How to Get Better at Basketball: Tips & Drills

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It is natural for us to want to know how to get better at basketball. After all, this is the sport that we all love and enjoy. Every basketball player should want to improve their skills so that they can compete at a higher level at one point or another in their lives. 

Basketball is one of the most competitive sports globally, and basketball players are one of the most competitive sets of athletes in the world. This article is geared towards providing you with details to help you become a better basketball player on both offense and defense. We also have lots of basketball tips for beginners.

What Should You Do to Get Better at BasketballWhat Should You Do to Get Better at Basketball?

There are many aspects of basketball to work on. Because there are many aspects of basketball, there are many different things that can be done to improve your overall basketball skills. Let’s take a look at different aspects that the game can be broken down into and how you can work on improving each of these aspects individually or as a group.


When we say agility, we are not talking about your speed. Agility has a lot to do with a person’s ability to change direction quickly without losing momentum. In basketball, some of the most productive players on offense and defense are players that can change their direction without losing the momentum of the motion.

There are  that players can perform to improve their agility with and without the ball. If you can improve your agility, you get one step closer to improving your overall game.


Speed in basketball can be further broken down into different groups such as speed without the ball and speed with the ball. Players should aim to improve the speed that they play with because the faster you are, the faster the game’s pace can be.

You are a liability to your team if you are not as fast as the players you are on the court with. Improving one’s speeds can significantly improve one’s game.

Reading the game on offense

Often times you hear commentators or basketball analysts mention that some players are exceptional at reading the game on offense, and because of this they are excellent passers. Players like Steve Nash, LeBron James, Lonzo Ball, and Rajon Rondo are recent players that have been said to be exceptional readers of the game.
These players are able to read the game because of different factors such as their height, their involvement in other sports, and because they are not only players but they are also students of the game.

Reading the game on defense

Being able to read the game on defense is not as common as it is for the offense. It may not be as easy either. Reading the game has a lot to do with anticipating your opponent’s next move or next two moves while at the same time thinking of good counter moves of your own.

Players that are able to read the game properly on defense are assets to their team because they can help on the weak side or come up with blocks and steals. Reading the game on defense will help you know when to shoot the passing lane or when to bring a double team.


You may be asking, how can you improve chemistry if chemistry is a team thing and not an individual thing. Yes, chemistry has a lot to do with the team, but the individuals that make up the team need to put in the effort to work with each other for chemistry to form.
Chemistry does take time, and it does depend a lot on the players playing styles, but if the players are more committed to getting it done, the process is a lot smoother.

Offensive efficiency

Offensive efficiency

You can improve your offensive efficiency by working on smaller aspects of offenses such as shooting, passing, offensive rebounding, setting screens, and so on. If you practice different drills to improve yourself in these areas, then your offensive efficiency will become better, and you will be able to contribute more to your team.

If you are playing just for fun, you can work on improving your shooting, dribbling, and movements without the ball so that you can be a more significant offensive threat whenever you step on the court.

Defensive Efficiency

Defensive efficiency has a lot to do with effort. Frequently, players that are great at offense are not willing to show the same level of commitment on the floor’s defensive end. Defense does take a lot of energy, but so does offense.

It should not be put on the back burner. You can work on improving your strength and conditioning to guard other players easier. You should also work on your ability to communicate while on the basketball court so that the defense can be more cohesive.


A player’s endurance has a lot to do with their training routine. Some players cannot play extended minutes on the floor, so no matter how great they are when they’re on the floor, it does not matter because if they are not on the floor too often. You can work on improving your endurance by doing various exercises that are quite simple. Do not be lazy.

You should not find excuses as to why you can’t work on your endurance because it is crucial. Get up, workout, go jogging, pretty much do whatever it takes because, in the end, it will be in your best interest.

Physical conditioning

Your physical conditioning, primarily your strength and durability, is critical in basketball. Take LeBron James, for example. LeBron James has been in the NBA for longer than most current players, but he still looks fresh and ready to go.
He takes care of his health and he works out when he should. Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you.

Mental Conditioning

Your mental conditioning is almost as important as your physical conditioning. You need to be mentally tough. Some would say have the Mamba mentality or the Jordan killer instinct. We want to say is that if you are in a mental state to be competitive, no matter what, you have a better chance of improving your game and being successful whenever you touch the court.

Equipment selection

Selecting the right equipment for basketball is extremely important. When we say equipment, we are talking about protective gear and your socks and shoes. Try not to buy things just because they are famous or because they look good.

Different basketball shoes are built with different features that specifically cater to different types of players. For example, low-cut shoes may be tailored more towards smaller players that need to move a lot faster than big men while mid cuts and hightops shoes are more suited for players that play on the block more often than others.

The right equipment choice should be made based on your body type and your playing style. When you choose the right equipment for your game, it elevates the level at which you play and protects your current injuries and prevents you from getting more. Check out our basketball gear reviews here.

