How Many Rings Does JaVale McGee Have?

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JaVale McGee is listed among the explosive players on the NBA roster, giving him the way to multiple NBA Championships. He managed to record several championships in two different teams throughout his career. Recently, basketball fans have become curious about how many rings does JaVale McGee have.

Questions about Javale McGee’s stats and rings are addressed in this blog. You will be able to comprehend all there is to know about the 2017–2020 NBA Champion, from reading about JaVale’s incredible career highlights to discovering his championship rings! Keep reading to grow your interest in this NBA star.

Who is JaVale McGeeWho is JaVale McGee?

Choosing the right teammates is one of the most significant factors that will help you win any basketball game. Luckily, JaVale McGee’s finals appearances were during the highest heights of the Golden State Warriors and LeBron-led Los Angeles Lakers.

Before anything else, who is JaVale McGee? JaVale McGee is one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history and made a debut after the 2008 NBA draft as the 7th overall pick of the Washington Wizards.

Throughout his career, JaVale McGee has played 12 seasons in the NBA and recorded three championship rings—even better than Kevin Durant with 2 out of 14 seasons. Recently, two NBA teams made this accolade happen, the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers.

According to his ESPN profile, he has scored over 6,530 points during his career. He has been a part of several successful teams, including the Denver Nuggets, Washington Wizards, Philadelphia 76ers, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Phoenix Suns. 

He averages 8.0 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 0.4 assists in his career, which is quite underwhelming for someone who has bagged three championships. Some of his recent highlights include winning an NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors in 2017 and 2018 and another one with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020

JaVale is a versatile player who can score in various ways, making him a valuable secondary player to any team he has been added to. Hence, the past twelve seasons he has had were spent on numerous players who wish to work with him.

Does JaVale McGee Have a RingDoes JaVale McGee Have a Ring?

Considering that JaVale McGee has spent his NBA stint in various teams, it is no surprise that he has recorded championship wins. Now, how many NBA rings does JaVale McGee have? How many teams has JaVale McGee played for?

Out of the twelve seasons he has invested in the NBA league, JaVale McGee grabbed three championship rings to his bag. Although his stats are underwhelming, the most important thing is that he can find a perfect team that complements his play style.

These three rings prove that McGee could secure these championship awards through determination and perfect timing. He consecutively won the NBA finals in 2017 and 2018 with the help of the Golden States Warriors. Additionally, his timing of being traded to the Los Angles Lakers was perfect because it happened when LeBron James signed a deal with the team.

The short answer to the question above is yes. JaVale McGee has three rings so far. NBA enthusiasts are looking forward to seeing him lead a team he works with in the future. He might be a volcano waiting to erupt.

What Teams Did JaVale McGee Win a Ring WithWhat Teams Did JaVale McGee Win a Ring With?

JaVale McGee made numerous appearances in the previous decade in the NBA Finals. He even managed to secure three NBA rings with the help of the teams he had worked with to achieve these accolades.

What Teams Did JaVale McGee Win a Ring WithIf you are not yet aware, McGee made these momentous successes with the help of two different teams. In the 2017 NBA Finals, he first clinched his first-ever championship ring as a player for the Golden State Warriors. Fortunately, he added one more ring with the same team in the succeeding year. Lastly, he made another ring after he got drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020.

The in-depth discussion of his contributions to these teams is illustrated in the sections below; check them out!

2017 (GSW)

The Cleveland Cavaliers were defeated by the Golden State Warriors 1-4 in the 2017 NBA Finals. He became one of the accomplices to this success by averaging 2.8 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 0.8 assists in four out of 5 games.

The game ended with Kevin Durant receiving the Finals MVP award. Little did JaVale McGee know that this was the start of his consecutive season appearances in the NBA championships. Although he only contributed a few points, it still contributed to the success of the GSW.

2018 (GSW)

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors contested another championship round after just one season. It means that JaVale McGee had another chance to shoot a shot and show his basketball prowess toward another ring. 

With predetermined game plans, GSW won the title against the Cleveland Cavaliers with a score of 4-0 during the season. His finals stats have improved to almost triple-folds this time, in which he averaged 8.0 points, 2.3 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks.

2020 (Lakers)

Instead of playing against LeBron James, he is a part of the LeBron-led Los Angeles Lakers this season—funny how the tables have turned. At the beginning of the new decade, JaVale McGee made a fresh start by winning his third NBA championship ring.

According to his ESPN profile, he averaged lower than his previous finals stats, with only 5.4 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 0.9 blocks. Even so, he still became a part of the success that the team enjoyed; small or significant contributions do not matter.

JaVale McGee NBA Career HighlightsJaVale McGee NBA Career Highlights

Javale McGee had numerous personal highlights in his entire NBA stint that cemented his stance in the league. Check out the points below if you are curious about some of his career highlights.

  • JaVale McGee’s Career Record-High Efficiency

Few people forecasted JaVale McGee to fall from the highest highs of his reign after being traded to the Phoenix Suns. However, he even recorded 65.7% shooting from the field, which Chris Paul heavily assisted. He may be headed toward another finals appearance in the future seasons.

  • GSW Rings

JaVale McGee marked his highest high during his time with the Golden State Warriors. Although he recorded underwhelming stats for someone who has appeared three times in the NBA finals, it was one of the best he has ever recorded throughout his career.

  • Lakers Ring

After battling against LeBron James in the previous seasons, the two found each other in the same roster and even made a momentous finals victory. After his third win, McGee bolstered his name in the industry and got enthusiasts tuning in to his next steps.

Wrapping Things Up: How Many Rings Does JaVale McGee Have?

Since NBA rings are a big deal among the player and even the fans yourselves, most of you ask this question: how many rings does JaVale Mcgee have? The answer is three rings. He won two championships with the GSW and once with the LA Lakers.

You might wonder what he is up to after his reign in these two teams. He is currently under the Phoenix Suns, which also gives him opportunities to shine. If you want to know more about him, keep tuning in to his next moves. You will never regret tracking his growth, for he may become one of the greatest players in the future.

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