Why Do Basketball Players Use Chalk?

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Basketball players use various tools to improve their basketball performance, and one of them is using chalk to enhance ball grip. But why do basketball players use chalk?

Chalk helps you maintain your hands dry, thus improving your ability to grip the ball. As a result, it allows you to have better control and precision—especially when shooting or passing the ball. Nonetheless, chalk can become a lubricant instead of an absorbent over time. So, it’s a double-sided sword.

Are you ready to improve your ball grip? Get your hands on some chalk and read the rest of the blog.

What are the Benefits of Chalks in BasketballWhat are the Benefits of Chalks in Basketball?

If you have ever wondered why NBA players put chalk on their hands, the simple answer is that it helps them improve their performance on the court. Most significantly, it gives them more confidence in maneuvering the ball.

There are a lot of benefits that basketball players can get when using chalk. Nonetheless, rumors are that it is only their pre-game ritual and holds no weight in their performance. Most people refuse to believe it since even legendary players like LeBron James do this. 

Why will they do such a thing if it is not giving any benefit? Check out the list below for chalk benefits and basketball grip powder.

  • Chalk Improves Grip

The first and direct benefit of using chalk is that it helps you maintain a better grip on the ball since it keeps your hands dry. Since basketball requires a lot of physical movements, players tend to sweat a lot and make the ball wet.

The good thing about using chalk is that it absorbs sweat, which gives you a better ball-handling ability. As a result, you will become more confident and perform better.

  • Chalk Enhances Ball Control

As expected, you will have better chances of controlling the ball if you can grip the ball excellently. Therefore, basketball chalk keeps your hands dry and improves shooting, dribbling, or passing. 

If you think about it, players like you have more accurate plays when you are confident with your grip. Overall, keeping your hands dry while playing basketball has a lasting impact on several aspects of your performance.

  • Chalk Reduces Turnovers

A turnover happens when you lose control of the ball and the opponent gains possession. If you have a better grip, it increases the likelihood of losing the ball by accident.

Therefore, it is a way to improve your offensive skills and also results in better basketball performance. 

  • Chalk Increases Confidence 

Having a better grip boosts your confidence to perform basketball moves since you have more control of the ball. The ego boost translates to better performance at some point. Hence, using chalk brings more promising than other people believe.

  • Chalk Improves Shooting Accuracy

Making a basket requires concentration, skills, and mastery. These factors are useless when you do not have an excellent ball grip. When you are confident with your ball handling, it allows you to feel more confident and improves your shooting accuracy.

As a result, it allows you to have better overall performance—in shooting, passing, dribbling, stealing, etc.

How Chalk is Used in BasketballHow Chalk is Used in Basketball?

Sweating is not new to players in a highly physical sport like basketball. These players hold the ball with sweaty hands, making it wet and difficult to grip. A powdery substance like chalk dries your hands.

Rubbing chalk on your hands dries the moisture and keeps your hands dry for a specific period. Therefore, it improves your ability to hold the ball accurately and have more confidence in shooting, passing, etc.

Basketball players use chalk by rubbing on their hands the perfect amount. Sometimes, they also put some chalk on the sole of their shoes to better grip the court surface. However, you should not put too much because it might affect the overall bounce of the ball.

Using chalk is not new to most players because it has been widely used since immemorial. Even other sports players use chalk and other powders to keep their hands dry to improve their performance.

While some players prefer to slide their hands into a pair of gloves, chalk remains a great option among players since it does not alter their senses. Hence, it is easier to use despite rubbing your hands with it a few times.

What Type of Chalk Do NBA Players UseWhat Type of Chalk Do NBA Players Use?

There are two types of chalk used in basketball: powdered and liquid chalk for basketball. While both types are equally effective, it depends on your preference for which one is more comfortable.

  • Powdered Chalk (Magnesium Carbonate)

Powdered chalks are made of magnesium carbonate and are commercially named gym chalk. This chalk type is also used in sports like weightlifting, gymnastics, and mountain climbing. It helps you grip the equipment better and more securely.

Magnesium carbonate contains no chemicals, an excellent option for tightening your group. It is an absorbent of moisture to keep your hands dry while playing on the court.

  • Liquid Chalk (Magnesium Carbonate with Alcohol)

Liquid chalk for basketball is made of magnesium carbonates and 40 to 80 percent alcohol, like methanol, isopropanol, and ethanol. Since alcohol evaporates quickly, it leaves a thin layer of chalk on your hands.

Then, this layer absorbs any form of moisture. In other words, it acts as an absorbent and is no different from powdered basketball chalk. It is an excellent way to improve your ball grip, thus improving your performance.

3 Best Grip Powders for Basketball3 Best Grip Powders for Basketball

A lot of grip powders are available on the market, making it difficult to decide which ones work best. Worry no more; we have listed the top three best basketball chalk.

This powder is rosin-based, guaranteeing a secure grip on the court. Although it can block up your pores, it enhances your grip without clogging up your skin.

Since rosin-based grip powders are perfect for hot conditions, it is ideal for demanding sports like basketball.

This is a lotion-based gripping solution. Hence, it does not feel uncomfortable on your hands, a perfect option for those who dislike having to keep on putting powder on your hands as it wears off over time.

Another type of chalk is in liquid form. This brand is known to be effective since the magnesium carbonate dries out quickly and perfectly. Hence, this does not make your hands messy compared to powdered ones.

Does Putting Chalk in Your Hand HelpDoes Putting Chalk in Your Hand Help?

Rumors have it that putting chalk does not help at all in keeping an excellent ball grip. However, even legendary players like LeBron James do it, so it might be helpful. Why would they use this if it does not work wonders?

LeBron James chalk toss is a famous pre-game ritual that fans look forward to seeing every game. He tosses chalk in the air, which sometimes gets to the score table and other parts of the court. Oh, to be chalked by the GOAT himself.


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Overall, putting chalk in your hands has been a great way among players, not just basketball, to keep their hands dry and better grip the types of equipment. Therefore, it is beneficial no matter how many people try to refuse this fact.

The magnesium carbonate component works as an absorbent to any form of moisture. It helps you keep your hands dry while playing. When your hands are dry, you have a better grip and a better performance as a result.

Wrapping Things Up: Why Do Basketball Players Use Chalk?

Putting chalk on hands is a common sight that fans observe every before the game. Why do players use chalk, then? The reason is that chalk absorbs moisture and keeps your hands dry. As a result, it improves your grip on the ball.

Nonetheless, relying too much on grip powders to have an excellent grip would be an impasse. So hit the gym and not powdered bottles! Everything still lies in your skills acquired through dedication and training.

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