How Many Businesses Does Stephen Curry Own?

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Aside from Steph Curry’s multimillion-dollar contract with the Golden State Warriors, he earns monies from endorsements and investments. His diversified portfolio boosted Stephen Curry’s net worth to $160 million, and is considered to be the second richest NBA player in 2022, next to LeBron James.

Name any NBA accolade, and Curry has it under his belt. The only missing award in his trophy chest is an Olympic gold he can pursue in 2024 in Paris, France.

Check out this material to know how the Baby-Faced Assassin invested his millions and secured his and his family’s future. 

What Makes Stephen Curry So FamousWhat Makes Stephen Curry So Famous?

Steph Curry’s looks are deceiving; he’s not called the Baby-Faced Assassin for anything.  Behind that wholesome personality is a deadly athlete on the basketball court. Curry’s fan base reached unexpected heights because of his rare qualities on and off the court. There are various reasons why Curry achieved this level of fame.

Exciting Player

He’s the most exciting player in the current NBA. Crowds of fans watch the Golden State Warriors play against any team if Step Curry is playing.

Curry doesn’t rest on his laurels and finds ways to improve his game, from shooting and ball handling to assisting. His 1000 shooting practice evolved into a crazy shooting drill. Curry will release the ball from different spots on the court, and the shot will count only if the ball swooshes the net without touching any part of the rim.

You’ll often see Curry release the ball, turn his back, look at the crowd, and the ball goes in.


Curry is a follower of Jesus Christ and acknowledges the Lord in little ways when he steps on the court. He’ll strike his closed fist on his chest and point his fingers upward when a shot goes in. Curry treats after-game interviews as an avenue to express his gratitude to Christ whether they win or lose.

Wonderful Family

Curry and his wife, Ayesha, are a loving couple who enjoy fun and make the most of life. Curry is often seen at Ayesha’s cook show, and they’ve been making a lot of videos together seen on social media.

His lovely daughter Riley answered questions during Curry’s press conference. Her cuteness caught the public’s eye. It got to the point that the media were asking Riley questions instead of the game that had just occurred.

Curry’s father, Dell, taught him the ropes of the game. His parents watch every Curry game. Curry’s brother Seth drops by Ayesha’s cooking show.


With all his NBA accolades, you will never hear Curry boast about his accomplishments. A victory will be credited to his teammates, coach, and Jesus Christ. Curry was the same person when he wore the basketball jersey of the Golden State Warriors in 2009.

Curry never trash-talks his opponents; he lets his game do the talking.

A Team Player

With Curry’s stature, he could shoot or pass the ball anytime he wanted. But he’s not that type of player; his team comes first. Curry trusts his teammates and feeds them for open looks. However, the coach designs a play for him when the game is on the line.

You can’t blame the coach; Curry is a pure shooter with a 70.1 shooting percentage in the NBA season 2022-23. That means every shot, whether a 2- or a 3-pointer, Curry release will likely go in. It’s not about the volume of shots but the accuracy.

How Did Stephen Curry Become Involved in BusinessHow Did Stephen Curry Become Involved in Business?

Bryant Barr and Curry were former roommates and teammates during their college days at Davidson. The twosome took different paths after graduation. 

Curry joined the Golden State Warriors team in 2009 to begin an illustrious basketball career. Barr sought employment and pursued an MBA degree at Stanford University.

In 2015, fate made their paths meet. Barr noticed a decline in Curry’s social media activities after reaching a certain level of followers. Curry listened and got interested, and soon enough, Slyce was launched. Barr was the CEO, with Curry as a co-founder of the company.

The platform acts as a middleman between the fans and the athlete. The idea is to review the messages and pick the best content to match the post. Athletes get a chance to discuss anything under the sun outside from basketball.

Curry represents today’s athletes getting involved in decision-making regarding their investments. Curry drops by the office to share his thoughts and welcomes new hires with a personalized video clip.

What Businesses Does Stephen Curry OwnWhat Businesses Does Stephen Curry Own?

