Is Basketball Easy to Learn?

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Your only experience with basketball is watching LeBron execute those monster plays and Curry launching impossible treys. And you wonder… is basketball easy to learn?

Like anything, starting is hard but your interest keeps you in the right direction. Take baby steps by learning the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and defending. Mastering the basics will lead you to learn more advanced techniques.

Basketball is fun and easy to learn, know why?

Is Basketball Easy or HardIs Basketball Easy or Hard?

Basketball is a fun and rigorous game enjoyed by people of all ages. All the parts of your body are in motion keeping them healthy and it keeps your mind off things from bugging you.

Is basketball easy or hard to learn?

Just like any sport learning the ropes depends on your motivation. You might not make it to the NBA but it will tear the opposition in pickup games. Basketball is a team game with different positions and rules to follow. There are different aspects of the game, let’s take a look at these and let you decide.


Five basic skills in basketball include rebounding, dribbling, shooting, passing, and defending. At the onset, a learner might find difficulty, but through constant practice, you’ll be able to master the skills. Over time you’ll develop advanced skills such as deftness, basketball IQ, quick movements, and jumping ability.


Two teams play against each other, each team has five players. The team with the ball plays offense to score points and the defending team stops them from scoring. A shot made within the three-point arc merits two points, and beyond the arc gets three points.

A full game lasts 48 minutes split into four quarters of 12 minutes each. Two quarters represent a half, there are two halves, first and second, in a game. A 15-minute halftime break is called after the first half.

You’ll learn more rules as your interest develops.


An average basketeer trains about four hours a day. Rigorous training drills are needed to keep up with the physical activity on the hardcourt.

Team Game

Basketball is a team game, every player should do their part for the benefit of the team. The pace is fast, teammates should communicate well to predict when to pass or receive one, shoot the ball from a screen, or pick-and-roll plays.

Contact Sport

Expect a lot of physicality on the court, whether on offense or defense. You must build body strength to withstand the impact of hits and bumps by players.

Injuries are part of the game sustained through practice or playing.

How Easy is Basketball Compared to Other SportsHow Easy is Basketball Compared to Other Sports

Basketball, Hockey, American football, soccer, volleyball, and baseball have one thing in common – they are all team sports. However, soccer and basketball have game similarities in strategy, player skills, and physical fitness than any other sports. We’ve compared these two sports to find out which is easier to play.

Playing Area

The dimensions of a soccer field are 109.73m (L) and 73.15 m (W) and a basketball court size is 28m (L) and 15m (W)

A soccer field covers more space than a basketball court. A footballer runs much faster than a basketeer and has more stamina to cover all the points in the field.

Length of Games

A basketball game has four quarters that last 12 minutes each or 48 minutes a game, except overtime. A football match has two 45-minute halves, except for extra time.

A footballer has to be in the match over twice more than a basketeer and running twice as long covering more space.

Team Strategy

It’s much easier to organize and implement strategies with five players. Defensive and offensive strategies cover less space, and there is easier communication among players. Plays are easier to execute against five defenders.

Eleven soccer players should be on the same page to execute a strategy against 11 opponents. The field gets cluttered making it difficult to communicate, dribble the football, pass, and make a shot.

Basketball is fun to watch but soccer is harder to play.

What Basketball Skills You Should LearnWhat Basketball Skills You Should Learn?

Pro basketeers took years of hard work to build their skills and play at a high level. Strong fundamentals lead to advanced techniques that make great players. Players can take any position on a team with these fundamental skills.


Modern basketball requires big men to dribble the ball from the backcourt to the front using the left and right hands with dexterity. Effective offensive players use ball handling to confuse the defense and find an open teammate or execute a tricky to go to the basket.


Basketball is a scoring game, and accurate shooting wins games. Players should have control over their shots with the proper hand placement and the right posture when shooting the ball from long or short range.

