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Do NBA Players Wear New Shoes Every Game

Do NBA Players Wear New Shoes Every Game?

According to the Denver Nuggets’ kit manager, NBA players wear 50 shoes in a regular season of 82 games or change shoes every 1.6 or 2 games. The level of play in the league is

How Tall is Devin Booker? Has It Changed?

During his first few seasons, Devin Booker was known as one of the most proficient scorers in his rookie class. Booker was a gem in an otherwise lackluster team. However, in March 2017, a 20-year-old

What is Jordan Kilganon's Vertical Leap

What is Jordan Kilganon’s Vertical Leap?

Seeing a player jump sky-high and finish with mid-air acrobatics will never get old. During the past years, dunking has become so entertaining to watch that it has become a new sport.  Enter the professional

7 NBA Players That are Actually Christian

7 NBA Players That are Actually Christian

A lavish lifestyle, expensive cars, and fabulous estates are some of the luxuries that players in the NBA embrace. But many Christian athletes have vocally professed their faith and their conviction in God. Follow us

The Top 8 WNBA Dunkers of All Time

The Top 8 WNBA Dunkers of All Time

Spectacular dunks bring in the fans. A dunker should have the physique and the athleticism to execute a throw-down. Although it is a high-percentage shot, it isn’t easy to make, but a crowd-pleaser. Dunks are

How High is Ja Morant's Vertical

How High is Ja Morant’s Vertical?

Ja Morant is keen on taking over the league, and he’s not that far away from making that happen. Not only does Morant make game-winning plays, he often does it with murderous intentions, thanks to

How Many Rings Does Ray Allen Have?

In the previous NBA seasons, many basketball stars have demonstrated that they are exceptional athletes, and even bagging several championship trophies seem effortless to them. You can tell otherwise because Ray Allen is living proof

5 Heaviest Players in the NBA History

5 Heaviest Players in the NBA History

Gone are the days when athletes are confined to specific standards, be it size or weight. The only certainty is that the NBA is not a place for frail athletes, for size is celebrated among

How Tall is Nikola Jokic_ Has it Changed

How Tall is Nikola Jokic? Has it Changed

Nikola Jokic’s height in cm is 211 (6’11”), and he plays center for the Denver Nuggets. The franchise did not expect much from the Serbian big man landing as the 41st pick in the 2014