Kevin Durant’s 12 Most Famous Quotes

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When it comes to basketball, few players can match the skill and talent of Kevin Durant. Not only does he have an unrivaled shooting ability, but his height and natural athleticism make him nearly unstoppable on the court. In addition, he has years of experience playing at the highest levels of competition, making him a true veteran of basketball.  

As such, many young players look to Kevin as a source of wisdom and insight. As a result, they seek his advice on training techniques and mental preparation, hoping some of his success may rub off on them.  

And while we don’t yet know how successful these endeavors will be, one thing is clear: with skills like Kevin’s and wisdom gained through years of practice and playing against the very best, it’s no surprise that young players want to learn from this incredible athlete. After all, there will undoubtedly come a time when they need every trick in the book to reach his level. And who better to teach them than one of the best ever? 

What is Kevin Durant's Famous Quote What is Kevin Durant’s Famous Quote 

When it comes to basketball legend Kevin Durant, his most famous quote is undoubtedly the one that has become a viral sensation over the years:  

“You the real MVP.”  

He said this as he pointed to his mom. At that moment, he was celebrating all she had done for him: supporting him through all his struggles and cheering him on through all his victories. He recognized her incredible strength and resilience in the face of adversity, and it moved him to show his gratitude by lavishing praise on her. 

3 Kevin Durant Quotes About Family and Faith  3 Kevin Durant Quotes About Family and Faith  

What has become evident in the wealth of interviews from Kevin Durant is that he truly values the relationships he shares with his family and friends and his belief in God. He credits these essential aspects of his life for helping him to stay grounded, even during times of great success and pressure.  

Whether it’s through sharing words of encouragement with his loved ones or having conversations with God regularly, Kevin Durant always finds a way to appreciate the important things that really matter. 

  • “I just want to grow spiritually with the Lord. I’m keeping strong at it, just trying to make my walk with faith a little better.” 
  • “My mom just wants to make sure that my heart is always in whatever I do and I’m in things for the right reasons.” 
  • “She’s been working hard her whole life for me and my brother. I’m a lot like her in that I work hard for what I want. She taught me that.” 

3 Kevin Durant Quotes on Goals and Success 3 Kevin Durant Quotes on Goals and Success 

Kevin Durant has always been a fierce competitor. No matter what the stakes, he only wants to win. And while he has certainly achieved this goal on numerous occasions throughout his career, awards and accolades held little importance for him.  

In many ways, these external measures of success felt like distractions to him, pulling his focus away from what he cared about most: playing hard and doing his best. 

Instead, Durant was always focused on developing his craft and staying true to who he was. So, when he made a move to go to the Golden State Warriors, he tuned out the naysayers, went to work, and won the championship. 

He believes that hard work is essential to success and that you should not be afraid to defy popular opinion or conventions if it means that you can better express yourself and bring your unique talents and skills to the table.  

Thus, even though Durant has racked up plenty of amazing accomplishments over the years, none of them can top what truly defines him as a successful player: his ability to remain true to himself, never shying away from going after what he wants no matter how big the challenge may be. For all these reasons, Kevin Durant will surely go down as one of the greatest NBA players of all time. 

  • “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” 
  • “I know that hard work got me here. And the day I stop working hard, this can all go away.” 
  • “Every memory I had growing up was involving a basketball. I didn’t go to the prom and stuff like that. It was always basketball for me.” 

3 Kevin Durant Quotes About Leadership 3 Kevin Durant Quotes About Leadership 

At first glance, it might seem like Kevin Durant is just another incredible individual player. After all, he has won several scoring awards and led his team to the NBA finals multiple times. But what truly sets KD apart is his attitude and willingness as a leader on the court.  

Despite having the ball in his hands for much of the game, Durant looks for opportunities to pass it when the situation calls it.  

Whether he’s dishing out assists in the final seconds of a close game or setting up easy baskets for his teammates, Durant never hesitates to make the smart play. Moreover, he does all this with an impressive level of confidence that radiates from him on every possession, earning him respect from teammates and opponents. In short, there’s no doubt that Kevin Durant is not just an incredible athlete but also an exemplary leader on the court. 

  • “Chemistry is important. If you like your teammates, it’s going to be easier to play with them on the court” 
  • “I’m busy working on every aspect of my game defense, shooting, rebounding but I really want to become a better overall team player. Help my teammates become better players out on the court in order to win more ball games.” 
  • “When you got people behind you, you can do whatever.” 

3 Kevin Durant Quotes About Adversity 3 Kevin Durant Quotes About Adversity 

As a basketball player, Kevin Durant has faced his fair share of adversity. He’s experienced crushing defeats and intense criticism from fans on both sides of the fence, but Durant has a special ability that allows him to turn this adversity into motivation.  

Like many other top NBA superstars, Durant has an uncanny knack for channeling negativity and anger into drive and determination on the court. Whether he’s struggling to hit a game-winning shot or battling vicious jeers from the crowd, Durant always manages to stay focused and push onward toward victory. And despite his losses and struggles, KD is always ready to compete and passionate about winning.  

Ultimately, this gives him an advantage over players who may be equally talented on paper but lack the mental fortitude to deal with defeat and disappointment. When it comes down to it, it’s not just about natural ability – it’s about perseverance in the face of setbacks, which truly makes Kevin Durant one of the best basketball players today. 

  • “I’m just trying to grow. One thing I’ve told myself is, don’t worry about who people say is the best player.” 
  • “I’ve learned what it feels like to lose, believe me. But I think in the end, that is just going to make winning that much better.” 
  • “I was the second-best player in high school. I was the second pick in the draft. I’ve been second in the MVP voting three times. I came in second in the Finals. I’m tired of being second. I’m not going to settle for that. I’m done with it.” 

Wrapping Things Up: Kevin Durant’s 12 Most Famous Quotes 

There is no shortage of wisdom when it comes to basketball superstar Kevin Durant. Whether he’s talking about leadership, adversity, goals, success, family, or faith, KD always has something insightful and compelling.  

So if you’re looking for inspiration and guidance on anything related to this incredible sport, look no further than Kevin Durant. After all, he really knows his stuff!

If you’re interested in learning Kevin Durant‘s story, check out this basketball biography book.

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