What is a Bank Shot in Basketball?

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Are you looking for information on a basketball bank shot? Are you researching different types of shooting in basketball, and your search has landed you here? Whatever the reason, we are here to tell you precisely what a bank shot is.

If you’ve been doing your due diligence, then you know that there are several different types of shots in basketball. These can include shots like layups, dunks, free throws, and several others. A bank shot is simply another type of shot that is popular in the game of basketball.

We will give you information on what a bank shot is; we will also provide you with information on why it is even called a bank shot. All you have to do is keep reading to find all the information you need. 

Why is it Called a Bank Shot in BasketballWhy is it Called a Bank Shot in Basketball?

There are bank shots in several different sports, including pool, soccer, air hockey, and of course, basketball.  In basketball, a bank shot gets its name because it happens when the basketball is shot, and it bounces off the backboard first and does not hit the rim. This is also referred to as an “off the glass” shot. 

What Does a Bank Shot Mean in BasketballWhat Does a Bank Shot Mean in Basketball?

A bank shot is a very common shot for players to take and make as well. It is a shot that yields a high shooting percentage that many players are skilled at.  A bank shot in basketball happens when a player shoots a layup, bouncing off the backboard and into the hoop without hitting the rim first. 

How to Shoot a Bank Shot in Basketball_ 9 Basketball Bank Shot TipsHow to Shoot a Bank Shot in Basketball: 9 Basketball Bank Shot Tips

Now that you know what a bank shot is, you’re likely wondering how you shoot one. Well, we’ve got you covered for that too. The bank shot though a popular traditional shot, is often overlooked in modern gameplay.  Use these basketball bank shot tips listed below to help you get your game up and become one of the best bank shot shooters out there.

How to Shoot a Bank Shot in Basketball 9 Basketball Bank Shot Tips

1. Know your angles – To hit the perfect bank shot, you will need to know your angles, and no, we are not talking about your camera angles. The angle at which you throw the ball is essential for getting the perfect shot. The arch is everything. You need good angles to ensure the ball gets high enough but not too high.

2. Practice makes perfect – It’s important to remember that even the most skilled players must practice.  No matter how many times you think you have practiced, you can always practice one more. This helps you find your groove and gives you the ability to shoot on the fly rather wide open or being guarded.  Practicing at different speeds or under different circumstances allows you to practice being a great shooter. No matter the types of shooting in basketball, all of them require parking.

3. Aim Correct – One of the most important things you can do when performing a bank shot is perfect your aim. One of the most important places to aim is towards the top of the white box on the backboard. However, aiming too high may cause you to throw the ball over the backboard.

4. Soft-touch – Another essential for making the perfect basketball bank shot is having the right amount of finesse. If the ball comes hard off of the backboard, it can easily miss the basket.  If too much force is placed on the ball, the shot also has the potential to go too high or over the backboard.  Having a soft touch is essential to ensuring that the ball comes out of your hands with the perfect amount of force.

5. Find your Sweet Spot – Finding your sweet spot is essential to making the best bank shots.  This is where practice comes in. Ensuring that you are positioned correctly on the court while in motion or defending someone else is a great skill to have and can help you to make the most effective bank shots. Practicing in several different positions and while pivoting is a great tip for perfecting the bank shot.

6. Position on the court – Your position on the court is another essential piece of getting a good bank shot. For some, being on the sides of the basket is an excellent angle to have when taking a bank shot.

NBA Players Known for Using Bankshot Often

7. Your circumstances matter – You cannot expect to be in the same spot every time you are taking a shot.  Practice by yourself and with others to ensure that you are covering all your bases. This allows you to practice getting the perfect shot off no matter what is happening around you.

8. Watch the pros – If you are someone who learns more visually, take a look at the pros.  Take the time to study individuals who have mastered the bank shot and mimic their behaviors. Once you have the basics down, you can put your own finesse on it. Use the following section to take a look at individuals who have mastered the bank shot.

9. Use the backboard – One of the most important tips is to use the backboard to your advantage.  One of the most common shots is taken when the player aims at the dead center of the white square. This is a typical shot and, for some players, the easiest.

NBA Players Known for Using Bankshot OftenNBA Players Known for Using Bankshot Often

1. Kobe Bryant – Kobe Bryant is a timeless player and great athlete. If you search his name on the likes of Google or YouTube, you will likely find several videos of his infamous bank shots. Though the bank shot is not a flashy move, you will also see him winning games with the softest touch from a simple bank shot.  This was often a buzzer-beater move for him. Kobe was a player who practiced hard and took the basketball game very seriously, bank shots included.

2. Tim Duncan – Another infamous NBA bank shot shooter is Tim Duncan. If this is not your first article about bank shots, it’s likely that you have seen his name several times already.  His bank shot was his signature move and helped to make his career the legacy it is today. Surprisingly, Tim Duncan scored more than 1900 bank shots in his entire career. He is considered one of the best power forwards of all time. It took a simple move, and he made it his own. If you are looking for someone to study and mimic, this is the person for you.

3. Scottie Pippen – Scottie Pippen is known to some as the best bank shot shooter of all time. Any basketball player will likely agree that he perfected the bank shot. Though he may not have been a very strong long-range player, this was his moneymaker shot. Scottie is another player whose video reel you should take a look at.

4. Dwyane Wade – Second to Tim Duncan, Dwyane Wade also boasts some of the most bank shots in the NBA. If you watch any of his highlights, you will see a variety of circumstances pushing Wade to use the coveted shot. This includes buzzer-beaters, quick pivots, and even some of the most challenging bank shots.

5. Sam Jones – Sam Jones is a legendary player who played for the Boston Celtics.  He is known as the ‘master of the bank shot.’  Sam Jones’ bank shot is often talked about by players on a number of different teams, old and young.  In his prime, you would find Sam shooting around the key or either side of the basket. Though footage may not be as readily available online, it is always worth the view. 

All of these players are excellent players to study game highlights from.  They all would provide you with exceptional blueprints to use when making the perfect bank shots. They are extremely disciplined players who have made their love for bank shots known and used them time and time again. 

Wrapping Things Up: What is a Bank Shot in Basketball?

We hope this article has helped you to shine some light on what bank shots are. Bank shots or shots off the glass are made when a player shoots a layup off the backboard. This shot never touches the rim, but it is all net. 

This is a fundamental shot in the game of basketball and one that all players should master.  It is often a shot that is overlooked due to its simple nature.  However, players like Tim Duncan and the late Kobe Bryant showed their love for bank shots in their gameplay.  The bank shot was even Tim Duncan’s signature move. 

If you are ready to perfect your bank shot like some of your favorites, the tips below will help you level up your game. The bank shot is all about finesse and having the right touch.  It is not a shot centered around having the most power, the lighter the touch, the better.  However, one of the main keys to success remains the need to practice.

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