Why Do Basketball Players Tape their Fingers?

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If you are a newbie or just a curious fan, you may have asked yourself why do basketball players tape or wear tapes on their fingers. There are no better answers than injury protection. Basketball players tape their fingers to prevent themselves from getting hurt on the court.

Although it does not provide you with complete immunity, it gives a sense of security and confidence to go all out. If you are intrigued to learn more about how to prevent jammed fingers in basketball, read throughout to prepare yourself before hitting the court in your next tournament.

Why Tape Your FingersWhy Tape Your Fingers?

Basketball, per se, is vulnerable to accidents as it involves constant physical activities that may cause collisions. Athletic finger tapes are some of the preventive measures you can take to prepare yourself for strenuous activities during a sporting game. 

If you are still a rookie player, trust the seasoned athletes and never step on the court without any finger protection as your fortune depends on your hands as a basketball player. Below are the pros of taping your fingers during a game.

  • Protection from Injury

Alongside prevention, you need to tape fingers for various reasons like better support and injury protection. First, taping your fingers keeps them in the correct positions and less likely to be hit and sprained during intensive play since basketball requires so much ball-catching and passing.

  • Stronger Grip

In addition to the abovementioned reason, you must tape your fingers because it allows you to grip a ball firmly and strongly compared to playing with bare hands. You can fully optimize your energy for athletic strategies and ball techniques if your fingers are protected and secured.

  • Protects your Injury

Another point why you have to tape your fingers during a match is because it keeps your fingers from lateral movements, especially if you have an existing injury around it. It would be best for you to apply the buddy-taping (which you will learn more about in the following sections) method to your sprained finger to position them in place.

Protects your Injury

When your fingers are secured, you can do better tricks and increase the chances of winning. Your health is the most significant factor you must consider doing this procedure. Although cliche, health is wealth—you cannot play basketball if you get severe injuries, so you better prepare for it.

Does Taping Your Fingers Help in Basketball_ Does Taping Your Fingers Help in Basketball? 

It needs no further explanation; taping your fingers helps you in basketball and saves you from potential repercussions. There is no reason for you to skip this vital measure because it does not harm you anyway but rather shelters you from accidents.

Another thing is that tapes give you a comfortable grip. Playing with bare hands might be fine, but a firm grip is essential in receiving a ball. It increases your grip strength because it reduces gap areas between your fingers. The better the grip, the better the play.

If you are concerned with your basketball career, do yourself a favor and grab some tapes. When your fingers are taped, you are less prone to finger-related sprains that may temporarily or permanently prohibit you from playing the sport. It does not cost you that much to follow this procedure.

When to Tape Your FingersWhen to Tape Your Fingers?

As much as possible, tape your fingers every time you are on the court as you cannot predict when accidents will happen—for there is no better way of protection than wrapping your fingers with protective gears like finger tapes. 

The easiest way to heal a broken or sprained finger is to avoid further tension and trauma around it. When you have injured your finger, make finger support wearing a requirement. If you do buddy-taping, the tape guards your lateral finger movements that cause further injury, especially during a game in which you do not have complete control.

When to Tape Your Fingers

Some athletes are dirty players. There are tendencies when they intentionally hit your sprained fingers. To prevent further trauma, tape your fingers, so they are secured from these sabotaging.

Prevention is better than cure, they say. Nonetheless, make it a habit to tape your fingers without special reasons because it will save you from possible dangers. You will spend more money on injuries than buying a tape; make a better decision.

How Do You Tape Your Fingers for BasketballHow Do You Tape Your Fingers for Basketball?

There are several ways to properly tape your fingers for basketball, which serve different purposes; some tapes are done explicitly for existing injuries, and some are for prevention. If you are looking for articles on how to tape pinky fingers for basketball, scroll down and read the tips from professionals.

  • X Taping

The first type of finger-taping is called the “X” method. It can prevent coercive power from being implemented to the finger joints and tendons when holding a ball, thus increasing your grip strength by shifting the force from your fingers onto your wrist or hands.

First, wrap a strip of 2.5 cm tape around the finger you would like to tape underneath the knuckle one to two times. 

Then, position the tape up and above the front knuckle of your joint line to form a half of an X. Wrap the upper knuckle one to two times with tape; make sure you are still able to move or bend your finger by not wrapping the tape above the natural joint line.

Lastly, return to your starting point and form a full X. Secure it by wrapping your lower finger. Repeat the steps and make sure to control the thickness of the tape.

This method allows you to use more forearm strength when gripping the ball rather than relying on your fingers alone.

  • Buddy Taping

The second type of taping is called the “Buddy” taping because you must tape one finger on another, just like friends. It is specifically done when you have jammed fingers and do not want to cause further injuries.

First, cut two strips of any finger tape according to the length of your finger. A width of 2.5cm is ideal for securing the injured finger entirely.

Next, begin taping on the untouched finger’s bottom and then wrap it around the injured one to attach them to each other.

Lastly, repeat the process from top to bottom to secure that the injured one will not move laterally, which causes a more significant threat of injuries. When you do buddy taping, you can still move your sprained fingers, but you will feel lesser pain.

What are the Best Finger Tapes for BasketballWhat are the Best Finger Tapes for Basketball?

You will find a lot of finger tape types in the market. Although there are no significant differences among them, the suitable tape will make you more comfortable and leaves greater comfort for your injury. Also, good-quality finger tapes will not make you feel unease while playing.

If you are looking for the best finger tapes for basketball, this article is the best you can ever find on the internet. Below is a list of proven and trusted products by experienced basketball players and enthusiasts.

This is by far the most reliable tape on the market. Although it is a little pricey, you are assured of having maximum protection for its durable and long-lasting quality. Unlike any other tapes, Summum Fit Athletic Tape does not leave an uncomfortable and sticky mark on your finger when worn for a long time due to its non-allergic latex material. The box comes with three rolls of 1.5″ X 33 feet plus a bonus roll of 0.5 inches—-enough to keep you going for many tournaments.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative that does not disappoint you with the quality, go with the Cramer All Sports Athletic Tape. Athletes can agree that this tape holds firmly but is not painful. Similar to Summum Fit, it is made of latex, so it does not leave a sticky residue. It allows blood flow circulation because it wraps around your fingers nicely—you do not have to worry about cutting off the tape during a game.

The good thing about Dimora sports tape is that it is made of 100% cotton material, allowing comfort and breathability during an intense match. It stays on the skin all day long and is not harsh on the skin when removed. Plus, it comes with four rolls at a great price! You are assured of having enough protection—-not too tight, not too frail, and not too strong.

Wrapping Things Up: Why Do Basketball Players Tape their Fingers?

The reason why do basketball players tape their fingers is to get enough protection during a strenuous game. Athletic finger tapes are a god-sent protective measure, especially if you have an existing injury. Also, it allows you to grip the ball tightly so you will not miss it.

No matter how good basketball finger tapes are, you are bound to lose a match without proper and enough training. Do not worry about getting a finger injury because basketball finger tapes got you wrapped and covered! Hit the court now and start enhancing your fundamental basketball skills. Remember, accidents are unprecedented and may happen anytime, but you can do something to avoid them—finger tapes are just one of them.

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