Should I Play Basketball Everyday?

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As someone who loves the game of basketball, you have probably asked yourself, “Should I play basketball everyday?” in the hopes of getting better. If you are a young baller who wanted to take basketball seriously and improve on your skills, it’s understandable that you’d dedicate a lot of hours honing your chosen craft.

Are there really benefits to playing basketball everyday? Or are there any downsides to it? What about playing basketball every day to control your weight? Overall, is it good to play basketball everyday for whatever reason? Let’s dive right in:

Is It Good to Play Basketball EverydayIs It Good to Play Basketball Everyday?

Playing basketball everyday is learning and improving by repetition. Repetition is an essential learning aid since it allows the transition of your skill from conscious to subconscious. To put that into a basketball context, if you practice basketball skills every day, what you’d be working on will be part of what you do on the court, without even thinking.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re practicing your crossover dribble. As you go through the basics in pulling off the maneuver, switching the dribble from one hand to the other, this move will become an inherent part of what you do in the court. If you practice it every day, the crossover will become a part of your subconscious. You’ll be able to play free and loose without having to think of the next move to make.

In these circumstances, playing basketball every day is certainly good for young, up-and-coming players to do.

Does Playing Basketball Everyday Make You BetterDoes Playing Basketball Everyday Make You Better?

Yes, skills improvement is one of the most outright advantages of playing basketball everyday. After all, this is what professional players do. They have reached that skill level because of the daily grind. In the NBA, after a quick break or vacation, most of the top players go to the gym earlier than their contemporaries to work on their game every day.Does Playing Basketball Everyday Make You Better

To ensure that you don’t get bored playing basketball every day, diversify your training program. For instance, Monday is the day when you work on your handles, Tuesday is weightlifting day, and so forth. The key here is consistency. When you’re consistent in trying to improve your game, you will undoubtedly reap the benefits.

What Happens If You Play Basketball EverydayWhat Happens If You Play Basketball Everyday?

Aside from improved skills, playing and practicing basketball everyday will also help you improve mentally. Playing basketball coupled with individual training practices are actually much more demanding and rigorous than actual games. So when you do play and train every day, not only will your skills improve, it will also help you overcome obstacles in actual games. Some of these obstacles are physical play from opponents, fatigue, and pressure to make shots.

Pros and Cons of Playing Basketball Everyday

Pros and Cons of Playing Basketball Everyday

It’s a good thing that playing basketball every day is not just about improving your physical and mental capabilities. Here are more benefits of playing basketball everyday:


Improves social skills

Yes, individual training can be beneficial, but along the way, you need teammates and opponents to further enhance your skills. This widens your social circle because basketball allows you to meet people of all kinds, people of all backgrounds, and people with different philosophies.

For you to be an excellent social influence yourself, make everyone feel welcome on the basketball court. Be a competitor, but always show respect. When you meet new players on the court, be the first one to approach and introduce yourself. Do all that, and you’d make new friends pretty quick.

Now, what about if you encounter other players who are too rough and talk too much trash? Well, believe it or not, this could be good for you! Remember the bit on mental strength? If you learn to deal with the rough and tumble world of playground basketball, you can make it anywhere.Pros and Cons of Playing Basketball Everyday

1. Fun and relieves stress

Basketball is such a fun sport, so if you’re going to play it every day, then all the better. You can make basketball a bonding moment with your family or friends.

The best part about basketball is it’s not limited to 5-on-5 games. Of course, more competitive players enjoy full-court, 5-on-5 games more, but when less experienced players are around, or there are not enough players available, you can play HORSE, 21, 1-on-1, 2-on-2, and so on.

Since basketball is a full-body workout, it’s also a great way to let out stress. In this world that we live in, stress is not limited to an age demographic. Due to different types of pressure, teen students and adult workers succumb to stress. An intense aerobic workout like basketball could alleviate all of that.

2. Helps you lose weight

Have you thought about playing basketball everyday to lose weight? I’m sure you have, because, why not? Along with eating a balanced diet, basketball will help you lose weight or at least control weight gain. By some estimates, you can burn up to 800 calories playing one hour of basketball, so if you want to lose a couple of extra pounds, basketball will help you do that.

Aside from controlling and losing weight, playing basketball boosts self-esteem, increases lung capacity, and strengthens bones and muscles. Basketball, in itself, is not a cure-all, but if it’s going to be a part of your health routine, among others, you will harness a ton of benefits.

3. Helps teens stay out of trouble

Organized basketball has been proven to help a lot of kids stay out of trouble. It serves as a stronghold for teens and gives them the incentive to stay off the streets. Whenever they feel stressed out because of school and perhaps some family issues, basketball is a beautiful outlet.

Kids and teens can easily get mixed up with the wrong crowd in this day and age, potentially ruining their lives. Basketball is a channel that shifts focus away from the bad stuff while instilling values and discipline that keep teens out of trouble.

4. Teaches the value of teamwork

Basketball is a team sport, and no matter how individually talented you are, you’re not going to succeed without your teammates. Because of this, the sport teaches you to adapt, broaden your perspective, and appreciate the value of teamwork.