How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice BasketballHow Many Hours a Day Should You Practice Basketball?

How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice Basketball

This question is very tricky to answer. There is no set amount of time that one should give for practicing basketball. There are a few factors to consider when you think about the amount of time required to practice. Let’s take a look at some things that we need to consider before we determine how many hours we want the practice. 

One of the first things that we need to consider is the level that we are in terms of talent and skills in relation to the level at which we play and then compare that to the level we want to get to in terms of talent and skill. 

For example, if you are a varsity student just learning to play basketball, and you want to become a college athlete, your dedication to improving your skill levels should be way higher than a guy that has been playing at the community park for ten years and is only doing it for fun.

After you have decided where you are and where you want to get to, you can begin to chart the course to help you get there. After you’ve outlined the course, then you will now need to determine how many hours of your day you need to dedicate to accomplishing your training goals. 

Let’s take a look at the things that we need to consider when charting our course. We need to consider the types of training that we need to do, such as shooting drills, agility drills, dribbling drills, rebounding drills, defensive drills, and so on. 

We also need to think of the intensity at which these drills will be performed. After you figured all of this out, you should now think of the other priorities that we need to focus on, such as our jobs, school, family, or any other priorities. We now need to consider how we can incorporate our training into these daily activities. 

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they only need to dedicate hours out of their day for training, and then they will do the other things in their lives. We believe that the best way to improve your game to a high level is to incorporate basketball in most aspects of your life

If you go to school or work at a desk, some exercises can be performed while you are at your desk to improve your strength. During your downtime, when you are relaxing, if you used to watch movies or listen to music, you can replace them with basketball videos to learn while relaxing. 

You can also read or listen to books with useful information about basketball training so that you can learn during your downtime. There’s nothing wrong with dedicating hours out of your day to training as there are some aspects that you need to do in their own designated time, such as on-court practice.

With all that said, we are sure you can understand why each person will have a different amount of time that they can or should be practicing basketball. Analyze your life and then make a timetable so that you can improve your game on your own time.

How to Improve Your Basketball SkillsHow to Improve Your Basketball Skills?

Basketball Shooting Tips and Drills

Being able to shoot the basketball is one of the most coveted skills in the game. The fact of the matter is, if you can’t score, you can’t win. Basketball is not a game that can end in a draw. There are only winners and losers, and you must be able to score for you to win.

Being able to shoot the ball requires a lot of training, and there are many different types of drills and activities that can be done to improve your shooting skills. Players that show more dedication to their craft are normally players that are able to shoot the ball better.

Yes, you do have some players that are naturally able to shoot the ball, but still require practice to become a high-level score. Multiple types of shorts can be performed in basketball, so there are multiple types of drills for players to use the practice. Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you if you would like to know how to get better at basketball shooting.

1. Work on your hand-eye coordination

Being able to knock down shots effectively, relies on your ability to coordinate your hands with where your eyes are looking.

2. Work on your arm muscles

The stronger you are, the easier it will be for you to shoot the ball with ease.

3. Work on your on the spot jump

The higher you jump when you are shooting the ball makes it harder for your shot to be blocked.

Here is a YouTube video what’s lots of different basketball tips for shooting.

Basketball Dribbling Tips and Drills

Being able to dribble a basketball has become an important element in every player’s game regardless of the position you are asked to play. The most effective teams over the last decade are teams with multiple players that can handle the ball and control the team’s offense.
Let’s take a look at the Golden State championship team. Golden State had at least four players in their starting lineup that could control the ball and control the flow of the game.

Here are a few tips that can help you if you would like to know how to get better at basketball dribbling.

1. Practice
This may seem like a given and not really a tip. It is, it really is. Many players expect that they will improve their dribbling over time by playing every day with their friends, but it does not work like this. Just like every other aspect of the game, you must practice your craft to improve at it.

2. Improve your arm strength

Your arms are the most critical parts of your body when it comes on to dribbling the basketball. Over time throughout games, your arms will lose their strength, and the better conditioned your arms are, you will be able to control the ball for a longer period.

This video is one that has lots of drills that can help you to work on improving your dribbling.

Basketball Passing Tips and Drills

Being able to pass the basketball from any position is very important. Normally guards and wing players are the focal points of practice when it comes on to passing. However, all five positions on the court or all five players on the court should be able to pass the ball.

There is only one basketball on the court, and basketball is a team game. It cannot work if the team cannot pass. here are some tips to help you with your passing.

1. Learn to look.
Do not practice just to pass the ball because you see your teammate at a particular position. Remember that a solid cannot pass through a solid and if your opponent’s reach for the ball, it can be intercepted. Make sure that you look to see a clear passing lane before you attempt to pass.

2. Learn to read the game.
Basketball is a very dynamic game. All the pieces on the court move all the time. Anticipate where your teammates will be, when they will be there to determine when and how to make the pass.

