Can You Bring a Basketball to an NBA Game?

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You’re going to watch a Laker game, and you’re seated next to the tunnel. An autographed basketball from LeBron is a terrific addition to your memorabilia collection.

But, can you bring a basketball to an NBA game?

The NBA prohibits fans from bringing inflatable balls, balloons, and frisbee to the games, including a basketball. Selling basketball items is one way arenas generate revenues, and a fan with a basketball wouldn’t buy one, thus affecting sales.

There are other reasons why fans are not allowed to bring a basketball into an NBA game. Let’s find out in this article.

Can You Take a Basketball Into an NBA GameCan You Take a Basketball Into an NBA Game?

Fans may not bring a basketball to a game, even if it’s deflated. It’s among the NBA’s prohibited items. You might be good at hiding items, but security personnel are strict about this rule and might make you feel uneasy while watching the game.

If you brought one, you have these options:

  • Leave the basketball with guest services and retrieve it afterwards.
  • Go back to your car and and leave it there.
  • Find a store with a baggage counter, get a claim stub, and be sure that it closes after the end of the NBA game.
  • Hide the basketball in a secluded place, and hope that it’s still there when you get back.

Why Bringing a Basketball to an NBA Game is Not AllowedWhy Bringing a Basketball to an NBA Game is Not Allowed?

Stadiums sell basketballs, and sales will be adversely affected if fans bring their own.

A basketball poses a security risk, and security personnel might not distinguish a harmless from a dangerous one. Malefactors may concoct some mischievous ideas that may put attendees in harm’s way.

It’s hard to control the crowd during tense situations in the game. Tempers run high, and the fans get out of control. Rolling or throwing the ball on the court interferes with the game, and there might be a game stoppage.

Unexpected basketball action outside the court distracts NBA players’ focus, and they might commit miscues that alter the result of the game. Even though NBA players are athletic guys, they might suffer injuries when they are accidentally hit by the ball or trip on it.

Stadiums are built for a secure and pleasurable viewing experience. It was not designed to accommodate fans playing basketball like they are in a recreational area. Lobbies will be overcrowded, and unnecessary noise from basketball thumps is annoying, impacting fans’ overall experience.

Further, stadiums have limited space. Accommodating large items like basketballs raises some serious concerns, such as storage facilities, overcrowding in entrance and exit gates, and hiring additional personnel.

The NBA organization is strict in implementing its rules. Players and game officials are required to follow the rules, and fans should too. Exceptions lead to confusion, and it’ll be difficult for security personnel to do their work properly.

Other Things That You Can't Bring to an NBA GameOther Things That You Can’t Bring to an NBA Game

The 2023-24 NBA season begins on October 24. Don’t bring these items to the NBA games.

  • Food and beverages brought in, except baby food.
  • Any weapons whatsoever.
  • Laptop computer.
  • Professional or commercial camera equipment.
  • Hard-sided bags (size varies depending on the game venue).
  • Printed advertising material (leaflet, handout, brochure, flyer, tract) and samples.
  • Recording equipment (audio and video).
  • Illegal substances (except prescription drugs).
  • Canned or bottled products.
  • Walky-talky.
  • Laser or flashlight.
  • Any form of pyrotechnics.
  • Any visual representation (posters, banners, signs) must have a maximum size of 11″ x 17″ and should not be attached to a hard object.
  • Display of profane language or symbols on banners or clothing.
  • Tools that start a fire, like lighters or matches.
  • Pets.
  • Noisemakers like horns, tooters, or drums. An exception is cowbells used in Dallas Mavericks or Sacramento Kings games.
  • Items with pointed ends like umbrellas and selfie sticks.
  • Drones.
  • Coolers.
  • Bicycles, scooters, skates, and helmets.
  • Backpacks, exceptions are media and baby packs that were screened by security.
  • Supporters not wearing shirts or shoes.
  • Other items considered by the stadium management to be a security risk.

What to Bring to an NBA GameWhat to Bring to an NBA Game?

Your favorite team is playing, and so is your NBA hero. Everything’s set for a wonderful evening with your family. Before you go, be sure that you have everything prepared to not spoil your evening.


No ticket, no entry, and no NBA game. Bring a valid ID, you might be young-looking, and sales personnel might require it for confirmation of your alcohol purchase.

If it’s an e-ticket, have your smartphone ready and keep the power bank handy just in case of a low battery.

Money and Charge Card

To save money, stuff yourself before you go. Food and drinks are pricey in the arena.

Even though you’re all filled up, the excitement in your surroundings expends all your energy, and you become hungry. Bring money and your cash card to fill your hungry tummy and quench your thirst. Also, you’ll need to pay for parking and purchases for your memorabilia collection.

Comfortable Outfit

The arena becomes hot from all the warm bodies around you and the heat of the game. A tee is a must to adapt to the arena’s fluctuating temperature, and comfy shoes for all the jumping and walking.

NBA games start during cold months. Your jacket must be within reach to keep you warm while looking for your car in the parking lot after the game ends.

Medical Kit

Include hand sanitizer and a face mask in your medical kit. Your blissful moments might be short-lived when you get hit by the COVID-19.

Enjoy the Moment

Let it all hang out, boo the referee when there’s a questionable call, put your hand in the mouth from an amazing play, and scream at the top of your voice if your team is ahead.

It’s the NBA, you’re supposed to have a good time, so enjoy the moment.

Wrapping Things Up: Can You Bring a Basketball to an NBA Game?

Included in the NBA prohibited items is a basketball that is brought to the game, even if it’s deflated.

The NBA is about business, and one of the ways arenas earn is by selling basketball items, including a basketball. A basketball can distract players’ concentration, resulting in errors that might change the complexion of the game.

Don’t attempt to bring a basketball to an NBA game, there is a consequence for breaking a rule.

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