Basketball undoubtedly brings a lot of benefits, not only in mental and physical growth but also in social skills. However, having too much of a good thing is unhealthy. Let’s examine some disadvantages of playing basketball every day.


1. It’s time-consuming.

If you are trying to make a professional career or thinking of securing a college scholarship out of basketball, the training involves countless hours. You will have to dedicate most of your free time to training, and you wouldn’t much time left to pursue other things.

2. The risk of injuries increases

Playing basketball every day also puts you at risk for many types of injuries. And these injuries occur, even when you are just playing for fun. For instance, stepping on someone’s foot could cause a sprained ankle, and even catching a pass the wrong way could result in painfully jammed fingers. We’re not even talking about really debilitating injuries here, such as torn ACL, ruptured Achilles’ tendons, and fractures.

3. You may suffer burnout

Burnout is not just simply being tired. When you suffer from one, you’d be emotionally, physically, and mentally drained and exhausted. Practicing too hard could cause burnout, and worse, it may even completely flame out your love for the game. That’s why it’s important to balance things out, pursue other hobbies, and be interested in something outside of the game.How Often Should I Play Basketball

4. It’s an emotional roller-coaster.

Basketball will make a juggler out of anybody. This is because you have to deal with so many things on and off the court and some just could not get the hang of it.

Aside from that, you don’t always win in this sport; sometimes, you will suffer a defeat that makes you question if the game is really worth it. As a player, you will suffer from shooting slumps and that feeling when nothing seems to go your way.

Apart from the mental stress of losing, you also have to deal with insane amounts of pressure. People expect more from you and will always push you to be better. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes that type of pressure can be positive, but not everyone is cut out in the same cloth.

5. It costs money.

Sure, you can just play basketball for recreation, but if even if you’re not thinking of going pro, it will still cost you money if you’re playing every day.

Consider this: If you play every day, your shoes, no matter how expensive that is, will wear out quickly. In time, you are going to need new socks, new shorts, and new jerseys. If you’re joining rec leagues and that type of stuff, you should be able to pay for registration fees and transportation.

Here’s the deal: That’s just recreational basketball that we’re talking about. If you really are some sort of basketball prodigy, you’d need a lot more. We’re talking a personal trainer, nutritionist, basketball camp registration, not to mention all of the gear you need.

This is not to say all of that is a bad investment. Still, your parents may be on a tight budget, and for them to continue supporting you with all of your basketball necessities could put them in a tight financial strain.

How Often Should I Play Basketball

How Often Should I Play Basketball?

This depends on your playing level and how seriously you are taking the sport.

Let’s say you’re a beginner, possibly still young, and you want to learn the ropes. Playing basketball every day should not be a problem, perhaps doing 30 minutes to one hour a day just to help you feel the game out. At this point, you don’t need to do 5-on-5. Maybe you can go 30 minutes dribbling and shooting and the other half playing one-on-one or two-on-two.Should I Play Basketball Everyday

Now, let’s say you are already an above-average baller and want to take your game to the next level. Playing basketball every day is generally still OK, but there should be times when you take days off intense training. Professional basketball players simply go to shootarounds during game days to prevent themselves from tiring out. When you work and train hard, rest and recovery are just as important as the training sessions.

What if you are an adult who has a day job and possibly married, only doing basketball to get some workout in? Well, in that case, it all depends on your availability. If you haven’t played for a long time, it’s important to ease your way into playing and take it from there. Be aware of your current fitness levels and stay in your lane. Modesty on your part will keep you from suffering needless injuries that could potentially cut your recreational playing days short.

Wrapping Things Up: Should I Play Basketball Everyday?

Basketball is such a fun and lovely sport that it won’t be a surprise if one gets a little too enamored with it. Professional basketball players have been around the sport their whole lives, and they are still practicing till kingdom come.

Of course, let’s not confuse the general population with the pros. If you’re just a regular guy like you and me who plays ball to break a sweat, we don’t need to take it too seriously. That doesn’t mean we should fool around in the playing court, though; it only means that there is no need to actually play every single day.

What if you are a young guy, possible in the early teens, and really good at basketball? Well, perhaps this is not the only time you hear people tell you to take the game seriously. If you are, playing and training daily is the only way to sharpen and hone your skills. Only be sure to get sufficient rest every now and then, because if not, you will wear out easily.

What are we getting into here? Here’s the bottom line: As much as playing basketball every day raises your skill level, keeps you out of trouble, and helps you lose weight, there is always another side of it. The game may get the better of you emotionally, bringing you intense pressure, and take your time away from friends and family. With that being said, if you can see that you have a future playing basketball, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it, as long as you want it.

So, is it good to play basketball everyday? The answer is generally yes, but it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you are just trying to have fun and play recreationally, there is really no need. Playing three to four times a week is sufficient. However, if you’re a teenager who wants to make a career out of basketball, then it might be the only way to accomplish your goal. If you know who you are, then you could figure out the correct answer to the question, “Should I play basketball everyday?”

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