How to Paint a Basketball Court

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Most hoop lovers are content with a full court to play in, but most will agree that it’s a different feeling when you play in a good-looking court. Not only will it prolong your sneakers’ life span, paint and design on a basketball can inspire spirit and pride. What’s more, it also boosts teams’ morale, and for designs inherent to a community, it does give your place an identity. This article will provide you with tips and tricks on how to paint a basketball court and more.

What Materials are Used to Paint a Basketball CourtWhat Materials are Used to Paint a Basketball Court?

Both indoor and outdoor basketball courts are subject to a lot of wear and tear. So at some point, you will have to replace or redesign how the floor looks. For wooden floors or wood tiles used in outdoor gyms, you won’t need to replace them as often. The same cannot be said, though, about outdoor courts.

Outdoor basketball courts are subjected to heat, rain, snow, and everything in between. In extreme conditions, paint should be reapplied every couple of months or so. Most experts recommend acrylic paint to finish an outdoor basketball court. What are some of the reasons acrylic is the best type of paint to use for basketball courts?

Perhaps the most important reason is that acrylic is made with specially-graded silica sand that prevents slippage. A slippery basketball court because of poor choices in the type of paint can be perilous and may cause injuries. Applying acrylic paint court surfaces make them aesthetically very pleasing while being easy to construct and maintain. Additionally, acrylic paint is resistant to common chemicals.

For other materials to paint a basketball court, you will need rollers (4 inches and 9 inches), pads, and trays. You may also need assorted art brushes, paint can opener, latex gloves, paint cups, duct tape, painter’s tape, and caution tape. During the project, you may need a water hose, pencil or chalk, and measuring tape.What Materials are Used to Paint a Basketball Court

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Basketball CourtWhat Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Basketball Court?

As pointed out earlier, the most recommended type of paint for outdoor basketball courts is acrylic. Acrylic has some properties that make it best for traction while adding to the basketball floor’s aesthetic value. What’s more, acrylic is essentially fade-resistant, easy to repair, waterproof, and highly durable.

Now, there are other kinds of paint that you may use on a basketball court. Some may suggest rubberized paint for concrete basketball courts or perhaps epoxy paint. Generally, both rubberized and epoxy paint are considerably more expensive than acrylic paint, so the latter is more popular as paint used in a basketball court.

How Do You Paint a Three-point Line on a Basketball CourtHow Do You Paint a Three-point Line on a Basketball Court?

Marking and painting the three-point line is one of the more difficult paint jobs you can do on the basketball court. The three-point line is long and shaped like an arc, so it’s easy to mess up if you don’t know how to go about with it.

The first thing that you need to do is look up the dimensions of the three-point line. It would be up to you to adopt the regulation distance of the three-point line, whether the high-school, college, or pro dimensions. 

After determining the dimensions, the next thing you need to do is to create a makeshift compass. One method of doing it, and perhaps the easiest, is grabbing a string. One end should be at the bottom of the basket and have someone hold the other end with chalk. Drag the chalk with the string across to mark the three-point line. You can paint the line with acrylic paint by merely following the chalk lines.

In the NBA, the three-point line does not have the same distance all around. If you want to simulate an NBA three-point line’s appearance, it will be a little bit more complicated than just tracing an arc from one corner to the other. How Do You Paint a Three-point Line on a Basketball Court

What is the Best Surface for Outdoor Basketball CourtWhat is the Best Surface for Outdoor Basketball Court?

If we are talking about outdoor basketball courts, two surfaces are preferred– concrete and asphalt. Other options for the base material for an outdoor basketball court are crushed stone and modular bases. With that being said, most outdoor basketball courts are either concrete and asphalt.

Honestly, it would boil down to personal preference in choosing between the two. In most cases, concrete is the better choice if you consider the cost of maintenance and repair. When done right, a concrete base material for a basketball court is basically maintenance-free. On the other hand, asphalt will deteriorate over time considering the freeze/that cycles, but unlike concrete, it is less likely to sustain cracks.

Now, how do you decide whether to go for concrete or asphalt? It depends on several factors. Relatively, both concrete and asphalt are incredibly strong surfaces, with the former potentially lasting 40 years with proper care and the latter for around 15-20 years. Other factors that contribute to the durability are proper application, thickness, and supporting materials.

As for appearance and functionality, asphalt provides an even surface than concrete. It would also be easier for the joints since it is not as hard as concrete. On the other hand, concrete is essentially non-slip. As we have pointed out, deciding which one is better comes down to personal preference.

