What is a 3-Way Bet in Basketball?

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Are you looking to make an extra income betting sports? Are you attempting to learn about different basketball betting rules?  If either of these is true, then you have come to the right place. 

This article focuses on what is a 3-way bet in basketball.  Three-way betting is common and one of the simplest ways to bet. It is utilized in an abundance of sports and can be a great introduction to sports betting.  There are several advantages to 3-way bets, and we will give you some of them in this article.  

All you have to do to get the information you are seeking is to keep betting.  You will never have to wonder what a three-way bet is again. Happy betting!

What Does a 3-Way Bet MeanWhat Does a 3-Way Bet Mean?

A 3-way bet allows a better to place a bet on an event, in this case, basketball, with three possible outcomes.  These outcomes can be a draw between the teams; team one wins or team two wins.  These are also the three wagering options.  The main difference in this bet type is the addition of the draw wager when comparing a traditional two-way bet. 

The odds are great when utilizing three-way bets as there are now two ways to lose instead of one. Three-way bets are being used in sports where a draw is always a possibility.  Therefore sports like hocket, soccer, and even basketball are all eligible for three-way bets.  One significant difference in basketball bets is that the winner must be determined within the regulation play and does not include what happens within overtime. Betting on a tie essentially means that you are betting that the game will go into overtime.  However, unlike the NBA, in the FIBA, some games can end in a draw.

What Does a 3-Way Bet Mean

In this type of betting, the winning team gets 2 points, the losing team gets zero points, and if a game results in a draw, both teams get one point. 

A 3-way bet offers an excellent chance of winning and is suitable for professional betters and beginners.  Individuals have a 35% chance of emerging victorious from a win.  Depending on where you are placing your bets, it is likely that the odds will be higher for a draw as it is the riskiest bet of all.  

There are several advantages to making a three-way bet.  These include the following:

  • It is easy to understand and simple to implement.  It doesn’t take a significant learning curve to know how to make a three-way bet, and just as quick as you decide to make one, the bet can be made.  
  • You can make more than one bet at a time.  Often, individuals will have multiple sports betting accounts on different platforms.  This allows you to place the same bet with the possibility of different outcomes.  This puts the basketball betting odds in your favor. 

What are Examples of 3-Way Bet in BasketballWhat are Examples of 3-Way Bet in Basketball?

In a standard three-way bet, you will have three odds, shown below. 

Los Angeles Lakers +275
Miami Heat  -140
Tie +340


Using the example above, the tie is the most unlikely outcome, and the Miami Heat is favored. Being that basketball does not naturally tie, all bets are shot in overtime.    

How to Place a 3-Ways Bet in BasketballHow to Place a 3-Ways Bet in Basketball?

There are several ways to begin to place your three-way bet and several services that will allow you to do so.  To get started, all you need to do is create an account with one of your favorite sports betting sites or apps. It is important to remember that different states have different rules concerning betting.  Your state will also restrict the apps which you can use based on your home state.  Due to this, it is essential to pay attention to these when signing up for the website.  Several sites and apps will allow you to place 3-way bets in basketball and several other sports.  Some of these sites and services include the following options:

How to Place a 3-Ways Bet in Basketball

  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • Points Bet
  • Betrivers
  • Unibet
  • FanDuel 

These are only a few options; however, there may be several others depending on your state. Many of these sites contain sign-on bonuses, live betting, and even the mobile app. 

After you have chosen the best option for you, you must enter all of your information correctly and accurately.  Using dummy data or incorrect information may result in you not adding or removing funds from your betting account. Before withdrawing any funds from the account, you will need to validate your identity.  Once you have successfully signed up for the site, you will need to fund your account.  This means adding money to use to place your bet.  Once your account is fully funded, you are ready to place your first bet. 

Your bets can also be made in person; however, when making bets in person, make sure that you tell the cashier clearly and accurately what you are attempting to do to ensure your bet is correct. However, you will confirm before handing over your funds. If you do bet in person, you will likely need to come back to the establishment to pick up the winnings if you do win.   

What are Some Important Basketball Stats for BettingWhat are Some Important Basketball Stats for Betting?

