How Tall is Chris Paul? Has it Changed?

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As an avid basketball enthusiast, you might have probably heard about Chris Paul. Yes, the only CP3 or The Point God. Are you interested in knowing how tall is Chris Paul? Or what his vertical jump is? Or how he compares to other point guards in the NBA? Then, this blog is all you need!

Everyone is going crazy with Chris Paul’s dunk, but you must be here because you want to know Chris Paul’s height in inches or Chris Paul’s height without shoes. If your answer is yes, scan the end and find the answer.

How Tall is Chris PaulHow Tall is Chris Paul?

Before learning about Chris Paul’s height, it would be best for you to understand his background and brief basketball history to have a sound judgment on how much impact his height provides on his basketball statistics.

It might surprise new fans, but Chris Paul is already 37 years old, meaning he has been active in the league for a substantial number of years. He earned eleven All NBA Honors throughout his career, proving his prowess and relevance over the years.

Going back to the golden topic, Chris Paul has stood at 6 feet 0 inches tall for the entirety of his basketball career. His flat 6 feet height indicates that height has nothing to do with your potential. It means that he has guarded several towering point guards, yet he made them intimidated one way or another.

As per the recent reports about him, Chris Paul’s height has changed over the years. However, neither he nor the NBA has yet to affirm or debunk the claim by releasing an official statement. The remarkable thing is he is still one of the NBA’s most dominant players in his generation, no matter how tall he is.

How Tall is Chris Paul

Taller players are generally more dominant on the court because they owe it to their size and length advantage. However, Chris Paul seemed to defy these stereotypes and remained beyond par with his counterparts during his career.

It means that height has no effect on his ability to play basketball as long as he is equipped with advanced fundamental skills. Chris Paul is not short, but compared to other guards, he is a bit lesser in height. However, he can compensate by choosing the most strategic positioning on the court.

Chris Paul's Height in High SchoolChris Paul’s Height in High School

Similar to other basketball players, Chris Paul was naturally inclined to sports for excelling at different sports in their pre-professional years, like high school. Paul used to play basketball and football during his high school years but decided to take the path he is currently working in.

Now, how tall is Chris Paul really in high school?

Unlike other players, Chris Paul had a rough start due to his shorter physique than his counterparts. He only stood five feet and a bit over in his first year. Although not specified and confirmed, it would be difficult for people this short to establish a name in the industry because taller players seem to have advantages.

However, Chris Paul managed to clinch his highly coveted dream of becoming a professional basketball player—all because of his growth spurts and innate basketball talent. It is safe to say that Chris Paul is a basketball prodigy!

True enough, he stood precisely six feet by the time he graduated from Wake Forest University and even became one of the top prospective collegiate athletes to join the NBA in the entire country. Only a few years later, he was drafted in 2005 as the fourth pick by New Orleans Hornet.

Over his rookie years, he showcased fiery performances and unwavering defensive skills. Due to his undeniable prowess that made him stand out among the newbies in his time, he was unanimously chosen by the league as the Rookie of the Year.

Chris Paul's Height in High School

Chris Paul may only stand 5 feet in high school, but he has proven that his height was not the issue. His humble beginnings made him the player that he is today. Fortunately, his growth spurt bolstered his innate basketball talent and helped him land a spot in the NBA.

What is Chris Paul's Vertical JumpWhat is Chris Paul’s Vertical Jump?

Since Chris Paul took the spotlight on his career, a lot of basketball enthusiasts keep asking these questions: how tall is Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns? Or how tall is Chris Paul’s dad? If you are curious about them, you are indeed interested to know the height of Chris Paul’s vertical jump.

Vertical jump height is essential data that most NBA fans look at because it can measure the ability of an athlete to perform complicated routines like dunking. Although Chris Paul is known for his point guarding skills, he also has recorded a decent number of vertical jumps.

Chris Paul is so good at his craft that most people often forget he has other talents. When drafted into the NBA in 2015, he impulsively recorded a staggering 38 and a half inches of a vertical jump.

Even though he is not gifted with towering height, Chris Paul is an excellent player. Most people nowadays would not consider him a high-riser, but it made a big headline back in the day. Perhaps he would dominate the entire court if only he were given the gift of height.

How Tall is Chris Paul Compared to Other Point GuardsHow Tall is Chris Paul Compared to Other Point Guards

Chris Paul has been active in the industry for years, which means that he has guarded few stars in the entire span of his career. What’s more exciting is that he has been a member of the NBA for nearly a decade. What is Chris Paul's Vertical Jump

During that time, he has established himself as one of the best point guards in the league. Now, comparing him to other point guards from different generations would be thrilling to see how tall or short he is.

Other point guards, for example, are approaching or surpassing six feet and over. Chris Paul is a bit underwhelming in height compared to other famous and star players who take the point guard position. However, he still managed to go beyond the expectations for shorter players.

Chris Paul’s height is exactly six feet, which is relatively shorter compared to his counterparts like Stephen Curry, who stands six and three inches tall. Another top point guard from the new generation is Ben Simmons, which has a towering height of six feet and ten inches.

However, he found a counterpart at par with his height in the person of Kyle Lowry, with a height of six feet and one inch. Although they are far taller than Paul, he never fails to perform his role effectively in every game he participates in. It only proves his passion, dedication, and talent for basketball.

Wrapping Things Up: How Tall is Chris Paul? Has it Changed?

Chris Paul is undoubtedly one of the most significant point guards in the entire NBA history. However, he is not gifted with towering height compared to his counterparts. Throughout his career, his stature has come under scrutiny, with some questioning whether or not it still gives him a disadvantage. But is it a disadvantage? 

Let’s answer this question first: how tall is Chris Paul? He stands six feet, which is way shorter than the point guards. Statistics have proven that he manages to be at par with them, so it is no problem. However, is it a disadvantage?

If you are like Chris Paul, who has a shorter physique, do not lose hope, for height has nothing to do with your talent. Keep dribbling the ball and ace every match!

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