How to Pick the Right Size NBA Jersey

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Basketball is a global phenomenon. NBA games are televised and streamed all over the world. The game’s popularity is translated to the massive commercialization of its apparel, especially its jerseys. There are thousands of physical and online stores worldwide that sell NBA jerseys. With all the options available, it can be challenging to determine the correct size, especially when buying online.

Imagine saving a certain amount of money to buy your favorite NBA player’s jersey. You browse online, and there are so many options, but you have no idea what would be the right size for you. Which one should you choose? Don’t worry; we’ve put this information together to assist you in selecting the ideal size to meet your needs!

What are NBA JerseysWhat are NBA Jerseys?

NBA jerseys are professional uniforms that NBA athletes wear during games. They usually contain the team’s name, logo, and number at the front and the player’s family name and number at the back. The primary purpose is for identification by the game officials and fans.

There are many styles and brands of jerseys NBA available in the market. Here are a few of them:

1. Nike Authentic Jerseys – made with high-quality fabrics for fit and comfort, these jerseys are designed for use by NBA players. With Nike being the official NBA jersey provider, these jerseys provide the highest quality, having all the premium finishes, including stitched graphics and numbers.

2. Nike Swingman Jerseys – this is the more affordable alternative to Nike Authentic jerseys. Like the authentic one, this is also made with 100% polyester. What makes it different is that its graphics are heat applied instead of embroidered.

What are NBA Jerseys

3. Adidas Basketball Jerseys – Adidas was the official NBA jersey manufacturer until 2015. Like Nike, Adidas also offered Authentic and Swingman jerseys with the same quality as Nike’s. But because they’re not the official NBA jersey provider anymore, there are only a few options of Adidas jerseys on the market, and most of them are outdated. But still, a great opportunity, especially if you’re looking for classic jerseys, and you can buy them for a lower price. 

4. Mitchell and Ness Jerseys – Mitchell and Ness is a well-known brand in the industry, particularly for their best vintage jerseys. They are one of the best in case of the preciseness of stitches, fabric quality, and even customer support. They also offer Authentic and Swingman jerseys like other famous brands. The two are almost identical, but you can tell the difference by looking at their stitches.

5. Fanatics Jerseys – Fanatics runs the e-commerce platform, an online retailer of NBA sportswear and merchandise. Their NBA Fast Break Replica jerseys give NBA fans an option of high-quality yet affordable NBA jerseys of their choice.

Are NBA Jerseys Bigger Than ShirtsAre NBA Jerseys Bigger Than Shirts?

There are many brands of NBA jerseys available in the market. Each brand fits differently as some are slim while others are baggier.  But in general, most NBA jerseys fit small, but they’re usually longer than usual shirts. A medium-size Nike Swingman jersey is slightly slimmer than a medium-size Hanes undershirt.  A Nike Authentic has the exact fit as the Swingman, but the Authentic is a bit longer.

Are NBA Jerseys Bigger Than Shirts

Mitchell and Ness Jerseys are available in two types: the Authentic and the Swingman. Their Authentic jerseys are too slim, while their Swingman jerseys fit through the shoulders and are a bit looser through the stomach area. Fanatic jerseys run true to size and have more standard fit than other brands. They fit slimly through the shoulder but are wider in the stomach and waist areas. 

How Do I Know My Basketball Jersey SizeHow Do I Know My Basketball Jersey Size?

Before buying your favorite NBA jersey, especially online, it is essential to know your body measurements. Should you buy medium or large? What’s the best NBA jersey size for you? Indeed, you wouldn’t want to get disappointed by spending your money on ill-fitted apparel. 

Using Tape Measure, here is the guide on how to measure your different body parts to get the basketball jersey that fits you perfectly:

1. Chest

Put the tape measure under your armpits, then wrap it around your chest from one side to another. Make sure the measuring tape is neither too loose nor too tight.

2. Length

Measure from above your shoulder down to your hip.

3. Hips

Just wrap the measuring tape around your hips while making sure it’s not too loose and not too tight.

4. Waist

Wrap the area between your ribs and hips for your total waist circumference.