As it stands, whether you choose to have a concrete or asphalt base material or surface, both will require upkeep to lengthen its service years. Resurfacing the material at least once a year may help prevent holes and cracks from developing, thereby lessening the risk for injuries. Sealcoating will also help the weather or rough play from ruining the surface, and applying sealant provide moisture resistance, reducing the need for repairs in the long run.

What is the Best Surface for Outdoor Basketball Court

Here is a rundown of the differences between a concrete and an asphalt surface basketball court:

  • Asphalt is the cheaper option than concrete.
  • Concrete is more challenging to install than asphalt. 
  • Asphalt does not last as long as concrete, more so if it’s not correctly built and installed.
  • An asphalt surface is more even and softer than concrete, which makes it easier for the joints.
  • Post-tension concrete basketball courts are a type of concrete that adjusts to tension to prevent cracks. While that is way more expensive, it may be one of the smartest choices as an outdoor basketball court surface.

Additionally, there is a considerable difference in using premium acrylic paint and its standard counterparts. The standard acrylic paint typically has a 1-year warranty while the premium has up to five years. However, the most significant difference is that the premium acrylic paint has a life expectancy of up to 30 years compared to the standard’s five years.

What's the Average Cost to Paint a Basketball CourtWhat’s the Average Cost to Paint a Basketball Court?

Like any construction project, the cost of painting a basketball court depends on several factors. Naturally, the bigger the court is, the more expensive the project. How much does it cost to paint a basketball court? A generous estimate, which means at the low end of the spectrum, may cost around $16,000, including the installation of the hoop.

However, not many of us can afford to hire a contractor to do the work. That is why when you consider how much it costs to paint a basketball court, it would be better off to do it yourself than hire someone to do it for you. 

If you or the community already have a basketball court in place, you will save a lot of money doing the project yourselves. At most, you will only need to buy $100 worth of top-notch acrylic paint, or even as low as $50 for acrylic paints with lesser quality. There will be other expenses thrown here or there (like tapes and markers), but that still dwarfs the cost of hiring a contractor to do the job.What's the Average Cost to Paint a Basketball Court

5 Tips on How to Paint a Basketball Court5 Tips on How to Paint a Basketball Court

1. To ensure that the entire project goes smoothly, pay attention to smaller details such as the materials and how you want the court to look. Sort the materials, piling them by how similar the items are. If you can, make a diagram to follow the pattern that you’d like as to the appearance of the basketball court.

2. Before applying the primer, make sure you wash the whole basketball court clean with a power washer and a broom. If you don’t have access to a power washer, a hose with a powered nozzle will do. Broom the court afterward to make sure it is clean and let the surface dry completely. Drying time may vary depending on the temperature and humidity. This is not the time to be impatient.

3. After the area dries completely, apply a clear primer to the surface. Use rollers to do this.

4. If you want to take it to the next level and paint some center court logo design, we recommend making a stencil out of poster board. Trace the outline over the poster board and cut out certain sections. Another method uses the grid system where you use the grid or squares as a guide for sketching the image. This is not for everyone, but if you have an artist in your midst, it’s worth a try.

5. Paint the lane in a different color than the lines to add that authentic look and feel. And remember, basketball lines are approximately two inches wide, so don’t vary the sideline, baseline, and centerline width.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Paint a Basketball Court

Basketball courts, whether indoor or outdoor, need retouching and a repaint every once in a while. For outdoor basketball courts, repainting may come more often than the elections since these courts are subject to harsh weather.

The most recommended type of paint for outdoor basketball courts is acrylic. Acrylic paint is made with specially-graded silica that essentially makes it slippage-free. It is also excellent to look at and is available in dozens of colors. Moreover, acrylic paint is resistant to common chemicals.

Acrylic paint is available in standard and premium variants. Standard acrylic paints cost less, but the premium alternative may be the smarter choice in the long run. It has a more extended warranty (five years compared to one) and typically outlasts its standard counterpart in terms of life expectancy (30 yrs to five yrs).

Now, when you’re given a choice between asphalt and concrete as base material or surface in an outdoor basketball court, which should you choose? Most experts would recommend concrete and rightly so. 

Concrete is generally more durable and virtually a non-slip surface. Asphalt has a more bouncy feel and typically costs less to install. However, concrete trumps asphalt when it comes to years of service because some well-built concrete surfaces may last as long as 30 years. Post-tension concrete is an even better, albeit expensive choice. This type of concrete surface “adjusts” to any tension to prevent cracks. It is definitely a smart choice, considering the amount of money you would save in the long haul.

Well, if you had no idea how to paint a basketball court, we hope that this article pointed you in the right direction. Sometimes, these kinds of projects are not to be taken too seriously. If done with friends and the people in your community that care and love basketball, it is definitely an excellent way to build camaraderie while having fun doing manual work.

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