How Much Do NBA Floor Sweepers Make on Average?

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Floor sweepers are guys who are part of the maintenance crew that wipes liquid or sweat on the court to avoid slipping of players. When there’s a lull in an NBA game, you’ll notice floor sweepers wiping the surface of the court. If you know how much do NBA floor sweepers make on average, you might consider switching careers. It’s a simple job that pays well, and you can be seen on TV.

Who knows, you might be wearing a new hat after reading this article we prepared about an NBA floor cleaner job description.

What Do NBA Floor Sweepers Do in NBAWhat Do NBA Floor Sweepers Do in NBA?

During NBA games, floor cleaners have three tools in their possession. Large brooms to sweep the court before a game, during timeouts, and after every quarter. Small circular mops to clean the free-throw area after every gift shot. And large towels for wiping the sweat on the floor from a fallen player.

Part of a floor sweeper’s job is to set up benches, help load and unload gears. Mop boys need to remove sweat and any foreign material on the court. And they may be assigned other tasks apart from cleaning.

NBA players like Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies often drive to the hoop to draw their opponents’ attention, pass to a teammate, or make a fantastic shot. In the process, he gets entangled with players defending the basket and frequently kisses the floor.

As soon as Morant goes down, people wielding mops and large towels spring into action, wiping the wet spot where he fell.

Players sweat profusely when they are on the court, and a wet court invites accidents.

After every game, Jae Crowder of the Phoenix Suns thanked the floor sweepers for wiping all the sweat on the floor.

What Do NBA Floor Sweepers Do in NBA

As part of the NBA’s safety protocol for COVID-19, three floor cleaners are assigned at the back of each baseline compared to one or two during pre-pandemic. And some of them were fortunate to witness the 2020-2021 NBA finals.

During the NBA bubble, the games lacked some of their familiar elements like the crowd, mascots, cheerleaders, and halftime performers. TV viewers focused on the players and sometimes the floor sweeper who wipes a wet spot. The limelight has never been brighter for these unsung heroes.

Mop boys are quick on their feet to avoid getting run over. You can see NBA players flip over camera crews, but rarely over floor sweepers. Fans would cherish the experience of embracing players. 

You should be alert. Don’t be star-struck if LeBron asks you to wipe a wet spot before a free throw. Wait for the referee’s signal before you do your duty.

How to Become an NBA Floor SweeperHow to Become an NBA Floor Sweeper?

To land a job as an NBA floor cleaner, you should have the required skills, experience, and relevant education in this field. Each team has its own NBA floor sweeper qualifications. The procedure differs from the regular mop boys or floor sweepers who provide janitorial services in offices.

A floor sweeper is a simple job, but the pay is good. Hence, there are many applicants to fill the limited job vacancy. Your credentials should impress the employer, and it is one of the reasons that will determine your salary.

The steps below might help you become a floor sweeper at the NBA:

  1. Send your NBA mop boy application to the NBA team.
  2. Check out the job openings at
  3. NBA posts their vacancies on and LinkedIn.
  4. Search for NBA’s email-id and inquire.

If you’ve NBA connections, they’ll give you information about the requirements, salary and help with the application process.

Consider yourself to be fortunate if you’ve received a response requiring you to take on further procedures.

How to Become an NBA Floor Sweeper

How Much Do NBA Floor Sweepers Make on AverageHow Much Do NBA Floor Sweepers Make on Average?

People had no idea that the salary of a floor sweeper was impressive until it became trending on Twitter. NBA teams need the proper experience and education from an applicant before filling the position. The job is physically draining, requires lots of energy and alertness when you are on the court.

We gathered data from different sources to develop a figure to show how much do NBA floor sweepers make on average.

Number of Years Annual Salary
Below two years $39,000
Above two years $80,000
Above five years $95,000

A newbie will have the lowest amount paid at $39,000, and the salary of the most seasoned floor sweeper can go as high as $100,000. According to NBA rules, veterans with over ten years in the league can sign new contracts from 35% of the salary cap.

There are times when they receive bonuses and additional incentives when the team qualifies in the play-offs. Incentives could be more if the team advances to the next round. Some teams provide more than the average salary, like Boston, Washington, and Atlanta. Several players give tips.

When people on Twitter see the salary of an NBA floor cleaner, their new goal in life is to become one. The projection for the average salary for a full-time wage worker in 2022 is $53,490 per year for a 40-hour workweek. A newbie beats the wages of a pharmacy technician ($35,800), a medical assistant ($34,672), and a certified nursing assistant ($29,286). The most seasoned floor sweeper is almost at par with the wage of a pharmacist ($112 800) and better than a data scientist ($97,200) or a nurse practitioner ($96,285).

How Much Do NBA Floor Sweepers Make on Average

How Do NBA Floor Sweepers Get PaidHow Do NBA Floor Sweepers Get Paid?

Some teams give mop boys their pay based on an hourly rate after each game. Others include them in the regular payroll to be paid every 15 days.

In addition to the decent salary, floor sweepers receive perks. Benefits vary; the team decides the allotment to their workers.

Teams reward their exceptional workers with lunch money; the small amount is meaningful.

During the bubble, floor sweepers were also billeted in hotels.

Although it rarely happens, some NBA teams finance the college education of their floor sweepers. Their excellent work leaves a good impression that will not go unnoticed.

Floor sweepers have free access to watch every game, even during their day off.

While watching an NBA game, you’ll see people on the floor when players switch sides. These are the floor sweepers getting their airtime. If you are one of them, you can tell your mom that you’re on TV.

Fans are thrilled when they see their basketball heroes do their stuff on the court. Your experience is different; your friends will envy you because you rub elbows with LeBron James, James Harden, Steph Curry, or Kevin Durant.

Watching the players’ training sessions is possible, and you might be invited to play with them during their basketball scrimmage.

Wrapping Things Up: How Much Do NBA Floor Sweepers Make on Average?

Anyone who knows how much do NBA floor sweepers make on average will have second thoughts about their present job. A very healthy salary between $80,000-$100,000 per annum has people wanting to get a piece of the action.

No wonder people from Twitter would like to switch careers. The job is simple and enjoys a lot of perks. You can enjoy the best of both worlds, a high salary and an up-close experience with NBA greats.

You’re lucky to be an NBA floor sweeper. The downside is that it is strenuous and requires tons of energy. But when you see your idols sweating it out and giving everything they’ve got, this will leave a smile on your face.

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