There are several stats in basketball that you should consider when looking to place basketball bets. Instead, they are three-way bets or a different type. Knowing the information to look for and the team’s statistics will help you place the best bets. The following statistics are excellent to know when placing basketball bets. 

These statistics are vital because they will be a great determining factor in what sways your bets.  Some individuals will place a bet based on all luck and still receive a big payout at the night’s end.  However, this is not the case for everyone. Some players rely on statistical information to help them make decisions, especially when you are betting on teams you may not be as familiar with.

What are Some Important Basketball Stats for Betting

Efficiency Statistics:  This is a basic statistic utilized in basketball.  These stats include defensive and offensive ratings. These take a measure of how many points a team scores or allow another team to score per every 100 possessions.  These statistics use 100 as that was the average number of possessions for each game. 

Turnover Percentage: Turnover percentage will include offensive and defensive turnover rates.  Many sports betters feel that the offensive turnover percentage often indicates which team will win the game. Though this is not certain, it helps determine the winner. To get this number, you would need to divide the number of offensive turnover by the number of possessions.  This would give you the percentage.

The same can be done to find the defensive turnover rate.   When looking at the defense rate, it is important to remember that the higher the number, the better the team. 

Field Goal Percentage – One important stat is the field goal percentage.  This can be taken for two- and three-point shots, though most fans focus on three. Which each of these rates, you will also want to track the number of attempted shots for two-point and three-point shots. 

Possessions per game – This number may not directly correlate to the winner of the game being played, but it may help your game predictions in the future. The average number of possessions will help you understand a team’s speed of gameplay.  

Assist to Turnover Ratio – Teams that are able to handle the ball effectively and not be careless with the turnovers have a higher chance of being the winner of the game.  This is one stat that many say is invaluable when looking to be on a team.  In theory, winning teams never have high turnover rates.

On/Off Split – It is crucial to understand how a team behaves even when their “star player” isn’t there. If there are injuries, they still must have the ability to dominate on the court.  Solid teams will still be able to play hard even when missing a star. This split measures the defensive and offensive efficiency of a team when a player is in regular gameplay or if, for any reason, they are out. This stat helps individuals understand the impact of a player when they are missing. 

What to Consider When Betting in BasketballWhat to Consider When Betting in Basketball? 

There are several things that you should take into account when placing sports bets.  Not just statistically but historically as well.  Several beginner betters may start the basketball season by simply picking which team feels better to them or picking a team because of their favorite player, but that is a great way to lose large amounts of money.  Though your statistical analysis won’t help you every time, especially when teams are evenly matched, it will give you an edge up. 

If you know a team has a heavy turnover rate, their amount of made shots per game is low, and they have a small average possession, chances are this team may not be the winner.  However, that all depends on their opponent.  If you don’t know anything about this low-scoring team, and they go against an NBA favorite, and you choose the lesser team, you are betting on sheer luck.

The information in this section will help others understand things that they should consider.  Use these tips when making your bets to go from beginner to professional in no time. 

  • Many individuals who make bets often will pick a team who has dominated in three out of five specific categories.  These five categories include fouls, turnovers, free throws, field goals, and even rebounds.  Though this is not a concrete indicator that a team will win, it is very likely.  
  • Use a team’s schedule to your advantage. The schedule will also help you understand where major fatigue points will come in and impact gameplay. It is likely that if teams are not getting a break or have played several games in a short span, they won’t be at their optimal performance levels. 
  • Home games are a special animal.  No team wants to lose on their own turf.  If a team is at home, they will likely push harder to come out victorious, especially if they are underdogs. 
  • Learn your betting terminology.  It’s nothing worse than going to place a bet and not even knowing how to place it.  Knowing your sport also increases your likelihood of winning.

Wrapping Things Up: What is a 3-Way Bet in Basketball?

We hope you’re not still wondering what a three-way bet is.  A 3-way bet is a bet that has three odds. That is the most significant difference from a standard two-way bet.  In this option, either team could win, or there could be a tie.  This is a standard bet in several sports outside of basketball, even hockey. 

You should be able to grab your phone, sign up on a betting service and start raking in cash.  Take your time and learn the basics before making the big bets but don’t be afraid to take risks. 

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