A basketeer’s popularity is short-lived, and many NBA players earning tons of money during their heydays became paupers during retirement without investing wisely. Curry invested in a diverse portfolio securing his family’s future when he retires his jersey.


Curry supported the brainchild of his college buddy Bryant Barr as a co-founder of Slyce in 2016. The venture had a startup capital of over $1 million.

Athletes and celebs can build an online presence by bridging the gap with fans. Slyce will go through messages on social media and pick out the best ones. Personalities can prepare narratives to answer questions outside of their profession.

Athletes are superstars on the court, but they are ordinary people after a game who want a normal conversation – Slyce gives them that.


Curry is one the significant stockholders in the tech firm CoachUp, according to the company’s president Jordan Fliegel. The company was founded in 2012, linking athletes with private coaches to improve performance.

Unanimous Media

A fitting name for a guy who won the NBA’s 2021-22 MVP unanimously. In 2018 Unanimous Media was launched by Steph Curry with producer/director Erick Peyton. All 11 panelists voted for Curry.

The venture includes Sony Pictures Entertainment as a partner producing digital content around faith-based, family, and sports-oriented topics. Marginalized filmmakers, creators, and writers can show their talent.


In 2018, Curry was among the financiers who raised $37 million for TSM, one of the most prominent players in the esports industry. The organization was valued at $410 million in 2020.


Curry ventured into the travel industry by investing in the $21.2 million Series A funding of SnapTravel. Yash Patel, representing Telstra Corporation, invested in SnapTravel and introduced Curry to complete the company’s funding round in 2018.

SnapTravel uses social media platforms to book excellent hotel deals for customers. The company has customers in over 150 countries and generated over $50 million in sales in 2018, up by 450% from 2017.


If you’re tired of big phones, follow Curry’s lead and switch to a smaller device called Palm. The small but mighty device fits in a coin pocket and has most of the features that your smartphone has.

Besides providing capital, Curry is the company’s creative strategic director, providing advice. And as Palm’s advertising face, Curry provides promotional value worth millions of dollars.


Curry invested in Oxigen, a beverage enhanced with oxygen, in 2020, along with Kevin Love from the Cleveland Cavaliers team and country artist Brett Eldredge. Together they invested $15 million in the Series B funding of the company.


In 2020, Curry entered the fitness industry via Tonal along with teammate Klay Thompson, Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gay, LA Clippers’ Paul George, tennis player Serena Williams, LPGA’s Michelle Wie, Vikings’ Kyle Rudolph, and Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner.

The Tonal workout system uses electromagnetic resistance to provide up to 200 pounds of resistance. The demand for the products increased during the post-pandemic since gyms were closed and people must exercise at home. 

3 Stephen Curry's Endorsements3 Stephen Curry’s Endorsements

Curry’s 4-year extension contract with the Golden State Warriors is worth $215 million. For season 2022-23, he’ll be paid $48 million with incremental changes every year, which is raised to $59.6 million in season 2025-26. On top of that, Stephen Curry’s endorsements earned him millions of dollars promoting the following brands.

1. Under Armour

Curry’s long-standing partnership with Under Armour started in 2015 with an initial deal of $4 million. Following the superstar’s string of successes, the company extended the contract to 2024 with an undisclosed amount.

2. Callaway Golf

The Callaway Golf-Steph Curry partnership went underway in 2019. The duo’s goal was to reach the needy youth who don’t have access to the sport.

3. Rakuten

In 2019 Rakuten collaborated with Curry to be their global brand ambassador. As their ambassador, Curry will promote the brand through appearances and marketing publicity.

Wrapping Things Up: How Many Businesses Does Stephen Curry Own?

Stephen Curry is one of the superstars in the NBA, earning millions of dollars in contracts, endorsements, and business deals. How many businesses does Stephen Curry own?

Curry is an example of a businessman who puts his eggs in many baskets. So far, he has 14 investments; the latest is in TWRW Sports on October 18, 2022.

Curry invested his monies wisely, worth billions when he hung up his jersey.

If you’re interested in learning Stephen Curry‘s story, check out this basketball biography book.

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