Popular NBA Players Born in May

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May is right in the middle of spring, a fitting representation of the Greek goddess Maia, who supposedly took good care of plants. But does it have enough representation in the NBA, in the past and present? This article answers that question. Here is a comprehensive list of popular NBA players born in May.

What Month are Most NBA Players BornWhat Month are Most NBA Players Born?

February is the least common birth month worldwide, but it is among the top of the list in the NBA. February is only the second-most typical birth month in the NBA after March. The months with the highest representation of drafted NBA players compared to the general population are clearly February and March, while December has the lowest.

What Basketball Players Were Born in the Month of MayWhat Basketball Players Were Born in the Month of May?

Active NBA Players Who Were Born in May

  • Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns (May 6, 1985)

CP is easily the most accomplished current NBA player born in May. In his 16th NBA season, Paul already has 10 All-NBA selections, 12 All-Star nods, and is a perennial member of the All-defensive teams. The only thing missing from Paul’s resume is a championship ring, and his legacy will be viewed differently.

  • Carmelo Anthony, Los Angeles Lakers (May 29, 1984)

Unlike CP3, who is still an All-Star caliber player, Anthony is a shell of his former self. He’s still pretty good as a shooter and scorer off the bench, but that’s it. Don’t let it distract you from the fact that he is a 10-time All-Star and a five-time All-NBA member.

  • Paul George, Los Angeles Clippers (May 2, 1990)

What Basketball Players Were Born in the Month of May

One of the most dynamic two-way players you’ll ever see, PG13 has always been a pleasure to watch. He has missed most of the season because of an injury, but he’ll have a chance to lead the Clippers in the playoffs again. George is a seven-time All-Star, six-time All-NBA, and selected to four-time All-Defensive teams.

  • Kemba Walker, New York Knicks (May 8, 1990)

Walker was a pretty good player in his own right. He made four All-Star teams and averaged over 20 points for five straight seasons. However, the main criticism is his defense, and he has been in and out of Tim Thibodeau’s rotation because of that.

  • Domantas Sabonis, Sacramento Kings (May 3, 1996)

Domas is a walking double-double and one of those players who had an old-school approach to the game. He is an excellent post player, a tireless rebounder, and a solid passer. He has already made two All-Star teams and averages 18 and 12 every night.

Other current popular NBA players born in May:

  • Goran Dragic, Brooklyn Nets (May 6, 1986)
  • Victor Oladipo, Miami Heat (May 4, 1992)
  • Jonas Valanciunas, New Orleans Pelicans (May 6, 1992)
  • PJ Tucker, Miami Heat (May 5, 1985)
  • Clint Caela, Atlanta Hawks (May 18, 1994)
  • Dorian Finney-Smith, Dallas Mavericks (May 4, 1993)
  • Frank Jackson, Detroit Pistons (May 4, 1988)
  • Kevin Porter, Jr., Houston Rockets (May 4, 2000)
  • Isaiah Hartenstein, Los Angeles Clippers (May 5, 1998)
  • Garrett Temple, New Orleans Pelicans (May 8, 1986)
  • Nemanja Bjelica, Golden State Warriors (May 9, 1988)
  • Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, Atlanta Hawks (May 9, 1995)
  • Tyus Jones, Memphis Grizzlies ( May 10, 1996)
  • Mo Harkless, Sacramento Kings (May 11, 1993)
  • Mo Bamba, Orlando Magic (May 12, 1998)
  • Terence Davis, Sacramento Kings (May 16, 1997)
  • Raul Neto, Washington Wizards (May 19, 1992)
  • Lauri Markkanen, Cleveland Cavaliers (May 22, 1997)
  • Jaxson Hayes, New Orleans Pelicans (May 23, 2000)
  • Norman Powell, Portland Trail Blazers (May 25, 1993)
  • Willy Hernangomez, New Orleans Pelicans (May 27, 1994)
  • De’Anthony Melton, Memphis Grizzlies (May 28, 1998)
  • Stanley Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers (May 29, 1996)
  • Markelle Fultz, Orlando Magic (May 29, 1998)
  • Jeremy Lamb, Sacramento Kings (May 30, 1992)
  • Harrison Barnes, Sacramento Kings (May 30, 1992)

Retired NBA Players Who Were Born in May

Retired NBA Players Who Were Born in May

  • Jerry West (May 28, 1928)

West may not be among the most popular NBA players born in May for this generation, but he was the prototype of today’s whooting guards. He made All-NBA twelve times and was a 14-time All-Star. To put into perspective how good Jerry West is, he averaged 29 points in his career. That includes six seasons of averaging at least 30 and one year dropping 40 a night.

