What Counts as a Blocked Shot in Basketball?

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Basketball shooting attempts are perhaps some of the most nerve-wracking yet exciting game highlights. Deafening screams and yells occupy every corner of a basketball court whenever a blocked shot is perfected. If you aspire to gain that most valuable player award after a game, you must fully wrap around the idea of what counts as a blocked shot in basketball.

By definition, basketball blocked shots invigorate your high spirit to win a match, thus making you thrilled to keep your guard up. When a defender deflects a ball in the air to deny it from going into a rim, it is counted as a blocked shot.

If you are looking for a reference that will train your mind on the importance and examples of blocked shots in basketball, this is the best one you can find. The rest of this article will intensify your sports enthusiasm, so do not lose focus.

What is Basketball Block ShotWhat is Basketball Block Shot?

In simple terms, a blocked shot is a failed shooting attempt due to a successful ball aversion. A defensive opponent stops a ball from entering the ring, heading in a different direction. This is a strategic means of hampering your counterpart from scoring or intercepting their scoring streak.

When you are deliberate with strategizing this technique as a defense mechanism, it changes the momentum and trajectory of the game. You can turn the tides to your advantage and win the bout if you persistently aim to deflect shooting attempts. Nonetheless, there are crucial considerations you must take a closer focus on because this move is vulnerable to violations that perhaps break or make your team strategy.

Whether you are the shooter or the blocker, ensure you accomplish your aim. A blocked shot is carried through only when the ball misses its goal, as you may still become successful with earning a point despite being blocked. Not to rain on your parade, but it only happens once in a blue moon.

What is Basketball Block Shot

Power forwards or centers generally display most of the blocks during a game due to rim proximity. Therefore, you are expected to block most ball entry setouts if positioned near the ring. 

What Qualifies a Block Shot in BasketballWhat Qualifies a Block Shot in Basketball?

A blocked ball throw per se is when a ball supposed to get in the rim gets hampered. Nonetheless, you must note that not all deflected shots are considered blocked shots in basketball. Do not worry for as long as you know of the violations in basketball; you are not vulnerable to foul calls whenever you plan to block as a defensive tactic. 

Going back, what qualifies as a blocked shot in basketball? 

A shooting attempt is considered to be blocked in two circumstances. The first and primary sense is a blocked shot is credited when a ball is released by the offender in pursuit of making a score but gets deflected by the defender. Contrary to this widespread criterion, you can still block an opponent even if the ball is yet to be released.

In other words, you can cease a ball from entering the ring when a ball is in flight or even when an offender still holds it. If you stopped a ball following the accepted basketball rules, it qualifies as a blocked shot.

A blocked shot is perfected when you resist the shooter’s entry aim by stretching the arms in the air, guarding the ball by staying your hands near it, and a lot more—as long as you do not commit fouls and violations.

One more thing, never chase after released balls. Leave it all if you cannot block the ball in a single step. This crucial strategy could lead you to injuries, which will cost you more disadvantages and shortcomings.

What Qualifies a Block Shot in Basketball

The best tip to win a game is to use your energy wisely. Do not shoot it all at once, as you may be unable to sustain the riddance in the entire play. Smart game decisions are better than getting all out without a plan.

What is the Importance of a Blocked Shot in BasketballWhat is the Importance of a Blocked Shot in Basketball?

The scoring system of basketball relies on earning a colossal point advantage. Hence, players aim to get as many baskets as possible. 

With this game, you will likely obstruct your opponent’s game momentum by preventing them from scoring in efficient ways, like shot-blocking. The importance of blocked shots in basketball is to break a scoring streak.

Strategically, you get more points than the other team when you constantly stop them from making a score. The difficulty of scoring with a huge point advantage is severe when you or your team’s shot blocker is evil in this strategy.

Nonetheless, this tactic is not solely an intervention mechanism, for this skill might be capitalized as an intimidation strategy. You will notice impulsive shootings from the opponent’s end more often if you ace this skill.

If the centers or power forwards have recorded commendable blocked shots during a game, the other team will perhaps get intimidated when you are around the basket. In this case, the offensive team players will release a ball they are supposed not to. 

Hence, repeated blocked shots lose their shooting accuracy. Therefore, blocking a shot prevents them from scoring, ruining the opposing team’s winning momentum and an intimidation strategy. It will put your team to a more significant advantage as a result.

Basketball blocked shots are crucial because they could either make or break your winning moment. If you are seasoned in this endeavor, you will make a scoring difference and push a considerable lead. On the other hand, you may outscore the other side of the bench as well.

What is the Importance of a Blocked Shot in Basketball

In shorter words, the importance of blocked shots in basketball focuses on the ability to make points and break a point lead.

Does Catching a Blocked Shot Count as a ReboundDoes Catching a Blocked Shot Count as a Rebound?

