Popular NBA Players Born in December

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December is a holiday season celebrated with joy. Similarly, this month is filled with NBA player celebrations of excellence. True to what it is known for, many popular players born in December are legendary and unmatched—with LeBron James and Dwight Howard on the roster.

What better way to end the year than honor iconic NBA players born in December? Although success and birth month have nothing to do with each other, December is undoubtedly blessed by the basketball gods.

Now that you are here, you should check out the rest of the famous basketball players born in December.

Which NBA Players Have December BirthdaysWhich NBA Players Have December Birthdays?

Each month has representative players who are either famous, Hall of Famer awardees, or legendary veterans. Undoubtedly, the most famous NBA player born in December is LeBron James. But if you think the list of famous basketball players born in December ends with him, you are wrong.

Since we are already talking about GOATs, it would be a shame to leave out Larry Bird. There is a reason why he earned the moniker “Legend Larry” throughout his career. It proves that December may not be the month with the most famous players, but it has some of the greatest in their respective generations. 

While they are intrinsically basketball maniacs, it is fascinating to think they were born in the same month. If you are curious about who made it to the list, the sections below list active and retired players born in December. 

Current NBA Players Born in the Month of December

What’s fascinating about famous basketball players born in December is that most still make noise in the league. If the NBA creates a special team based on birth month, December will surely be a powerhouse. 

LeBron James is already a statement that their roster is not something to be taken lightly. Even though the match has not yet started, they are already bound to take over the court. December will surely make it to the finals (if not the season’s winner).

If you are stoked to see who will be on LeBron’s team if ever given a signal from the NBA, check out the active NBA players born in December below.

  • LeBron James (December 30, 1984)

LeBron James was born to be the Greatest of All Time on December 30, 1984. This NBA legend needs no introduction since everyone knows that this forward is unstoppable every time he sets foot on the court.

True to his nickname “The GOAT,” LeBron James has made four NBA rings so far. He won two rings with the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013 and another with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014 and 2016.

His excellence does not stop there. He has won four Season MVPs, four Finals MVPs, and All-Stars MVP in his NBA career. Those are tangible evidence of his athletic prowess.

  • Dwight Howard (December 8, 1985)

Joining the star-studded basketball players born in the December lineup is Dwight Howard. Who does not know him when he is among the best defensive players in the history of the NBA? Howard will significantly assist the December team, assisting LeBron James.

Although his only ring in 2020 seems underwhelming, his career stats will tell you otherwise. According to his ESPN profile, Howard has recorded an average of 11.8 rebounds per game. No wonder he was named the Defensive Player of the Year three times. 

Moreover, Howard was also an eight-time All-Star awardee. Plus, he has made it to the All-NBA and All-Defensive teams eight and five times, respectively. Now, tell me if NBA rings define your skills.

  • Malcolm Brogdon (December 11, 1992)

If there is one more promising player in the December star list, it should be Malcolm Brogdon. He won several rare accolades for players in the league to achieve in just a few years of his career.

Brogdon became the first player to win Conference Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year. Another thing, he became the first player since 1965 to have won the Rookie of the Year as a second-round pick in the NBA draft. 

  • De’Andre Hunter (December 2, 1997)

Hunter is a rookie in the NBA league but never an underdog. He became one of the top picks after being drafted as the lottery pick in 2019. The catch is he did it even without placing in the top 100 in high school recruits.

One of the accolades he gained while playing collegiate basketball was when he was awarded the Defensive Player of the Year as a player for the Virginia Cavaliers.

  • De’Aaron Fox (December 20, 1997)

Another player who made it to the list is De’Aaron Fox. He is relatively new in the league after being drafted as 5th overall pick of the Sacramento Kings in 2017. Like other people on the list, he played collegiate basketball before venturing into the NBA league. His varsity team was Kentucky Wildcats.

Retired NBA Players Born in the Month of December

You should check out this section if famous NBA players born in December are over with the active list. December is blessed with the basketball gods because it has a perfect balance of retired and active iconic players.

  • Larry Bird (December 7, 1956)

Larry Bird is already a household name in the NBA because he made himself one of the greatest players in the league of all time. You can tell if a player is legendary if he ended his career on a good note. 

Like Larry Bird, he recorded an average of 24.3 points per game, 10.0 rebounds per game, and 6.3 assists throughout his career as per the NBA. On top of all, he was one of the three players in history who became the regular season’s MVP consecutively as of 2020.

Bird’s passion for basketball did not end in his retirement. After retiring in 1992, he made an NBA comeback in 1997—but that time as a coach of the Indian Pacers. In 1999, Larry Bird was added to the Hall of Fame.

In a Tweet, the Boston Celtics posted a photo of Larry Bird on his birthday with the caption, “Happy Birthday Larry Legend.” Bird indeed made a lasting impact on the legend that no one will forget.


  • Jason Collins (December 2, 1978)

Here’s to another iconic player on the list, Jason Collins. His popularity is not conventional because he took the road untaken and became the star he is. In NBA 2012-2013 season, Collins came out of the closet and revealed to the public that he was gay. Yes, you read it right.

Jason Collins is living proof that you can always be legendary if you stay true to yourself. He is an epitome of a true icon.

Following his coming out, he became a free agent in 2014. However, he called it quits in the same year. Nonetheless, Collins made history by being the first openly gay NBA player. Throughout his career, as per ESPN, Collins averaged 3.6 PPG, 3.7 RPG, and 0.9 APG. 

In 2021, Jason replied to a birthday greeting from someone who called him a friend on Twitter. Although there was not enough news about his past birthday celebrations, Jason Collins made them iconic like him! 

How Do NBA Players Celebrate Their BirthdaysHow Do NBA Players Celebrate Their Birthdays?

You’re mistaken if you think basketball players are different breeds of people with bizarre ways of celebrating birthdays. Although they are famous for being court knights, they love spending their natal days in such ways that we are acquainted.

One of the everyday things these stars do is spend huge deals on a yacht party. There are only two ways they can celebrate their special day. First, they are probably taking a break from the intensity on the court by hosting a luxury party with other NBA stars.

Some players spend time with their family and friends privately. Sometimes, they use this time as a day off and a perfect moment to date their girlfriends. However, other players prefer to keep it low-key.

Hence, these players are no different from other celebrities or ordinary people in celebrating their natal days. Below are some of the ways December stars celebrated their birthday.

1. Lebron James

In his Twitter birthday post in 2021, LeBron thanked his fans and quoted his dominance from his “King’s Throne.” Iconic as he is, he made a shout-out to his haters. The GOAT seems aware of his haters’ attempts to discredit his skills.

2. Dwight Howard

For sure, NBA stars know how to party. On his 30th birthday last 2015, Dwight Howard proved he was a great player and event organizer. He decided to throw a birthday bash with a gatsby theme. He even invited performers like Lil Boosie to grace the night. Also, the NBA celebrated his birthday through an Instagram post in 2020. Howard is indeed one of the greatest NBA defensive players of all time.


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Wrapping Things Up: Popular NBA Players Born in December

Popular NBA players born in December are some of the icons in the league, like LeBron James, Larry Bird, Dwight Howard, and Jason Collins. They are stars of their own that need no comparison between them.

You can always be like them if you believe in yourself. They are proof that achieving your dreams is not a piece of cake. However, it is guaranteed to taste like heaven. Start working now to achieve your sweet victory in the future.

We hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to check out our other basketball FAQ articles here.

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