3 Longest Shots in the NBA History

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Fans often see Steph Curry make spectacular three-point shots beyond the arc. But the longest 3-point shot in NBA history is owned by Baron Davis from the Charlotte Hornets.

You’ll be surprised who holds the farthest shot in basketball – he’s not an NBA player.

Read on for more information to add to your basketball-tionary.

What is the Farthest Shot in BasketballWhat is the Farthest Shot in Basketball?

Louisiana coach Joshua Walker made the farthest shot in basketball history in July 2022. The successful heave covered 113 feet and 6 inches (34.6 m), surpassing the record from Elan Buller by a foot back in 2014. The standard length of a basketball court is 91.9 feet (28 m), indicating that Joshua’s shot was  21 feet, 7 inches (6.6 m) behind the end line.

Having made an impossible shot, Walker got ambitious and tried breaking other records on the same day.

Behind-the-back basketball shot

Shooting behind the back is even more challenging if you’re going for a record for the longest shot in this position. Walker considered this a difficult shot to manage. The force comes from the arm, and the wrist movement controls the power and direction of the ball.

The shot required multiple tries hoping that one accidentally goes in. And when it did, Walker’s shot covered 46 feet (14.6 m) better than Harlem Globetrotters’ Rock “Wham” Williamson at 45 feet, 6 inches (13.9 m).

Hook shot

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s patented hook shot was near the rim, while Walker’s version is farthest from the rim. It was all or nothing for Walker’s last attempt, and when he released the ball, he shouted, “that’s in.”

And Walker was right. The ball hit the bottom of the net 80 feet (24.4 m) from his spot, again besting Wham’s record of 74 feet, 10 inches (22.8 m) for the farthest hook shot.

Bounce shot

A bounce shot is a trick shot, you bounce the ball once, and the ball must go in afterward. It’s hard to make a shot at a short distance, and it’s more challenging to achieve if the ball is thrown from afar.

After numerous tries, Joshua’s shots failed to hit the mark. He asked a friend to stand on the spot where he wanted the ball to bounce and aimed there.

Eventually, Joshua made the shot 95 feet (29 m) away, knocking the record of Globetrotters’ Corey “Thunder” Law at 93 feet, 9 inches (28.6 m).

Backward shot

Your back is against the hoop, and the ball is thrown backward and should go into the ring. To break the record, Walker must make a shot farther than Globetrotters “Thunder” Law’s 82 feet, 2 inches (25 m).

Walker asks his mom’s assistance by standing behind him in the bleachers to get the proper direction and angle. He broke the world record with 84 feet (25.6 m).

Before these feats, Walker entered the Guinness World Record with the farthest basketball shot while sitting on the court on January 22, 2022. His best of 64 feet, 3 inches (19.6 m) was better than Law’s record at 58 feet, 9 inches (17.9 m).

All Joshua Walker’s accomplishments are listed in the Guinness World Records (GWR).

NBA Top 3 Longest Shots of All TimeNBA Top 3 Longest Shots of All Time

Nowadays, three-point shots in the NBA are typical but making shots behind the half-court line is rare. This shot is made if time runs out or as a last resort to score.

The percentage of missing in this range is more likely than making it. But there were long shots that dropped. Here are the three longest shots in NBA history.

1. Baron Davis – 2001

 The longest bomb was detonated by Baron Davis, wearing the Charlotte Hornets jersey, against the Milwaukee Bucks. The historic heave covered 89 feet (27.1 m), about a few feet from the end line of a standard basketball court at 91.9 feet (28 m).

The event happened with 0.7 seconds remaining in the third quarter. It was a catch-and-throw situation. Players usually take a dribble or two to get a rhythm before they take a shot, but Davis didn’t have that luxury.

2. Norm van Lier – 1977

Before Davis, the longest shot in the NBA was owned by Norm Van Lier. Van Lier made an impossible 84-foot shot against the San Antonio Spurs for the Chicago Bulls.

Although the effort fell short by five feet, it stayed in the record books for a long time. And it took 24 years before it broke.

3. Lebron James – 2007

The story would only be complete with King James in the cast. Long shots don’t need finesse but brute strength to heave the ball from the backcourt.

The Cavaliers made an impressive run to the Finals in 2007 but Lost to the San Antonio Spurs (0-4). This season, King James made an 83-foot prayer shot against the Celtics that was replied to with a whoosh from the net. He is a powerful player today, even more so during his heydays.

Time was down to one second in the third quarter. King James received the ball from the end line, dribbled the ball once, and threw the ball with two hands.

2 Longest Buzzer Beater Shots Attempts in NBA2 Longest Buzzer Beater Shots Attempts in NBA

NBA pro players provide the most fantastic show of athleticism on the court. But pales in comparison to a buzzer-beater when a player makes a shot with no more time on the clock and wins the game for his team.

These memories linger in the hearts and minds of fans. Here are the two longest buzzer beater in NBA history.

Devonte Grahm – 2021

It was a crazy game between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Oklahoma City Thunder on December 15, 2021. 

The time was down to 4.5 seconds, with the Thunder behind by three (107-110). Shai Gilgeous-Alexander received an inbound pass, dribbled, and released an off-balance shot beyond the arc to tie the count at 110-110.

In the ensuing play, the ball was inbounded to Graham with 1.4 seconds remaining, and he heaved a 61-footer that gave the Pelicans the win (113-110).

Chris Wayne Jackson – 1992

Nuggets’ Chris Wayne Jackson (aka Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf) gained possession after a block by teammate Dikembe Mutombo. The time was under three seconds; Jackson took a couple of dribbles and released the ball from 55 feet out.

The ball hit the backboard and went in for a 123-120 win by the struggling Nuggets against the Clippers.

Wrapping Things Up: 3 Longest Shots in NBA History

The NBA is one of the most significant sports leagues showcasing the best basketball talents in the world. Fans love the exciting plays and never forget the longest shots in NBA history.

But we should also recognize people outside the NBA who made their contribution to the sport we love, like Joshua Walker, who made the longest shot in basketball history.

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