBA stint. It also proves that his career is not linear but consists of different points—ups, and downs. Now, we will explore the legacy of Michael Jordan’s jersey numbers.

Starting with number 23; is his most iconic number and made him the legend he is today. Michael Jordan’s number 23 is the symbol of his success. The number accompanied him in achieving six NBA championships, five MVP awards, ten scoring titles, and 14 all-star games appearances.

Secondly, Michael Jordan’s number 45 symbolizes his reborn and coming back. He left the NBA to pursue a career in baseball, but he returned and made a statement with jersey number 45. Although it did not give him luck, it left a legacy in that he returned to his basketball roots.

The following jersey number is 9. Michael Jordan wore this during his Olympic stint. This number created his legacy of being a part of the “Dream team.” He enjoined the lineup of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, considered the best team we ever had.

Lastly, Michael Jordan’s number 12 had an impressive run. During one of his games in 1990, his jersey was stolen from his locker. Hence, he wore jersey 12 in that game alone. It has the shortest run among the jersey numbers but left a funny legacy.

Wrapping Things Up: What Numbers Did Michael Jordan Wear?

Along with Michael Jordan’s career achievements, his iconic jersey numbers are the talk of the town in the NBA community. What numbers did Michael Jordan wear? He sometimes wore numbers 23, 45, 9, and 12.

What do these numbers mean? They are the symbols of Michael Jordan’s NBA career. These symbols of the rollercoaster ride he had as an NBA legendary player can be associated with his personality.

How about you? Would you instead stick to one jersey number? The answer lies in you.

If you’re interested in learning Michael Jordan’s story, check out this basketball biography book.

We hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to check out our other basketball FAQ articles here.

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