How to Install a Basketball Net in 5 Easy Steps

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Professional and amateur leagues like the NBA and the NCAA require a basketball net to make the game official. A net completes a basketball system. Sure, it’s not needed, but the game is classified as pick-up or fun matches without the net. Besides, the swishing sound when the ball hits the bottom of the net is like music to your ears. The sound makes the game much more exciting and fun to play.

Learn how to install a basketball net with this material we prepared.

Why Do Basketball Hoops Have NetsWhy Do Basketball Hoops Have Nets?

One of the key features of a basketball system is hanging nets sticking out on the hoops. Seldom will you see rims without nets; parks or public spaces may have just rings. A hanging net on the hoop is vital for several reasons.

Confirm a Shot

A player shooting the ball on a hoop without a net can argue whether the ball went through the net or missed a shot. A ball swishing the net stays around the hoop before dropping down. The ball and the net action make it easier to spot if points should be awarded for a shot made at close range or from jump shots. You can quickly identify a missed score.

Swishing Sound

When the ball goes through the rim and hits the bottom of the net, there is a captivating sound. The swishing sound makes the sports exciting. The sound motivates the shooter to do repeats, and the opposing team clamps down on defense to make life hard for the shooter to do repetitions.

Easy Aiming

The dangling net creates a target for the shooter to spot. The visibility is important for spotters who shoot from afar; it’s easier to miss the mark when the hoop is without a net.

Aesthetic Reasons

Why Do Basketball Hoops Have Nets

The net more visually attracts the basketball system than a rim without one. In most cases, the color of the net is white, there are other single colors like blue, green, and red, and there are multi-colored nets.

Stops the Basketball

A rim without a net doesn’t stop the ball rotation, leaving the ball free to wander in any direction, wasting time and energy in ball retrieval.

A net sets the ball dead on its tracks rendering it motionless, and drops at the bottom of the net. The opposing team can easily retrieve the ball, saving time and a fastbreak opportunity from a quick inbound pass.

Things You Will Need When Installing a Basketball NetThings You Will Need When Installing a Basketball Net

Tools you’ll need to install your basketball net:

1. Ladder.

2. A scissor if you’re using a nylon or polyester net and a plier to tighten the rim coils of a chain net.

3. If your basketball rim has no hooks, just holes, use a rope to mount the loops. 

4. A helper if the rim has no hooks. Pulling a rope with the loops on the holes and across the rim is tricky.

How to Install a Basketball Net on a Hoop 5 StepsHow to Install a Basketball Net on a Hoop: 5 Steps

A net is a part of the basketball system; without the net, the setup is not official, and matches are usually pick-up or fun games. Without a net, you’ll never see a tournament sanctioned by professional or amateur leagues.

That said, these five steps will help you how to install a basketball net on your rim with hooks.

Step 1: Position the ladder in an area under the hoop where you can work comfortably.  Secure the feet of the ladder to avoid tipping.

How to Install a Basketball Net on a Hoop 5 Steps

Step 2: Pull the loops of the old net from the hooks of the rim. Use scissors to cut the loops if these are tight. Clean the hooks, and no loop strands should be left.

Step 3: It’s time to install the new net; the larger diameter of the net goes to the hooks. Grab a loop and pull it through the hook of the rim. Drag the loop down to spread the tail end across the hook coil. Do the same procedure to the remaining loops.

Step 4: Once all 12 loops are mounted, pull the bottom of the net. The action secures the tail end of the loops to the rim coils and removes any folds.

Step 5: Tidy up your work area, return the ladder, and it’s time to show your game.

How to Install a Chain Basketball NetHow to Install a Chain Basketball Net

The most popular basketball nets are made from nylon and polyester, and polyester is the choice of professional leagues like the NBA. When it comes to outdoor play, nothing beats a chain basketball net. They outlast and outperform their counterparts and fit any type of rims. You don’t have to be an expert in installing basketball chain nets; with these easy steps, you’re good to go with your game in minutes.

Step 1: A chain net has 12 loops to be mounted on an 18 inches (46 cm) diameter hoop.  The larger diameter of the net will be attached to the hooks of the rim.

Step 2: Position the ladder beneath the rim and slide a loop on the hook. Carry on with the process until all loops are mounted on the hoop’s hooks. Use your plier to tighten the rim coils to avoid slippage of the loops.

Step 3: Make some practice shots to check if the net is well in place.

How to Install a Basketball Net Without Hook

How to Install a Basketball Net Without HookHow to Install a Basketball Net Without Hook

You might want to take some practice shots, but the net needs a replacement. Fret not; with these steps, you’ll know how to install a basketball net on a hoop without hooks, just holes.

Step 1: Secure a step ladder, a scissor, a new net, and a helper for some menial tasks. Position the ladder under the hoop where you can work comfortably; be sure both feet are securely implanted on the surface to avoid wobble. Ask your helper to hold the ladder to prevent tipping.

Step 2: Climb the ladder and find a place where you are stable and relaxed. Ask your helper to hand the scissors to get rid of the old net; cut each loop from the rim holes and remove the remaining parts, don’t leave any strands on the holes.

Step 3:Once the hoop is empty, ask your helper to pass the new net. The larger diameter of the net will be mounted on the hoop, and the shorter diameter at the bottom. There are three ways to fix the new net to the ring:

Knot method

Pull a loop through the inner part of the hoop, then pull it down at the outer part of the rim. Wrap the loop around itself, and free some space to pull the loop across.

Thread method

Moving around the hoop, pass a rope across the hole and the long ends of the rope simultaneously. You might need help with this activity to fully thread the hoop holes and net loops in and out of the rim. 

Cut and tie method

Cut the ends of the net’s longer part and insert them in holes. Tie the ends of the net, be sure it’s tight so it won’t unlock. We did not use the tape method since the adhesiveness wears quickly in outdoor conditions leaving portions of your net detached from the rim.

Step 4: Cut excess ropes and loop nets and pull the net downwards to stretch it. Clean as you go.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Install a Basketball Net in 5 Easy Steps

Over time, the basketball net wears out and needs replacement. It’s your call whether to replace the old net with heavy-duty ones or colorful nets to add appeal to your hoop.

Fun Fact:

The NBA uses a white net made of polyester with polypropylene for extra strength. It has an anti-whipping feature to prevent the net from lashing on the rim—the net measures 15 inches to 18 inches in length with a top diameter of 18 inches.

Saying hello to your new net is easy if you know how to replace a basketball net, and there are various types of nets on the market to make your hoop stand out.

Ever wonder why basketball hoops have a net? Read it here.

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