Why Do Double Rim Basketball Hoops Exist?

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Fans of basketball are used to single-rim hoops. And they ask, what is a double rim basketball hoop?

A recreational player plays basketball for the enjoyment of the sport and physical conditioning; a single rim hoop fits their need. A player who wants to excel in the game and has his eyes trained on college basketball or the NBA needs to practice with a double rim hoop, which both organizations require.

Double rims were designed to raise the level of play and protect players from accidents and injuries.

Keep reading to find out more about double rim basketball hoops.

What is a Double Rim Basketball HoopWhat is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

A double rim is a basketball hoop made of two rims attached instead of one. Double rims are thicker, approximately double the thickness, and slightly taller than a single rim. The standard thickness of a single rim basketball hoop is 2 inches, and double rim variants are 4 inches thick.

Aside from the additional weight, a double rim basketball hoop vs single rim is more sturdy. The boosted toughness can withstand harsh weather conditions. The strength protects the double rim from bending due to extreme dunking and players hanging on the perimeter. The additional rim reduces the ring’s flexibility for a sturdier and more durable way of enjoying the sport of basketball.

Double rims are usually found in outdoor spaces such as playgrounds, street basketball courts, or public courts.

The level of play of street basketball is sometimes more intense than playing in the NBA. The crowd goes wild with a monster slam, and some would even hang on the hoop after a poster play. Double rim hoops can cover the additional weight; however, hanging from the ring isn’t recommended since the pressure will affect the structure’s integrity.

What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop

Many claim to have designed the breakaway rim, but Arthur Ehrat is the recognized inventor by the Smithsonian Institution’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation. Ehrat received the United States Patent No. 4,365,802, a deformation-preventing swing able mount for basketball goals, in December 1982. The sturdy breakaway rim can handle a hundred pounds of pressure before bending downwards and would spring back to normal position.

Dunking was outlawed by the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) in 1967 and was reinstated in 1976. Darryl “Dr. Dunk” Dawkins shattered a couple of glass backboards in the late 1970s prompting the National Basketball Association (NBA) to make collapsible rims mandatory. The NBA’s call for collapsible rims and the NCAA’s reinstatement of the dunk opened the door for the innovative basketball rim.

Ehrat’s invention solved the need for a safer rim that would automatically snap back after a power slam.

Why Does Double Rim ExistWhy Does Double Rim Exist?

In December 1979, in a game at Kansas City, Philadelphia 76ers center Darryl Dawkins jumped over Kansas City Kings Bill Robinzine for a thunderous jam smashing the fiberglass backboard. The result was slivers of glass everywhere, Robinzine had nicks on his legs and arms, and Dr. J had shards in his Afro. A few weeks later, Dr. Dunk Dawkins did the backboard crushing again at his home court at the Philadelphia Spectrum.

In 1967, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, then known as Lew Alcindor, of the UCLA Bruins led his team with his dunks to a remarkably one-sided victory in the NCAA tournament. Kareem made 23 of 32 shots for a game UCLA record of 56 points. Two days later, the NCAA organization made the dunk shot illegal. 

Basketball pundits refer to USC’s Gail Goodrich’s record of 42 points due to years of hard work and discipline. Abdul-Jabbar broke the record in his first varsity game at 19 years old. The reason was that basketball is a game of skill and not dunks, which is not a skillful maneuver.

Why Does Double Rim Exist

The dunk was reinstated in 1976 when Kareem was dunking in the NBA. Lew completed his three seasons at UCLA with three NCAA championships using hook shots.

FOR SAFETY REASONS, the NBA was looking for a sturdier basketball ring and introduced the breakaway rim in the 1981-1982 season. A breakaway rim bends backward when a player jams the ball or hangs on the ring and springs back to its horizontal position when the player lets go of it. The breakaway rim absorbs the pressure from the weight of the players releasing the load from the backboard. It was designed to prevent injuries to players.

The NCAA used the breakaway rim in 1978 during the Final Four in St. Louis. 

In 2009, the NBA used double rims switching from the Gared Snap Back Goal to the Spalding Arena Pro 180 Goal. The reason is to protect players from accidents and injuries.

Are There Any Benefits to Playing Basketball on a Double RimAre There Any Benefits to Playing Basketball on a Double Rim?

