Is Playing a Basketball on a Double Rim Good for You?

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Let’s get straight to the point. We won’t keep you waiting. Are you looking to find out if playing basketball on a double rim is right for you? If the answer is yes, we are looking to give you an answer.

There has long been a controversy between individuals who claim that double rims are bad for your game and others who say that they give players an advantage. We are here to settle that claim with not only an answer but with information about double rims that you may not have known. 

If you are someone who isn’t a fan of basketball or simply doesn’t pay attention to the rim on the hoop, this may not be the best article for you. However, if you are looking to purchase a new basketball hoop or are a basketball player looking to improve your game, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find the answer you are looking for. 

Why was the Double Rim Invented Why was the Double Rim Invented? 

Believe it or not, the double rim was invented with durability in mind. There was no big fuss over having better aim as a player or developing your skills faster. Its creation was out of a sheer need for something which is not bendable but still heavily durable. 

The rim lasts longer than the average rim, but it can withstand the weight of dunks and wear. This rim is often seen on playgrounds and outdoor courts because of how they fare against weather and the outdoor elements. These are two areas that benefit from having durable equipment. This is someplace, which gets a lot of traction and is mostly unsupervised. 

Street basketball also tends to be a lot more intense and rougher than typical indoor basketball. Consistent hanging on a standard rim will cause it to bend, rendering it useless. Double rims tend to bend less. 

What are the Advantages of Double Rim What are the Advantages of Double Rim? 

Outside of durability, a double rim offers several advantages to the shooter. These advantages are outlined below. If you wonder if a double rim can be of any service to you as a shooter, this is the info you need.

Double rims are great for practicing shot accuracy. 

Double rims force shooters to make better shots. If you are a ballplayer, anyone can look like Steph Curry on a single rim. Double rims don’t allow players to use the rim to score. The shots need to be precise. They don’t allow any room for error and require players to have a softer touch when shooting. Shots like layups are even difficult on double rims. 

It helps ballers practice their responsiveness. 

Often many players describe double rims as being bouncy. This bounce means that moves you would typically make on a single rim easily are now harder to make on a double rim. This often requires you to practice your responsiveness and prepare for anything. This practice will help you improve your game in the long haul and better control the ball. 

Improve your shot’s arc on a double rim. 

Improve your shot’s arc on a double rim. 

Using a double rim requires you to have an understanding of how the ball arcs when shot. You will need to practice how to move your body to get the ball to go the way you want it to. If you have ever experienced a shot going in and coming out, this is why. This often happens with double rims. 

If you can create a higher arc, this ensures that your shot will go in and have no contact with the sides of the rim. A higher arc will also make the ball harder for your opponent to block. 

Shooters can perfect their touch when using a double rim. 

Touch is essential in basketball. How soft or how hard a player’s touch is will also enforce how the ball will move. Having a light touch gives shots a better chance of connecting with the basket and going in. A soft touch also gives your ball a better chance of bouncing into the hoop rather than out of it. 

Imagine putting up a shot and almost forcing the ball into the rim. The more aggression that you put into the shooting, the more likely it will be to hit the edge and bounce out of the basket rather than in it.

Why Is It Harder to Shoot on Double RimWhy Is It Harder to Shoot on Double Rim?

Shooting on a double rim is inherently harder because of the rim’s thickness. The thickness of the rim allows basketballs to bounce more and potentially bounce out of the basket. It forces individuals to have to shoot dead center since hitting the rim will cause the ball to bounce. 

The rim is also much firmer than a standard rim. Players can no longer use the edge to compensate for poor shots. Regular rims tend to be more forgiving and allow a greater range of shots, whereas if the ball does not enter from a certain angle, it will not go in. 

Does the NBA Use Double RimsDoes the NBA Use Double Rims?

Though the NBA doesn’t explicitly say which rim they are using, the best way to find out is to use something we have right in front of us, our eyes. Previously the NBA used the Gared Snap Back Goal. This was used in all NBA arenas during the years 1985 to 2009. This is a single rim which boasts a tie cord style net attachment. This attachment ensures that players do not experience any injury. 

The rim can also withstand up to 210 pounds of pressure. 

However, more recently, the NBA changed over to using the Spalding Arena Pro 180 Goal, which boasts a double rim. The new rim also includes a 180-degree breakaway. The rim consists of finger guards to prevent any players from pinching their fingers as well as a plate that has been covered in padding. Players also have commented that the bounce of this new rim is better. 

Though the NBA now utilizes a double rim, at the professional level, you would expect players to use the more challenging rim. Luckily, that is currently in effect. As seasoned professionals, it would seem that having to perfect your shot and become a great shooter would be second nature and already in effect. 

Regardless of the rim the NBA uses, both rims were also designed to adhere to the NBA’s elasticity rules. 

Double Rim vs. Single Which is Better for You

Double Rim vs. Single Which is Better for You

Double Rim vs. Single: Which is Better for You?

Which rim is better depending on how far you are looking to take basketball and where you live. There honestly is no right or wrong answer to this question. It is all about preference. There are a number of things to consider when thinking about which hoop is better for you; these include the following:


This is a significant factor in choosing a rim because, depending on your availability, there may only be one type of rim available to you. Outdoor rims found in parks and on playgrounds are often double rims. This is inevitable due to their durability. However, single rims can be generally found indoors or at someone’s home. 


If your goal in playing basketball is to be a pro or make your college’s basketball team, I would say cut your losses and go for the double rim. There is nothing wrong with missing a few thousand shots to get the next few thousand right. However, if you are only playing basketball for enjoyment, by all means, use the single rim. 


If you are looking to become a skilled shooter, do yourself a favor and invest in a double rim. It will help improve your arc, your touch, and your overall game. With double rims, you need to get the right arch and angle on your shot to ensure it goes in each time. It’s almost as if the rim is lava, and you don’t want to hit it. 


The location of your basket will also determine what rim you need. If you are looking to create an outdoor court or utilizing one, the chances are high that the rim will be a double rim. If you are going to an indoor court or a local gym, single rims will generally be used. 

Ease of shooting:

If you are looking for a challenge and have hopes of going pro, the double rim can be your best friend. However, if you are just looking for the rim to have fun and shoot around on, go ahead and grab the glory of a single rim. 

Now that we know that a lot of things can attribute to the necessity of a double or single rim, it is vital to address the differences. There are several differences between double rim basketball and regular rims. The main difference is that the double rim lacks overall give; it is far stiffer than the regular rim. They are also twice as thick. This is what makes it harder to shoot on double rims. 

Wrapping Things Up: Is Playing Basketball on a Double Rim Good for You?

Have you gotten the answer to your question yet? By now, the answer is clear. Playing on a double rim is excellent if you are looking to perfect your game. If you are looking to take basketball to the next level and want to become an A1 shooter, it is the least you can do for yourself. Playing on the double rim can be difficult, but the payoff is tremendous. 

If you are not as much concerned with the ease of your shot or becoming an accurate shooter, there is nothing wrong with using a single rim. It can be frustrating to continuously miss shots, especially if you don’t have to. 

You will generally find that outdoor playgrounds utilize double rims for their durability. Often time streetball is far more aggressive and rougher than indoor basketball. You often find players using the hoops to do tricks and entertain crowds. This means that the hoop will need to be able to withstand far more force than a regular rim. 

Overall, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are benefits to using both rims, and the game of basketball can be played on either type. 

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