How Many Businesses Does Carmelo Anthony Own?

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Unknown to everybody, most NBA players excel in different fields, not just on courts. It proves they are talented and well-rounded individuals with a whole life outside the NBA, and Carmelo Anthony is one of them.

In case you did not know, he owns business ventures besides dominating the league. If then, how many businesses does Carmelo Anthony own? The answer is a lot. This veteran is a player you should not take lightly because he is top of the line in sports and money-making. 

If you are curious about what businesses does Carmelo Anthony own, read until the end.

What is Carmelo Anthony Famous ForWhat is Carmelo Anthony Famous For?

True NBA fans know the legendary record Carmelo Anthony owns. He is not just an average player but is known for his prolific shooting skills, especially during his time with the Denver Nuggets. No wonder he is included among the greatest NBA shooters in history.

Before going into details, it would be better to discuss how he forcefully got ejected from the NBA for a while. Carmelo Anthony’s comeback is one, if not most, of the most epic comebacks in the history of the NBA.

As you may have known, he went unsigned for more than a full calendar year, which he revealed was because of reasons outside of basketball. In 2019, the Portland Trail Blazers gave him another opportunity. True to his branding, he proved his shooting excellence by scoring an average of 13.6 points per game in the 2021-2022 NBA season.

Dubbed “Melo,” he proved his basketball prowess in different ways. He is a 7X All-NBA player, the 9th Leading Scorer in NBA history, and the NBA scoring leader in 2013. Hence, his entire NBA career is credited for his shooting ability.

Melo started his professional NBA career in 2003 when the Denver Nuggets drafted him as the third overall pick. It was the same year LeBron James got drafted as the first overall pick. 

Since then, he has proved his shooting prowess. In fact, he became the second youngest NBA player in history to score more than 30 points in a game, right behind the legend of Kobe Bryant.

Therefore, Carmelo Anthony is one of the greatest shooters the league has ever drafted. Most of all, he is known not just for his shooting skills but also for his defensive abilities.

How Many Businesses Does Carmelo Anthony OwnHow Many Businesses Does Carmelo Anthony Own?

Aside from his solid NBA career, Carmelo Anthony’s business is taking giant career leaps and generating staggering income. It isn’t easy to track down all his investments over the years.

Now, what businesses does Carmelo Anthony own? His brands include media, hospitality, and the avatar, among others. Now, here are his brands, according to The Sports Rush.

  • Melo7 Tech Partners

The company created digital opportunities in the infancy stage of digital media. According to Bloomberg, Melo7 Tech Partners is a venture capital firm specializing in tech start-ups, digital media, and consumer internet.

  • Creative 7

Creative 7 is a media production firm that highlights champion stories that remained unheard of for so long. It specializes in creating content about prominent athletes who have made a considerable impact in the industry and were given limited exposure over their basketball stints. In an interview, he said stories bring people together; hence, he is interested in all sorts of stories that can incite change in the world.

  • STAYME70

Carmelo Anthony made successful media and digital ventures, and he capitalized on the fashion industry with STAYME70. Based on its website description, the clothing line is not just about clothing but a uniform of his community—a community using his brand values and life experiences to connect with people.

  • The Seventh Estate

To end his business blog, Melo branched out to the food industry, The Seventh Estate—a wine brand. He recently launched this product this year, perhaps not the last in his line. He aims to convey new voices to the wine industry with this brand.

Apart from his brand, he also invests in other firms. Again, it is difficult to track down all his investments. The following are some of the top ventures he made.

  • Mophie

The brand is known as a phone accessory company. Apple carries Mophies products, and Zagg acquired the company for over $100 million.

  • Overtime

Staying true to his foundation, Melo invested in Overtime–a sports media firm. He was indeed optimistic about it when he decided to invest. In fact, he is a board member and an investor.

  • Restaurants

Two of his famous resto ventures are Ainsworth and Nobody’s pizza. He plans to open 20 to 30 branches in the next seven years. Although it is rare to see him in the food industry, he is unapologetic. Business is business, after all. When there is an opportunity, there is profit.

  • Genies

This firm is an avatar-based company. Melo invested during their Series A in 2018. Around this year, Series C is valued at over $1 billion. Other personalities who invested in Genies are Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, and Ndamukong Suh.

Does Carmelo Anthony Own a Soccer TeamDoes Carmelo Anthony Own a Soccer Team?

Aside from the business ventures stated above, Carmelo Anthony owns one more major venture. To answer the million-dollar question, yes, Carmelo Anthony owns a soccer team, Puerto Rico FC.

In 2015, Carmelo Anthony announced in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, that he would bring back Puerto Rico FC. The soccer team competed in their first tournament in a while in North American Soccer League in the Fall season of 2016. Their first match occurred in Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium, and the team made a 9th-place finish.

A year after their revival, Puerto Rico FC made a championship appearance in the 2017 Caribbean Football Union. Although they did not snatch the championship trophy, the team finished well with a 2-0-1 record. 

In 2017, PRFC joined another North American Soccer League with a new coach after Neil Sillet replaced Adrian Whitbread from his coaching role. However, NASL announced the cancellation of the 2018 season of the league. Following the announcement, PRFC has yet to play any tournament since then. 

What Endorsements Does Carmelo Anthony HaveWhat Endorsements Does Carmelo Anthony Have?

In the sports scene, endorsement deals flow in your cash funnels when you have a respectable image in the industry. Hence, this is the same case with Carmelo Anthony. He is among the basketball stars with great career backgrounds, thus attracting high-end brands.

In an article published by Forbes, Carmelo Anthony is revealed to have brand endorsement deals with Nike, Panini basketball cards, Jordan, Milk Processor Education Program, Haute Time, Degree Deodorant, Isotonix, Foot Locker, Nickelodeon, and Power Coco. It furthered by stating that Melo amassed a staggering $6 million from his endorsements alone.

As for his Jordan deal, he signed a contract at the young age of 13 in 2003. He had released 13 shoe models, but the contract ended in 2017. The first model released from this deal was Melo 1.5, and the last was the M13.

Now that he has returned to the NBA league, he will surely make more brand deals. His shooting prowess and professionalism make him a good eye for brands. Also, his business background can surely attract companies because they know he values professionalism and profit as much as they do. Plus, his brands may also bring more to the contract. 

Wrapping Things Up: How Many Businesses Does Carmelo Anthony Own?

NBA players are known for their athletic skills, but they have proven they are not just athletes but also intelligent business owners—Carmelo Anthony is living proof. He branched out from his basketball background to diverse industries like digital marketing, media, food, and tech.

Now, how many businesses does Carmelo Anthony own? His brands include Melo7 Tech Partners (a digital company), STAYME70 (a fashion line), Creative 7 (a media production firm), and The Seventh Estate (a wine brand). 

On top of these personal brands, Melo also invested in several industries, including Mophie (a smart accessories company), Overtime (a sports media company), Genies (an avatar-based firm), and restaurants. However, there are more unreported ventures, perhaps, knowing that he is a tenured businessman.

These brands and investments prove that basketball players can juggle multiple jobs and have passions outside the basketball court. Melo took these two industries seriously and made valuable results in both.

Take Carmelo Anthony as your role model if you are a basketball player who also wishes to venture into business. He proved to everyone that he is a monster on and off the court, so you can too!

We hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to check out our other basketball FAQ articles here.

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