Learn everything you need to know about the types of passing in basketball here.

This video has many passing drills that are quite helpful for any player. Work on these drills so that you can improve your passing skills.

Basketball Rebounding Tips and Drills

Rebounding is a crucial element in any basketball game. Over 80% of the time, the team that rebounds the most in a game will win. Rebounding comes naturally to some players, while other players can improve the skill through practice and hard work.
Rebounding has a lot to do with a player’s willingness to exert effort in this area. Here are some tips to help you with your rebounding.

1. A lot of rebounding has to do with anticipation

You can measure the ball’s trajectory with a quick glimpse at the ball, and your knowledge of the rim’s location can help you determine the general area in which the ball will rebound. After you anticipate where the ball will go, make efforts to get there and position yourself before your opponent.

2. Work on your overall strength

Rebounding is an aspect of basketball that requires a lot of contact and strength. If you are stronger than your opponent, you can efficiently box them out and overpower them to get a rebound.

3. Rebounding has a lot to do with the positioning.

Whenever a shot is taken, always try to get between your opponent and the rim and then push them back. This gives you the best position from which to grab any possible rebounds from a shot.

Here is a video that shows you how to rebound efficiently. Remember to practice rebounding on your own or with your teammates to contribute more to your team.

Basketball Assist Tips and Drills

Dishing out dimes is and as never been very popular as it relates to highlights in basketball. This is a shame because teams with the most assist in a game win basketball games over 90% of the time. Yes, we know James Harden blah blah blah.

James Harden is an exception to the rule, and I’m sure you can agree this type of basketball leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Getting assists intertwine with being able to pass the ball, so work on your passing. Here are a few tips to help you with increasing your assistant.

1. Make good passes.

Passing the ball is one thing, but making passes that can be converted into baskets is another. Make sure that your teammates get the ball in their shot pockets where they feel comfortable making shots or passing the ball for a layup make sure you pass it where they are teammates can catch it properly to finish.

2. Learn how to break down the defense.
Work on your dribbling skills to break down defenders and dish out those dimes appropriately.

Here is a video from YouTube that can help you with improving your assist total. Work on these drills, and you will notice your game elevating.

Basketball Defense Tips and Drills

Defense is 50% of basketball. Defense is a broad category under which many smaller categories fall. Being able to defend properly as an individual contributes to the holistic defense of your team.

Many players stand out in the NBA as defenders such as Patrick Beverley, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Rudy Gobert, Javale McGee, and so on. These players have made a name for themselves on the defensive end of the court over the years.
You can follow these tips if you would like to know how to get better at basketball defense.

1. Effort

Remember to give the same amount of effort or more as you do on offense to the defensive cause. If you can stop your opponents from scoring, that makes your job to win the game a lot easier.

2. Talk

Remember that you cannot see everything on the court, and neither can your teammates. Let them know what you can see, and they should let you know what they can see so that the team can move as a unit and not just individuals running around. The team that defends as a team is a lot more difficult to beat than a team that defends as individuals.

3. Run back.
Do not try to cherry-pick.Get back to the defensive zone so that you can contribute. If you are not there then you cannot help.

Basketball Offense Tips and Drills

Offense is the other 50% of basketball. Some may say it is the most important 50% of the game. You must win basketball games, or you lose. There is no midway. If you want to be a winner, you need to execute on offense. Being able to execute on offense starts in training.
Pay attention to what your coaches say work on your craft, and you will be a better offensive player. Follow these steps to improve your offensive game as an individual.

1. Do not take your natural abilities for granted, practice. Remember to practice so that you can improve on the things that you are good at and get better at the things you aren’t. Even though you may be good at something, remember you can always become great.

2.  Watch Tapes. 
Basketball is not a new sport, so many of the things that you do are not new. There are tapes available for many of the greatest that have ever played the game. Take advantage of this. Watch tapes so that you can improve the moves you have learned and learn new ones that you did not know.

Here is a video that you can use to work on expanding your offensive repertoire.

3 Ways to Get Better at Basketball3 Ways to Get Better at Basketball

1. Watch videos and read books.

Watching videos and reading books about basketball drills and moves can help you to learn new moves and show you how to improve the ones you already have. 

2. Work on your physical conditioning.

Basketball is a very physical sport, so the stronger, faster, and more agile you are than the better you will be. To become stronger, faster and more agile, you must work on your physical conditioning by exercising and eating properly.

3, Practice.
Remember that with practice comes improvement. Practice as much as you can and as intense as you can so that your skills can develop.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Get Better at Basketball

To become better at basketball, remember that you do not know everything, listen to your coaches and practice new skills to continuously develop. If you want to become better at basketball, remember to dedicate time and effort to doing exercises to improve basketball skills. Until next time ballers, keep practicing, keep growing, and keep getting better!

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