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How do you develop shooting skills while having fun at the same time? It’s easy. Why not incorporate shooting games into your practices? Basketball shooting games and fun basketball shooting drills are a great way to improve shooting skills while adding the elements of competition and enjoyment as they immerse in a dynamic situation. Let us look at some fun basketball drills, their benefits, and how to prepare before each game.

How Do You Make Basketball More FunHow Do You Make Basketball More Fun

Basketball is already a fun sport in itself, but if you’re serious about improving your skills, you may need to follow and do the drills that your coaches asked. Sometimes, these basketball drills can get boring and repetitive. So, what are some ways to always keep basketball fun? Here are some tips for young basketball players and coaches alike:

  • If you’re a coach, ask your players about the drills they love to do. Always try something new, and if a routine seems to be dull and ineffective, discard it and infuse new and exciting ones.
  • Commend the kids if they make improvements and always offer constructive criticism.
  • To raise the morale of the team, conclude practice with the most enjoyable and popular drill.
  • Coaches often stop practices when mistakes are made, but why not stop practice to applaud players because they did something right?
  • Can you include parents n the drills to add another level of excitement?
  • Make everything a contest: Who can dribble the longest with one hand? Who can dribble the longest with two balls? Who can make the most consecutive free throws?
  • Allow for enough repetitions and practice. Of course, not everyone has the same work ethic, but there is also fun in honing and mastering your craft. Capability and mastery are two different things, and the only way to master something is through practice and repetition.
  • Do fun basketball drills or basketball shooting games. There are many basketball games out there for kids of all ages, including Knock Out, Firing Squad, Sharks and Minnows, and others.How Do You Make Basketball More Fun

What are the Benefits of Shooting Games in BasketballWhat are the Benefits of Shooting Games in Basketball?

Playing basketball shooting games is a terrific way of teaching kids how to be an accurate shooter under pressure. You see, shooting alone or in the warmups and shooting with time pressure are two very different things. That’s why there is no doubt that incorporating shooting games in training is the best way to force players to shoot under pressure.

Of course, because you are still playing basketball, you will also get health benefits from shooting hoops. Shooting a basketball in a considerable period of time builds endurance, burns calories, improves balance and coordination, builds muscle, and develops concentration and self-discipline. Overall, it’s in the best interest of your cardiovascular health to play basketball, among other physical activities.

How to Prepare for Basketball Shooting Games

How to Prepare for Basketball Shooting Games

More often than not, basketball shooting games can be done with the most minimal of materials. There is no need for special pieces of equipment like cones, rebounding machines, and whatnot. It’s just you and your playmates, a hoop, and a basketball. Even so, the most basic principles on how to prepare for a basketball game still applies.

How is that? The preparation starts the night before. You need to take an ample amount of rest, eat healthy food, and hydrate. It’s very important to “dress for the occasion,” so to speak. A good pair of basketball shoes, a nice pair of socks, as well as shorts, and jerseys are needed to make you as comfortable as possible during a basketball shooting game. 

Last but not least, you need to warm up and stretch. The purpose is to get your muscles loose and warm to prevent injuries like muscle pulls. If the muscles are all warmed up before any physical activity, the chances of getting muscle aches and pains from exertion are lessened.

What are Some Fun Basketball Shooting Games to TryWhat are Some Fun Basketball Shooting Games to Try?

There are a lot of fun basketball shooting drills that you can do and play. There are also basketball games for two players and above and basketball games to play by yourself. Let’s take a look at some fun basketball shooting games for each of these broad categories.

Fun Basketball Shooting Games for Two Players and Above

Fun Basketball Shooting Games for Two Players and Above

1. Around the World

This is a basketball shooting game with pretty straightforward rules. The object of the game is to shoot different types of shots from predetermined areas on the floor. A player must first make a layup, then a shot between the basket and the charity stripe, a free throw, a 20-foot perimeter shot, a shot from the wing or elbow, a three-pointer, and a half-court shot.

Ideally, a player must make consecutive shots and then end with a layup. However, to make the game quicker, an alternative rule is to allow a player to remain to the spot where he last missed and continue from there. 

There are also other variations of Around the World. Firing Squad is one of those slight deviations and perhaps a couple more. One of those is a game called Firing Squad, where instead of taking turns, all players shoot simultaneously until each one has made a basket from the predetermined areas on the floor.Fun Basketball Shooting Games for Two Players and Above

2. Sharks and Minnows

Sharks hunt the minnows, right? 

In this game, players are assigned to be “sharks” and “minnows.” The “sharks” are positioned in the baseline while the minnows are starting in the half-court. The minnows should dribble from one baseline to the other without the ball stolen or poked away by the sharks. As soon as they dribble down the court, they can shoot from anywhere until it goes in.

Since the sharks have to defend, they must do so before the minnow successfully makes a shot. If the shark is able to steal or poke the ball away from the minnow, they switch places.

3. The Ray Allen Shooting Drill

The world has never seen a better shooter than Ray Allen, of course, until Steph Curry came along. This drill is copied from the pre-game shooting drill of the legendary shooting guard.