  • Kevin Garnett (May 19, 1976)

“The Big Ticket” was a big ball of boundless energy, and boy was he infectious! Garnett probably had all accolades under his name– league MVP, All-Star, All-NBA, and a champion. If you have played fantasy basketball, he’s literally the guy you target on the draft because he can do it all. KG averaged 24.2 points, 13.9 rebounds, five assists, 1.5 steals, and 2.2 blocks in his MVP season back in 2004.

  • Dennis Rodman (May 13, 1961)

For what it’s worth, Rodman is living proof that you can become one of the most recognizable names for doing one great basketball skill and a hell of a personality. Rodman may be the most terrific rebounder ever, once averaging 18.7 rebounds in his heyday. He was a two-time NBA All-Star and a two-time DPOY while making eight All-Defensive teams.

  • Tony Parker (May 17, 1982)

Parker is often underrated as a point guard, possibly because he had Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. In any case, that shouldn’t be held against him. He was remarkable in his won right. Parker won Finals MVP in 2007, bagged four championships, and made the All-Star team six times.

  • Joe Dumars (May 24, 1963)

Dumars was the softspoken Bad Boy Piston, but make no mistake about it, he is still an assassin. Joe was one of the first players who consistently hit threes, which he shot 38% for his career. Over his career, Dumars compiled quite a record– two-time champion, Finals MVP, six-time All-Star, and five All-Defensive teams.

  • Tracy McGrady (May 24, 1979)

The knock on T-Mac was the lack of deep playoff runs and injuries. Outside of that, he was inarguably one of the best pure scorers the NBA has seen. He can score in his sleep, handle the ball with ease, and create. McGrady is a seven-time All-Star selection and made the All-NBA team seven times.

  • Shawn Marion (May 7, 1978)

Make fun of his shooting form all you want, the guy was the precursor to the modern power forward. He can rebound with the best of them, run the floor like a gazelle, and score when needed. At his best, Marion was a fantasy darling and did different things on the court so well. These resulted in four All-Star appearances and two third-team All-NBA nods.

Other retired popular NBA players born in May:

  • Jamaal Wilkes (May 2, 1953)
  • Jack Twyman (May 11, 1934)
  • Dolph Schayes (May 19, 1928)
  • Bill Sharman (May 25, 1926)

What Do NBA Players Do on Their BirthdaysWhat Do NBA Players Do on Their Birthdays?

1. Tony Parker

Back in 2022 when he was turning 38, Parker made a big splash to celebrate it. The Frenchman made a 49-foot jump to a pool that would sure scare the hell out of everybody, The best thing about it was that the whole pad is actually owned by Parker.

2. Kevin Garnett

NBA players can celebrate any way they want off the court, but also doing something remarkable on the court on their big day, that’s pretty insane. That’s precisely what KG did in Game 7 of the NBA playoffs, no less, on his birthday in 2004. Garnett compiled 32 points, 21 rebounds, five blocks, four steals, and two dimes to advance Minnesota to the  Western Conference Finals.

3. Dennis Rodman

We are all reminded to never judge a book by its cover, but if anyone is going to look around and guess who can throw one hell of a party, the fingers are surely pointing towards the rainbow-haired guy. Here are three Dennis Rodman birthday party stories that involved smacking somebody, making it rain money, and everything in between.

Wrapping Things Up: Popular NBA Players Born in May

If we compare the most popular NBA players born in May currently and from the past, there is no doubt that the latter completely trumps the former. There would be no HOF shoo-ins outside of Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony for the current crop. On the other hand, the May babies’ retired NBA players are stacked! Good luck beating Jerry West, Tony Parker, Dennis Rodman, Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady, and Joe Dumars.

Want to know when your favorite NBA players are celebrating their birthdays? We have created a list of all the birthdays of the most popular players in the league. Check them out below:

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