How to Move a Basketball Hoop Filled with Sand

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Basketball hoops have become an increasingly common sight in American households. Most are installed in the driveways or the backyard, and many use a portable basketball hoop system. But what if, for some reason, the owners need to transfer the portable hoops? In this article, you will learn how to move a basketball hoop filled with sand and the best way of filling basketball hoop base with sand.

Can You Move an In-ground Basketball HoopCan You Move an In-ground Basketball Hoop?

In-ground basketball hoops are not for child’s play; they are for the big boys. An in-ground basketball hoop is installed by drilling a hole in the ground and then putting cement around the base. It is designed to absorb punishment, even some thunderous dunks from NBA giants. 

Back to the question: Is moving an in-ground basketball hoop possible? Yes, it is possible to move it, but it’s a job for the professionals. The latest versions of in-ground basketball hoops are designed to have two detachable parts– one is the main part of the basket, and the other is the cement-hardened in-ground base.

You should know that moving an in-ground basketball hoop is expensive. However, if there are no damages to the hoops system, it’s a better option than getting yourself a new one. If you do not have any experience moving these structures, it is always better to call the company that installed the system. Better safe than sorry.

Now, if you had an older model of an in-ground basketball hoop, those are practically immovable, so it’s better to leave these structures alone.

Is it Better to Put Sand or Water in a Basketball HoopIs it Better to Put Sand or Water in a Basketball Hoop?

First things first, if we are talking about putting sand, water, or base gel in a basketball hoop system, we do not mean in-ground basketball hoops. In-ground basketball hoops are hardened by cement and not sand or water. What we are talking about here are portable basketball hoops.

For portable basketball hoops, you have the option to put sand, water, or base gel to solidify the base. In this portion, we will be talking extensively about sand and water, and which is the better choice to put in a portable basketball hoop.

First, let’s examine water as a portable basketball hoops stabilizer. It is the simplest and cheapest option that you have. You’re done in a matter of minutes just by hooking a water hose to the hole in the base. Water is not a bad choice at all because you can quickly drain it from the base.

Here are several things you can do to ensure that the base filled with water holds up over time:

  • Add a small amount of bleach to prevent algae from growing in the base.
  • If you live in an area with nasty winters, putting a small amount of antifreeze in the water prevents it from solidifying, thereby preventing the plastic base from cracking. 
  • Water does evaporate, so you need to check the levels once in a while. If a substantial amount of water has evaporated, it will compromise the strength of the base.
  • Examine the base for leaks.

Now, what about sand? Sand is denser than water per gallon, so it helps increase the base’s stability. The downside is that it will be much more challenging to move when you need to relocate the hoops system when the time comes.Is it Better to Put Sand or Water in a Basketball Hoop

Another disadvantage of putting sand as a base stabilizer is if it gets wet, it’s a hassle to remove it from the base. Many chose “play sand” over real sand for these purposes since it has a smoother and more even texture.

Based on the pros and cons, is it better to put sand or water in a basketball hoop? Well, it ultimately depends on you and the situation. If you bought the portable hoops system so you can easily move and transport it, water is the better option. If your hoops system is there for keeps, then sand makes the base stronger and more reliable.

How Many Bags of Sand Do You Need to Fill a Basketball HoopHow Many Bags of Sand Do You Need to Fill a Basketball Hoop?

Most portable basketball hoops systems have a 35-gallon base. If that’s the case, you will need to purchase ten 50-pound bags of sand to fill the 35-gallon container. Sand weighs about 13 pounds per gallon, so you need to have more or less 455 pounds of sand to fill the base to the brim. Ten 50-pound bags have a total of 500 pounds of sand, so that should be the safest bet.

How Do You Move a Heavy Basketball HoopHow Do You Move a Heavy Basketball Hoop?

As previously mentioned, moving a basketball hoop is a time-consuming, expensive, and occasionally dangerous undertaking. With that being said, you should think carefully if it’s a good idea to move the basketball hoop. And if you have to relocate it, it may not be a good idea to do it yourself if you don’t have the experience. The rule of thumb is, if it is an in-ground basketball hoop, you better leave it to the professionals.

