How Many Businesses Does Steve Nash Own?

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Whether he’s dishing out dimes in a Suns uniform or coaching the Brooklyn Nets from the sideline in a stylish suit, Steve Nash and basketball will always be intertwined. But what about life beyond the court?

The two-time NBA MVP didn’t slow down after retiring from the hardwood. Since officially retiring from the league in 2015 after an illustrious career as one of the league’s top point guards, Steve Nash has been keeping himself busy investing his NBA earnings and endorsement deals into businesses and brands that are true to his values.

So, when he’s not on the court as a Golden State Warriors consultant or as a Brooklyn Nets head coach in his retirement, he’s often tinkering with his sports-related business portfolio.

Who is Steve Nash_ What is He Known ForWho is Steve Nash? What is He Known For?

Steve Nash is one of the few Canadian basketball players that have made it big in the American league. He started his career as a player for the Phoenix Suns in 1996 and eventually moved on to the Dallas Mavericks, finally retiring as a Los Angeles Laker in 2015. 

He is best known for his exceptional passing skills and accuracy from the three-point line, which earned him two MVP awards and eight All-Star game selections.

But being an NBA star wasn’t always on the cards for the Canadian player. Unlike many stars that graced the NBA, he got only one scholarship recruitment offer from a Division I college.

His impressive stint in college earned him the 15th pick in the first round with the Phoenix Suns in the star-studded 1996 draft. He went on to have a highly successful career in the NBA, where he became one of the most impactful players in the NBA from 2004 to 2006. He won two MVP awards over Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and other league superstars who were much more famous than him.

With his effectiveness on the court, he will forever be known as one of the best point guards ever to lace them up.

What Did Steve Nash Do After RetirementWhat Did Steve Nash Do After Retirement?

Nash couldn’t stay away from basketball for too long after his retirement as he embarked on his coaching journey as a part-time player development consultant with the Golden State Warriors just six months after his retirement. In this new post, Nash worked with Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson on their jump shots and point guard skills.

In 2020, Nash took on an even more prominent role in an NBA front office with the Brooklyn Nets as the team’s head coach. In this role, he coached Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Ultimately, the Nets, under Nash, underperformed, which led Nash and the Nets organization to part ways in 2022.

So, what’s Steve Nash doing now? When he’s not coaching, he’s typically very involved with his investments but not as an investor but as an active participant. Such is the case with his investments in soccer teams, where he sometimes practices with the teams he owns.

When Did Steve Nash Start Investing in Business Ventures_ When Did Steve Nash Start Investing in Business Ventures? 

Nash was the consummate floor general on the court. Off the court, he was also quite the point guard. The Canadian point guard always aims to help others succeed first and only takes shots when absolutely necessary. He invests his time and money efficiently while pushing for social change and giving back to the community.

At the height of his popularity in 2010, Nash announced that he would be joining a venture capital firm called “Consigliere,” a hybrid between a production company and a venture capital where he has been producing content ranging from documentary films to commercial advertisements. The firm has since grown and has rebranded into Bullish Investment Firm and Brand Agency.

Bullish has become one of the most publicized Steve Nash business ventures. The firm has invested in many different businesses, from sports to technology. Among the companies that Nash has backed through Bullish are:

  • Peloton
  • Warby Parker
  • Casper
  • Care/of

As a brand agency, Bullish has worked with giants such as:

  • Bose
  • Nike
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Pepsi

What Companies Does He OwnWhat Companies Does He Own?

The average NBA player already makes a lot of money. Steve Nash, however, was not an average player. Instead, he was a star player who commanded the largest contracts that the league could offer back in his heyday.

According to published sources, Nash has earned $119,000,000 throughout his NBA career. And with so much money in his bank account, Nash was wise to put much of it into businesses and investments.

And because Nash has become quite investment-savvy, much of his money has been invested wisely in various brands and products he believes in. Some of them paid off quite handsomely for the Canadian basketball superstar. So, if you want to learn more about Steve Nash’s business investments, read on. 

Aside from Bullish, Nash also has an ownership stake in other ventures. Like Nash’s on-court style, his decision-making in business is to the point, efficient, and effective. He dabbles only in opportunities that align with his interests and expertise, which are sports and storytelling.

Meathawk Productions

Nash is one of the first NBA athletes to take an interest in storytelling through film and television. Through his production arm, Meathawk. One of the studio’s most notable works was the critically acclaimed documentary Into the Wind, in which Nash shared the co-director’s chair.

Meathawk has also produced several ads for VitaminWater that heavily featured the Canadian basketball star’s brand of humor, which led the ad spots to viral fame. The production company also produced ad spots for the sportswear giant Nike. Nash starred and produced the viral Sixty Million Dollar Man spot that featured Nike’s first foray into eco-friendly sports performance footwear in the form of the Nike Trash Talk.

MLS Vancouver Whitecaps (Soccer team)

Because of his gift on the NBA court, it may surprise many that basketball wasn’t even Steve Nash’s first sport. Instead, he grew up playing soccer in Canada. And this love for the sport drove Nash to invest in the Vancouver Whitecaps in late 2009. 

Throughout his ownership, Nash has been an active supporter of the team and has visited matches whenever possible. He even joins the team practices whenever his schedule permits.

La Liga Real Mallorca

As an avid soccer player, Nash bought a minority stake in Real Mallorca, a second-division La Liga Spanish team. Nash has worked diligently to help the team return to the top tier of Spanish soccer.

He’s even gone on record saying that this was his way of giving back to the game he loves. Nash also mentioned that he intended to use his influence and expertise in business and sports to teach young players how to make the most out of their careers on and off the pitch.

What is the Steve Nash FoundationWhat is the Steve Nash Foundation?

Besides his passion projects in football and film, Nash is also quite passionate about giving back to the community and social issues. And this is what led him to set up the Steve Nash Foundation in 2004.

The Steve Nash foundation is dedicated to “assisting underserved children in their health, personal development, education and enjoyment of life”.

It has organized numerous programs with the TMW Center for Early Learning + Public Health, such as The Starting Five and Let’s Talk Dads, which advocate a science-based approach to child-rearing and education.

The Steve Nash Foundation is also involved as a top donor and board member with Educare Arizona. The initiative works to help parents provide early childhood care and education services to underprivileged children from ages 0 to 3. Working under the principle that helping parents provide the best care for their infants can help boost and sustain success as they age.

There are plenty of other initiatives under the Steve Nash Foundation that aims to level the playing field for less fortunate kids in the United States. You can check them all out at their website at

Wrapping Things Up: How Many Businesses Does Steve Nash Own?

Steve Nash’s post-retirement endeavors have been as successful as his basketball career. He owns a production company and has partial ownership of two sports teams, one in the MLS and another in the La Liga.

He also runs the Steve Nash Foundation which helps underprivileged children gain access to education services and child-rearing support. In total, he currently owns four businesses with a couple more ownership stakes under his VC firm.

It is clear that Steve Nash has transitioned from a basketball icon to an all-around successful businessman and philanthropist. His drive for success shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon as he continues to make waves in the world of business, sports, and social responsibility.

If you’re interested in learning Steve Nash‘s story, check out this basketball biography book.

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