The procedure of the drill is simple. One player is assigned as the “shooter” and the other as the “defender.” The shooter shoots the first shot just underneath the rim (for example, on the left side) and then makes his way to five incremental positions up to the three-point line. Make sure that the defender is actively trying to block the shot.

After making the three-pointer, the shooter does the same on the other side. After completing the drill, the players change roles, and they may do so for as long as they’d like.

4. Knockout

Knockout is a fundamental and fun basketball shooting drill. It works, not only in honing a young player’s shot but also in his ballhandling.

For this game to proceed, the more players that you have, the better. Divide the team into two groups. The goal is to run from one baseline (or halfcourt line, depending on your players’ age) and back before attempting a shot at the basket. After a made shot, the next in line does the same until and repeat. The first team to thoroughly go through every player wins the game.Basketball Games to Play By Yourself

5. Red Light, Green Light

The “red light, green light” drill is useful because it will help players develop their shot from anywhere on the court. 

Again, the procedure is really simple. One player starts to dribble from the opposite baseline heading to the other baseline. He can dribble as slow or fast as he can. Whenever the team says “Red Light!” he has to stop and shoot the ball at his current position. 

If he does make the shot, the rest of the team has to shoot from that exact same spot. The last player to make the shot will start the process all over again.

Basketball Games to Play By Yourself

Basketball Games to Play By Yourself

1. Beat The Pro

For many who have played this game, Beat The Pro may probably be the best basketball shooting game that you can do alone. In this game, you are up against an imaginary opponent, the “pro,” if you will. Because misses hurt you more than your makes, this game teaches you to, well, be accurate on your shots. 

The game begins by shooting a free throw. You make it, you get one point; you miss, the imaginary pro gets three points. The next shots are jump shots from outside the free-throw lane. If you miss it,  the pro receives two points. Keep track of your score and the pro’s score and whoever reaches 21 wins the game.

2. The Mikan Drill

The Mikan Drill is named after the legendary George Mikan, the Hall of Famer considered to be the first dominant big man. This is an excellent way of developing your off-hand, mainly when finishing around the basket.

The drill is only 30 seconds long, which you can set in a timer. Alternate shooting left-handed layups on the left side of the basket and right-handed layups on the other side. Taake your own rebounds and continue shooting layups until the time expires. Keep track of the score and see if you can beat your personal best.

3. Five In A Row

The goal of the game is to move farther away from the basket by making five shots in a row at the same spot. Start six feet away from the basket, make five shots in a row, and move one step further.

4. Timed Shooting

This basketball game prepares you for game situations where you’d be so tired to even put up a shot. Start this game with 60 seconds on the timer. You may start ideally at the free-throw line or the three-point area. Shoot the ball from your spot, run, rebound, retrieve it back, and shoot from the same location.

You will notice that around the 40-second mark, you will experience the effects of all the running and rebounding. From there, you will start to focus on body mechanics to make sure your shots won’t fall short. Keep track of your score and repeat the drill with the goal of beating your personal best.

Fun Basketball Shooting Drills and Games

Fun Basketball Shooting Drills and Games

1. This video exclusively focuses on shooting and contains some very simple and yet effective drills. Some of these are “57” (convert five out of seven attempts to move on to another spot), “7,” and more.

2. Who doesn’t want to learn from one of, if not the, best college program in the world? Duke associate head coach Chris Collins shows how to do competitive shooting drills so as not to waste time shooting meaningless shots in the gym.

3. In this video, Villanova head coach Jay Wright teaches fundamental drills on shooting. The best part of the video is how Wright focuses on the mechanics so players develop the right shooting form.

Wrapping Things Up: Fun Basketball Shooting Games

Basketball is already fun, but you can make it infinitely more exciting by incorporating shooting games and drills in your practices. Shooting games effectively teach young players how to shoot under pressure and help them develop shooting accuracy.

If you’re a coach, there are things that you can do to spice up basketball so that the kids enjoy it more. Make sure to commend the players for their effort and their improvement. Of course, constructive criticism should be welcomed, but do not hold back on giving praise if it’s deserved. More importantly, though, incorporating business and pleasure, so to speak, could bring positive results in the players.

So what are some fun basketball shooting games that you need to try? One that is very popular is Around The World. This game will teach how important it is to score and shoot from different areas, not just in your sweet spots. Sharks and Minnows, Knockout, and the Ray Allen Shooting Drill, are also fun in their own ways.

What if you are alone and still need to train your shot? One of the all-time favorite basketball games to play by yourself is Beat the Pro. It will definitely help your shooting accuracy. Another one that is often ignored is the Mikan Drill. This will teach you to improve your layups, your offhand finishing, and allows you to get a feel of the backboard when you’re finishing a layup.

Of course, there are dozens of fun basketball shooting drills out there. Why not try them all and see which suits best for you and your players if you’re a coach. It couldn’t get any more exciting if you found a way to have fun and improve at the same time!

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