To answer the question, defining a rebound in basketball is necessary. Usually, rebounding is strategized when a ball misses getting in the basket. A simple discussion means that a ball suspended in the air is possessed by either an offensive or defensive player before it gets to the ground.

Now, does catching a blocked shot count as a rebound? The answer is yes, but it depends on the circumstances.

When a blocked shot is in the air and is open for grabs, any player near the ball can do rebounds as long as it has not yet fallen to the ground. You are credited with a rebound and a block under the circumstance of being able to possess the ball in the air after blocking a shooting attempt.

On the other hand, you cannot technically do rebounds once the ball reaches the ground or when you did not take a leap to reach a ball in the air. Catching a blocked shot is counted as a rebound only when you gain possession of a ball in the air.

Not all blocked shots can be up for rebounds. You cannot do rebounds if the ball traverses to lower heights. If the ball is above and is up for grabs, then you will be to jump and catch the ball. 

In conclusion, catching a blocked block is not primarily a form of a rebound. It has to follow the concept of basketball rebounding while considering the blocked shot rules and nature.

How Difficult Is It to Block a ShotHow Difficult Is It to Block a Shot?

To block a shot is averagely tricky, especially when the offensive player is great at basketball techniques like dribbling. Nonetheless, you will quickly master blocking skills over time.

How Difficult Is It to Block a Shot

Alertness and strategic analysis are imperative to block a shot at the right time perfectly. When you stop a ball, you need to follow the handler of the ball all the way through as an intimidation measure. The tricky thing to do is to guess the perfect time that the offender releases it.

In general, blocking a shot is not that difficult but an important skill to hone as it poses a crucial bearing in winning a game. However, it could sometimes depend on the skill of the offensive player. When the player is an expert at dribbling a ball and is a sharp-shooter, blocking his shot will cost you more effort.

It needs extreme focus and marvelous strategy to preempt whether the opponent releases the ball or passes to the other side. 

From a different angle, being a ball-handler is much more challenging because you need to find the best timing to throw while putting your guards on from the defender. You probably need a team connection to push through your plan to aim a basket or pass to the other team member.

How to Block a Shot in Basketball_ 3 WaysHow to Block a Shot in Basketball: 3 Ways

Like any other routine, there are several ways to perform them, depending on the case and situation. Below are some of the best practices and types of blocking in basketball you can follow and apply in your upcoming tournaments to effectively block a shot

  • Jump Shot Blocks

The most common scoring means a jump shot. You must master this skill to defend your lead or outscore the other bench. When doing jump shot blocks, one thing to consider is to jump higher than the scorer. As an opponent may fake a shot, you must master your intuition by looking at his feet while focusing on the ball. Practice jumping off quickly while keeping your center of gravity to execute this technique fully.

  • Slam Dunk Blocks

Slam dunks are considered high percentage shots, requiring rigid training to master the skills of swatting away the ball from an opponent. You should jump straight up instead of going forwards to fend away the ball or at least lower the accuracy percentage of the scorer. Nonetheless, it is risky and critical to prevent a slam dunk, so you better make sure to stop the player on the ground before his jump.

  • Fadeaway Shot Blocks

Faking a shot is one of the best tactics to distract an opponent. Fadeaway shots are not as challenging to block as you think it is. To block a fadeaway shot means to extend your arm up above the ball while jumping straight up. Do not ever jump toward the direction of the scorer, as it may earn you a foul if you ever touch his arm. 

3 Most Successful Block Shots in NBA3 Most Successful Block Shots in NBA

If you want inspiration to pursue a center position, here are some of the best block moments and blockers in NBA history.

  • Alonzo Mourning Career Blocks

Alonzo Mourning was an excellent center that reigned in an era of great center counterparts and recorded the best block we have ever seen in the NBA. It takes experience for a player to have the athletic ability, game coordination, and power to deny the shot. If you want to check some of his blocking highlights, check out this video.

  • Shawn Kemp Against Michael Jordan

He was one of the more underappreciated forwards during the 90s, particularly in his time in Seattle. He’s better known as an offensive player, but he also had a defensive ability, as evidenced by this monster block against Michael Jordan in Bulls.

  • Lebron James Against Kobe Bryant

He has had some impressive blocks in his entire basketball career, and this may be one of his best. James reaching from the back and blocking Bryant’s massive dunk attempt is an excellent display of their athletic prowess which shows a significant reason they are two of the greatest players in the NBA.

Wrapping Things Up: What Counts as a Blocked Shot in Basketball?

Earning a block monster recognition is a massive feat in your sports stint. Blocking a shot is not just about preventing your counterpart from scoring, but it also means intimidation and athleticism. Hence, you must understand what counts as a blocked shot in basketball to have a technical understanding of the strategy.

Despite reading the excellent tips above, you must never forget to train wisely and hard. Understanding is useless without application. Train your heart and mind to be the fantastic version of your sports character.

We hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to check out our other basketball FAQ articles here.

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