How to Become a Basketball Manager

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Basketball has cemented itself as a globally popular sport, and its fame has risen to the mainstream. Due to its highly competitive and skillful nature, the sport has attracted enthusiasts across all cultural and professional backgrounds.

Not all basketball fans draw affinity to playing in the league, but some aspire to become a basketball manager, as it presents a unique opportunity. The road to becoming a highly acclaimed basketball manager is rough but attainable.

In this article, we will delve into the crucial steps of how to be a basketball manager; start your quest to attain excellence in the field.

What Does a Basketball Manager DoWhat Does a Basketball Manager Do?

The basketball team manager’s job description centers on the administration and operation of a basketball team. Their general role is to oversee the team’s daily activities on and off the court—from recruitment, budget management, contract signing, negotiations, etc.

Most of all, they are crucial elements of a basketball coaching staff that develop and implement strategic frameworks to improve the team’s performance. Now that you are stoked check out some of the basketball team manager responsibilities below.

  • Basketball managers are responsible for player development.

Among the significant roles of a basketball manager in a team involves player development. Basketball managers effectively evaluate players as to which aspect they need to improve as a team and as players.

Therefore, the manager closely works with the coaching staff to provide physical and mental training and makes strategies to improve the holistic health of a player in preparation for an upcoming game.

  • Basketball managers maintain a positive team culture.

Another angle that professional and college basketball managers look into is team dynamics. It means that they impose training and team-building activities. Hence, it improves team trust and cooperation, which are vital in winning a basketball match. 

Therefore, basketball managers ensure a supportive and inclusive environment by promoting teamwork and resolving internal conflicts that may affect the team’s wellness.

  • Basketball managers monitor player conduct.

Another crucial role of a basketball manager is to ensure that every player on the team abides by the rules and regulations imposed by basketball governing bodies. It means they are closely monitoring the activities of every player.

This role includes keeping an eye on player conduct, such as ensuring members comply with the drug testing protocols. Most of all, they keep abreast of the rules of the games—-especially if there are changes in rules.

Overall, the basketball team manager’s responsibilities include administration and coaching. They work closely to support every member and do monumental jobs for the team. They encompass jobs on and off the court, which makes them critical elements in every basketball team.

How to Become a Basketball ManagerHow to Become a Basketball Manager

The general manager basketball job description needs a combination of skills and experience. Like any other job, you need to prove that you are the best-fit individual to handle the team (on and off the court).

Aside from the abovementioned general standards, you must also have a strong work ethic and network. It would help if you championed work ethics because doing this job would take most of your time. Hence, having a network of people who can vouch for your skills and ethics will be beneficial.


This job needs both experience and education. Since a lot of basketball enthusiasts want to enter this field, it is justifiable for teams to require these qualifications. Check out the detailed qualifications below.

  • Education

Acquiring a bachelor’s degree in sports management, business administration, or a related field is vital in applying for a sports manager position. Having diplomas in these programs will ensure you embody the knowledge and skills to thrive in this highly competitive sport. 

Also, you may opt for a graduate degree to be more competent and knowledgeable. This program deepens your understanding of the complexities of sports management. Hence, you will have a theoretical baseline in doing your profession.

  • Experience

Experience is the best teacher, as they said. Acquiring an empirical undertaking in the field is a plus. You may start by being a student volunteer, assistant coach, or any related field. In this case, you will learn a deeper understanding and an avenue to apply your theoretical knowledge.

Your experience will prove that you have exposure to real-world scenarios, thus making you more competent. Aldo, having experience means you may have acquired new knowledge from seasoned professionals. Hence, it makes you a better option among the pack since you are expected to succeed in the industry.

Furthermore, these experiences prove that you are committed to the sports industry. Plus, it can also mean that you are willing to gain a breadth of experience. These qualities will work in your favor from an employer’s point of view.


Aside from hard skills, you must also embody a few essential characteristics in leading a team. Check out the qualities that employers look for in a basketball team manager.

  • Communication Skills

Effective communication is a vital characteristic that will lead you to success as a basketball manager. It helps you build good relationships with the coaching staff and the players.

Communication skills entail providing clear athletic strategies and receiving input from the member. As a basketball manager, one must be able to communicate expectations, provide feedback, and negotiate with a wide range of individuals, making exceptional communication skills an essential aspect of success in this field.

  • Strategic Thinking

If you wish to become a basketball manager, you need to be able to execute strategic plans and make informed decisions. Hence, you need to have a detailed framework with the data from the training and respond to the dividing factors for team and player improvement.

Therefore, you are expected to develop and implement plans to maximize available resources. Moreover, the ability to make sound decisions in a fast-paced environment is essential, as decisions made by the manager can significantly impact the team’s success.

  • Basketball Knowledge

A comprehensive understanding of the sport of basketball, including its rules and regulations, is a fundamental component to succeed as a basketball manager. 

It means you have to stay updated with the rules and regulations changes. Most of all, you need in-depth knowledge of the game, including strategies and techniques.

How Much Do Basketball Managers Make on AverageHow Much Do Basketball Managers Make on Average?

According to ZipRecruiter, a basketball manager’s salary reaches almost 57,000 USD annually. A basketball manager makes 27 USD an hour on average, which translates to more than 1000 USD weekly and 4,700 USD monthly.

If you think about it, their job is highly demanding. Depending on the league they work in, they sometimes earn a little less. That’s why it is essential to compensate them equivalent to their effort.

Nonetheless, the figures above are just the average. It means that some of them are earning way beyond the average.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Become a Basketball Manager

Like basketball managers, a basketball team will never succeed without people working off the court. How to be a basketball manager? The answer is education, experience, and skills.

You need to pursue a program that will elevate your understanding of the basketball basics, especially in sports management. But do not worry because you can start gaining experience as early as now because you will reap this in the future. 

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