Is Klay Thompson Left Handed?

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Basketball fans of all ages will never be satisfied with simply knowing the names of the NBA players; you are probably dying to know some interesting information that is not often disclosed to the media. Fortunately, today’s state-of-the-art technology makes this information more accessible.

Among the exciting players is Klay Thompson, a superb shooting guard from the GS Warriors. Since he seems to use his hands well, you might have asked yourself this question: is Klay Thompson left-handed? What is Klay Thompson’s shooting percentage? This blog allows you to learn everything there is to know about this legend in the making.

Is Klay Thompson Left Handed or Right HandedIs Klay Thompson Left Handed or Right Handed?

There is a lot of speculation and internet discussions about Klay Thompson’s dominant hand in playing basketball. Some believe he has an advantage in shooting sports like basketball because he uses a specific hand, while others think he is no different from other NBA players.

Since you are here, perhaps you have also asked yourself these questions: does Klay Thompson shoot left-handed? Or is Klay Thompson right or left-handed? Before you learn more about his dominant hands, let us first discuss who Klay Thompson is and why people are raving over this matter.

Thompson is one of the promising players in this generation, for he has clinched four NBA Championship rings out of his nine seasons playing in the league. On top of that, he is an adept shooting guard who rarely misses the rim. He is considered a shooting maniac because he becomes unstoppable whenever he starts his shooting streak.

Now, what is Klay Thompson’s dominant hand? The reason behind your confusion on this matter is that you might have seen him using both hands in a game, and he impeccably aced both. Do not worry; everyone is equally intrigued as you are.

Is Klay Thompson Left Handed or Right Handed

Not to burst your bubble, but Klay Thompson is, in fact, right-handed, although you have seen him dominate the court with his left hand. It means that he is excellent at using both hands for shooting, giving him an edge over the opponent.

You may think that he is in a bizarre situation, but he is gifted with so much potential because a defensive player cannot anticipate which hand he will use in releasing the ball. It makes his playing strategy challenging to read because he follows unconventional patterns.

Moreover, his left-hand shooting is equally skillful as his right, hence the reason newbie fans often mistook him for being left-handed. It only proves Klay Thompson’s versatility and athletic prowess.

No one knows whether he trained hard to acquire this skill or naturally picked up the pace. However, the only certainty is that he will continue proving his shooting proficiency in the coming years. Watch out for his growth, and you will be surprised at how excellent his abilities are.

Which Hand Does Klay Thompson Use to ShootWhich Hand Does Klay Thompson Use to Shoot?

If you are talking about versatile players in shooting the ball to the rim, add Klay Thompson to the list. Aside from Klay Thompson’s height and hand size, his shooting ability will make you think he is one of the greatest players in the league even more.

There are a lot of players who are excellent at scoring during games through shooting attempts, who can either come close or better than Klay Thompson, but he has the technique that makes him stand out among others.

You will find numerous videos on the internet of Klay Thompson shooting with his left or off-hand, but he is right-handed. Klay Thompson can use both left and right arrows to shoot. He is one of the few players equally skilled in using both hands.

When you think about it, using both hands is sometimes challenging. It might be valid to some extent, but not in the case of Klay Thompson because he uses this strategy to improve the court, especially when his right hand is injured.

Basketball enthusiasts have a wise take on this matter. They believe that Klay Thompson switches between two hands unpredictably to surprise the opponents and leave them clueless about his next move. This tactic is widely regarded as “The Switch.” 

No matter which hand Klay Thompson uses for shooting, it is a skill he is known for, and no one can strip it away from him. He has already established his name as one of the greatest shooters of all time.

What is Klay's Shooting PercentageWhat is Klay’s Shooting Percentage?

Almost 90% of NBA players use their right hand to shoot, including Klay Thompson, but he also belongs to the rest, who use their left hand to make a shooting attempt. He is a multitalented player, but you should look at his shooting percentage before concluding he is on top of everyone.

According to the data from ESPN, he has recorded a whopping 45.8% shooting percentage or Field Goal percentage (FG) throughout his career. An excellent shooter ranges from 40% above, which means that he is indeed above the average players who are in charge of shooting. 

If you are wondering why it is called Field Goal, it is named this way because the word “field” means the court. In layperson’s terms, Field Goal refers to your successful attempt to make a goal or score.

To calculate the Field Goal percentage, career statistics and numbers are essential to come up with the most accurate information. Simply put, FG is derived from dividing the successful shots by the attempts. The higher your FG percentage, the better you are as a basketball shooter.

What is Klay's Shooting Percentage

How to Shoot Like Klay ThompsonHow to Shoot Like Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson uses unique techniques for shooting the ball, which you will learn in this section. Please scroll through the bulleted list to thoroughly understand the technicalities of his shooting prowess.

  • Body Stance

Compared to other players, Klay Thompson uses a broader body stance in preparing to shoot the ball. If you want to be like him, train yourself to make a round with wide width apart.

  • Upper and Lower Body Preparation

The impressive thing about him is that his body coordination is unbelievably quick. Before reading the ball, he already makes a preparatory posture to ensure a successful attempt. He plants his right foot outside and his shoulder facing away from the net, allowing him to make fast adjustments.

  • Dip

Although it sounds intimidating, the dip means that you are positioning the ball at the waist level or slightly above. It allows you to flex your hips and bring your chest forward, thus establishing momentum for release.

  • Great Setpoint

It would be best if you remembered that he positions his arms 90 degrees with his body, which makes it an excellent setpoint posture. The ball must be placed close or on the level of your forehead and your dominant side.

  • The Alignment

If you wish to be like Klay Thompson or any other great player, your elbow should be in line with your shoulder. It would be best if you positioned your shoulder and foot forward, spending on which is your dominant part.

  • Body Balance and Control

If you have already mastered the abovementioned postures, the last step you need to focus on is adjusting your balance and control. It takes so much focus to release the ball and end up inside the ring. You need not worry; everything is mastered through practice.

Wrapping Things Up: Is Klay Thompson Left Handed?

So, is Klay Thompson left-handed? Sorry to burst your bubble, but he is not. Klay is right-handed with excellent shooting skills using the left. He is just simply great at using his off-hand to confuse the players.

If you want an in-depth analysis of his shooting form, the section before this will make you shoot like Klay Thompson. Follow the balance, dip, etc., to increase your Field Goal (FG) percentage.

Check out other NBA players who are left-handed here.

We hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to check out our other basketball FAQ articles here.

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