What about portable basketball hoops? Since they are designed to be “portable,” you and your friends may be able to move them to a different location more often than not. Some portable basketball hoops even have wheels that can be used to move them. If that’s the case, then it’s generally an easy task.

How Do You Move a Heavy Basketball HoopWhat if your portable basketball hoops system does not have wheels? Here are several things to keep in mind:

  • Some portable hoops are designed to fold. If you are not familiar with this feature or don’t know if your hoops system has that characteristic, check the manual.
  • As mentioned previously, if you knew in advance that you might have to relocate the hoops in the future, use water as a base stabilizer instead of sand. Water is easier to drain, and in most cases, moving a water-based basketball hoops system may only be a one-person job. If you use sand, then you will surely need help moving the hoops.
  • You don’t have to completely empty the base of its content, be it sand or water. There is no possible way to flip the structure upside-down unless you turn green when you’re angry. Just turn the hoops on its side to get some of the weight out.
  • If the hoops system cannot fold or collapse, then hiring specialists is an option. If it can collapse to a reasonable size, then you may load it on a truck. Just be careful that the rigid metal structure does not smash or scratch the other items.

Things to Consider When Moving a Basketball HoopThings to Consider When Moving a Basketball Hoop

The four things above are good reminders when moving a basketball hoop. In summary, you should check if your portable basketball hoop folds to a reasonable size. If you purchased the hoop for temporary use, use water as a base filler. Do not expect that you can completely empty the base of its content, and if you have exhausted all options, it’s time to hire professionals.

Now, what if you need to move the basketball hoop to an entirely different location, perhaps if you’re moving into a new home? Obviously, you just can’t carry it or wheel it off. Here are some more things to consider when moving or transporting a basketball hoop:

Things to Consider When Moving a Basketball Hoop1. The first thing you have to do is take a picture of the basketball hoop so you can refer to it as far as putting it all back together in the new location. Make sure that you have a manual, and if you don’t have one, perhaps you can get one online by specifying the model and the make of the basketball hoop.

2. It would be best to disassemble the pieces so that you can easily transport it. Remove the backboard and the rim from the pole and save all the nuts, bolts, and other hardware in small plastic bags. It will also help if you label the bag to readily know where the pieces should be installed. 

3. Remove the pole from the base. That should make it three significant pieces (backboard, pole, and base) to package for the relocation.

4. As for removing the contents of the base, you may use a water pump for water and a shop vacuum if you put sand. 

5. Wrap the pieces delicately so that it won’t get damaged from the other items on the move. You may use bubble wrap to protect the backboard and the pole. The smaller pieces, such as the rim, should be placed in a box, and the base should be put in a bigger box so it won’t veer around the truck during the travel.

Wrapping Things Up: Moving a Basketball Hoop Filled with Sand

Whether it’s filled with sand or water, moving a basketball hoop is not an easy task. Most portable hoops weigh from 100 to 500 pounds, so it’s probably not a good idea to do it alone. Add the weight of the material to stabilize the base, and you got yourself a task.

Speaking of the base, is it better to put sand or water in a basketball hoop? Well, both materials have their share of pros and cons, but the deciding factor boils down to the circumstances. Did you buy the portable hoops without the goal of moving to another location? What about the weather in your place? Does the winter get too harsh? If that is so, you may decide to put sand– about 455 pounds worth of it– to fill the base. Otherwise, water is probably the more accessible and more convenient option.

If you decide to move your basketball hoop after deliberation, you need to keep in mind several things. First and foremost, this is not a one-man job. At most, you may need assistance from one or two other individuals or by professionals. If you need to move the hoops to an entirely different location (if you move into a new house, for example), it’s a whole other story. You need to disassemble portable basketball hoop parts– the pole, backboard, and base. Each should be carefully packaged in separate boxes so it won’t get damaged or cause damage to the other items.

If you need help installing ground basketball hoops be sure to also check this article.

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