Record all the measurements from above and write them down. Check your measurements in our Jersey Size Chart to determine what size fits you perfectly.

NBA Basketball Jersey Size ChartNBA Basketball Jersey Size Chart

Like buying clothes for any usage, we don’t want to buy jerseys that don’t fit us very well. We have to choose the size that is most comfortable for us to wear. But with the many sellers of basketball shirts, it can be challenging to decide on the correct jersey size to buy.

NBA Basketball Jersey Size Chart

What are the NBA jerseys’ sizes? The size of the jersey varies on its brand. There are several jersey manufacturers, and each supplier measures the dimensions differently.

Kindly check the table below for reference.

Nike Authentic

Numeric Size 40 44 48 52 56 58
Chest (inches) 35 – 37.5 37.4 – 41 41 – 44 44 – 48.5 48.5 – 53.5 53.5 – 58
Length (inches) 29.2 30.6 31.3 32.1 32.9 33.3

Nike Swingman

Numeric Size 40 44 48 52 56 58
Chest (inches) 35 – 37.5 37.4 – 41 41 – 44 44 – 48.5 48.5 – 53.5 53.5 – 58
Length (inches) 27.7 28.1 28.9 29.6 30.4 31.2

Adidas Replica

Numeric Size 40 44 48 52 56 58 64
Chest (inches) 40 44 48 52 56 58 64
Front Length (inches) 31 32 33 34 35 36 37
Back Length (inches) 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

Adidas Swingman

Numeric Size 41 44 47 50 53 56 59 62
Chest (inches) 41 44 47 50 53 56 59 62
Front Length (inches) 31.75 32.875 34 35.125 36.25 37.375 38.5 39.625
Back Length (inches) 33.25 34.875 36 37.125 38.25 39.375 40.5 41.625

Adidas Authentic

Numeric Size 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58
Chest (inches) 40.4 42.4 44.4 46.4 48.4 51.4 54.4 58.4
Front Length (inches) 36.4 37.2 37.9 38.7 39.4 40.2 42.9 43.7
Back Length (inches) 38.4 39.2 39.9 40.7 41.4 42.2 44.9 45.7

Mitchell & Ness Authentic

Numeric Size 36 40 44 48 52 56 60 64
Chest (inches) 37 – 39 41 – 43 45 – 47 49 – 51 53 – 55 57 – 59 61 – 63 65 – 67
Front Length (inches) 29.5 – 30.5 30.5 – 31.5 31.5 – 32.5 32.5 – 33.5 33.5 – 34.5 34.5 – 35.5 35.5 – 36.5 36.5 – 37.5


3 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Size NBA Jersey

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Size NBA Jersey

Before buying your favorite NBA jersey, pick the right size and order the ones most comfortable for you. Here are a few factors to be considered:

1. What do you wear your jersey for?

This is the first thing you must figure out – how do you like wearing your jerseys. Is it to play basketball or to wear it in public? Whatever your purpose is, it will determine the jersey size if you should choose a loose or tight fit.

If you wear it to play basketball, you’ll need a slim-fitted jersey so that you can move freely. If you want to wear it for daily use or a lifestyle, you should buy a more significant and loose jersey for maximum comfort.

2. Your size

After figuring out how you would like to wear your jersey, it’s time to determine what size will fit you by how you would like to wear them. I have included a guide on how to measure your different body parts in this article. After measuring, look for the size that fits perfectly for you. You will find it in our NBA Jersey Size Chart.

3. Different types of NBA Jerseys

As we have mentioned, different brands have different sizes. They also fit differently. Some brands fit slimly while others are loose or baggy. To find what suits you according to your purpose and size, kindly check our NBA Jersey Chart. 

Wrapping Things Up: How to Pick the Right Size NBA Jersey

Wearing the jersey of your favorite team or players is a cool and great way of showing your support to them. Some of them are expensive, so you don’t want to mess up your experience in buying by picking the wrong size.

The best way to determine the size that fits you is to go to a physical store and try wearing them. However, there might be some instances when the jersey brand of your choice is only available online. In that case, you can always refer to our chart above.

May you find the perfect NBA jersey you’re looking for!

We hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to check out our other basketball FAQ articles here.

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