The fact that the structure of a double rim is different can put players off when making shots. Double rims make shots difficult because it’s slightly taller than the single rim, and the ball bounces differently.

Shooters must aim to swish the net when making a jump shot. Double rims don’t allow room for error, and players need to have a soft touch and precision so that the basketball will hit the bottom of the net.

Layups are even more difficult since double rims make it difficult for players to score. Players who rely on the bounce for the ball to trickle in can not expect the same bounce from double rims. Often, the ball bounce right off with almost no chance of rolling in. Players need to learn to release the ball gently than tossing with full force.

Are There Any Benefits to Playing Basketball on a Double Rim

Don’t expect bad shots to go in; the ball bounces higher and differently.

If you’re a recreational basketball player, the single rim fits you, but if you’re planning to play college basketball or move to the NBA, consider the double rim.

Some advantages of the double rim are:

Improves shooting accuracy

Shooters are trained to shoot at a higher arc aiming at the center of the ring to avoid contact with the hoops’ edges.

Developing raised arc shots is an excellent weapon against taller opponents. The shot will be harder to block and allows you to make more unchecked shots.

You can’t always shoot perfectly; you’ll often hit the sides, which signals a change. Your touch will develop with double rims. A light touch will see more of your shots going in than out. A double rim will force you to lighten your touch, making your off-balance shots go in.

Don’t get frustrated by missing shots, and practice will eventually give your desired result. The good thing is you’ll score more points using a single rim.

Develop the perfect shooting form

A perfect shooting form will raise your level of play. You’ll develop the correct position of your arms and hands, the posture of your body, and your foot stance before and during the ball’s release. Getting the ball inside the double rim hoop is more challenging, but hard work will get you there.

Over time, you’ll acquire the perfect shooting form for the perfect shot.


Double rims were invented to improve durability. They are made of two rims that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions like rain, wind, and sunlight.

These rims were made to last extreme play. Players can do all the devastating dunks they want and hang to the rim as long as possible, but double rims won’t budge.

Improves responsiveness

When the ball touches the double rim, you don’t know where the ball will go next. The ball action develops a player’s responsiveness by anticipating where the ball falls. The unpredictability will help you position better under the basket, recover loose balls, and improve your rebounding.

Saves money

The initial cost of a double rim vs single rim is more expensive, but it will bang your bucks in the long term because of durability. It is no more changing rings every year.

Does NBA Use Double RimDoes NBA Use Double Rim?

From 1985 to 2009, all NBA stadiums used the Gared Snap Back Goal, which can withstand a pressure of 210 pounds and the abuse from highly skilled players. It has a single rim with a tie-cord net attachment to ensure that players don’t get hand injuries.

After 2009, the NBA switched to the Spalding Arena Pro 180 Goal, which sports a double rim. The high-performance goal features a 180-degree breakaway and finger guards to protect players from pinching. Players commented that the ball has a better bounce on the rim.

NBA rims are different in structure, performance, and quality than regular hoops. Players who use this goal are professionals who have mastered their skills and are at the top of their game. What seems complicated to an average player would be a simple complication to them. Getting things done on the court is like a typical day at the office.

You know what I’m talking about if you’ve watched the 2022 NBA All-Star and saw Steph Curry raise the Kobe Bryant MVP trophy. Steph was the easy choice for the award from 17 of 30 shooting with 16 of 27 treys for 50 points.

Imagine this, Steph releases a three-point and turns his back, looks at the crowd with both arms raised, three fingers showing the number three, and the ball swishes to the bottom of the net. The crowd is stunned with amazement and excitement.

Wrapping Things Up: Why Do Double Rim Basketball Hoops Exist?

Anyone who plays pick up basketball knows why is double rim harder to shoot a basketball on than a single rim.

There are many things to do to be a great shooter, and this is one way to get you there. The thickness and the height of a double rim cause the basketball to bounce differently, making scoring on a layup or a jump shot difficult. It can be frustrating; nevertheless, this is a suitable training method to improve your shooting accuracy and posture.

Double rims are durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions and excessive play. The structure keeps players from accidents and injuries. It can handle 210 pounds of pressure from monster slams and players hanging on the hoop for poster plays.

You can use either rim, be sure to have fun when you play basketball.

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