Steph Curry is perhaps the best shooter in the NBA, but he never stops improving his game. He developed a “full-court star” drill. Curry runs every corner of the court and attempts a trey at every point. In 55 seconds, he has to convert eight of ten shots, failure means repeating the drill.


Passing requires a high basketball IQ, familiarity with your teammates, understanding and reacting to game situations, and spacing. A successful pass or assist is a way of scoring points for your team.


Good rebounders know how to use their bodies to box out their opponents for another try at the basket or a heave to an open teammate for a fast break play. A rebound creates a 4-point swing in your team’s favor, it foils two points from your opponent’s offense and sets up your team to make two.


The proper defensive stance will make an offensive player’s life horrible. You must know how to defend in perimeter and close-quarter situations.

By mastering the fundamentals you can progress to more advanced skills like footwork, jumping, blocking, and stealing.

Understanding the Basic Rules of BasketballUnderstanding the Basic Rules of Basketball

Understanding the basic rules of basketball can make the game enjoyable and easy to play.


An offensive play earns between one to four points, depending on the situation.

  • A technical foul merits a free throw.
  • A shot made within the three-point line is awarded two points, and three points for shots made outside the arc.
  • AND 1 – A player who makes a shot and gets fouled gets a free throw. Three points for the made shot and the free throw, and a four-pointer if the shot is made beyond the arc and the free throw goes in.

The team with the lead when the regulation time ends wins the game In case of a tie, the game goes into overtime.


There are two teams, each team is required to field five players during the game.


A player can be substituted when the play is stopped, that includes, timeouts, when a foul shot is to be attempted, a fouled-out teammate, or when the ball is out-of-bounds.


Each team is allowed four timeouts during regulation time. Three timeouts last 30 seconds and the fourth 60. In case of overtime, two unused timeouts will be carried over and a 30-second timeout will be added.


Any player who commits an illegal physical contact when the ball is live and with time on the shot clock commits a personal foul. A player can commit up to five personal fouls.

Any excessive contact done by a player whose intention is to play the man and not the ball is slapped with a flagrant foul. Flagrant 1 or Flagrant 2 can be called depending on the severity.

A referee can call a technical foul for any unsportsmanlike conduct during the game. It could be charged to players, coaches, or the team.

How to Play Basketball as a Beginner 5 TipsHow to Play Basketball as a Beginner: 5 Tips

Watching the NBA guys play basketball looks fun, but it may be frustrating if you’re a beginner. Check out these five tips to help you start on the right foot in your basketball journey.

Use the Right Basketball Gear

Basketball takes a lot of running and jumping, choose basketball shoes with the right support, traction, and cushioning. Don’t forget to wear your socks to avoid blisters.

Right-fitted jerseys and shorts will avoid getting entangled with your opponent’s body, you don’t want your opponent’s hand landing inside your loose jersey.

Get in Shape

Your body should be in great shape playing a demanding sport like basketball. Running will help develop your stamina and tone your body with gym exercises. Go on a diet if you’re overweight, it’s hard to move on the court with excess baggage.

Warm Up

Warming up will prepare your body for the game. Muscles contract to minimize the risk of injuries, oxygen is released in your body to help you with the fast pace, and the blood supply in the muscle is increased.

Practice the Game

There are drills to help you develop your fundamental skills of passing, dribbling, shooting, rebounding, and defense. Allot about an hour or two every day practicing these skills, and work like you’re under game conditions.

Pick your basketball hero, this will inspire you to be a better version of yourself. You’ll be motivated to train every day to be good or better than them.

Play Pickup Games

Playing pickup games will expose you to game situations and test your reaction. Pickup games gauge how your skills develop, and miscues  tell you there’s more to be done.

Wrapping Things Up: Is Basketball Easy to Learn?

Learning how to play basketball is easy and mastering skills is a different story. You might not achieve A1 level with a couple of months’ commitment, but you’ll tear your basketball buddies apart in pickup games.

It might be difficult for some, but not you. Injuries along the way are part of the learning process, and you’ll learn to avoid them in future games.

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