How Tall is Devin Booker? Has It Changed?

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During his first few seasons, Devin Booker was known as one of the most proficient scorers in his rookie class. Booker was a gem in an otherwise lackluster team.

However, in March 2017, a 20-year-old Devin Booker scored 70 points against the Boston Celtics. Then, people sensed that Booker was ready for the next level.

In the following years, the Suns built around Booker and went all-in by pairing him with future Hall-of-Famer, Chris Paul.

The franchise’s miraculous turnaround can be attributed to its young shooting guard, so many people may be interested in this particular individual. How tall is Devin Booker? How good is he? We’ll answer these questions below. 

How Tall Does Devin Booker StandHow Tall Does Devin Booker Stand?

Devin Booker’s height and weight heavily influence his overall style of play. According to the NBA’s official website, the Phoenix Suns’ top scorer stands at 6’5″ or 1.96m. For a guard, Devin Booker isn’t too tall and isn’t too small, either. The 7-year player out of Kentucky is considered one of the best shooting guards in the league and a premiere talent overall. 

How High Can Devin Booker JumpHow High Can Devin Booker Jump?

Athleticism and high vertical leap aren’t Devin Booker’s bread and butter. Instead, he beats most of his defenders off the dribble or moves intelligently off-ball to catch and shoot jumpers. Officially, Devin Booker has a vertical leap of 30-34 feet. However, he still has his fair share of poster-worthy highlights. 

5 NBA Players Who Have the Same Height as Devin Booker5 NBA Players Who Have the Same Height as Devin Booker

Here are some other top NBA players standing at 6’5″ as well. 

1. James Harden

The Beard needs no introduction. This 13-year veteran has been in his best form the past decade and has a boatload of individual achievements to prove it. Harden is one of the two players who have won the Sixth Man of the Year and MVP in their career — the other person being Bill Walton. Harden is also a 10-time All-Star, 6-time All-NBA First Team member, 3-time NBA scoring champion, and was the 2017 league leader in assists. He is also part of the NBA 75th Anniversary team. 

Like Booker, James Harden is a shooting guard famous for beating opponents with his dribbling and footwork. 

2. Zach LaVine

Ironically, Zach Lavine, who is as tall as Devin Booker, is a back-to-back Slam Dunk Champion. His mid-air flare and bounce caught the NBA by storm, and that 2016 dunk contest featuring him and Aaron Gordon is known as the best dunk contest in recent memory.

LaVine took a big step in his career by transferring to Chicago, where he is now the leading scorer for a title-contending team. The two-time All-Star was drafted out of UCLA a year before Devin Booker’s class. Booker and LaVine are often compared because of their age and current skill set. 

3. Tyler Herro

Herro was a revelation during his rookie year and was the first player born in the 2000s to appear in the NBA Finals. His team went up against the Lakers and LeBron James, who was drafted into the league when Herro was three years old. Like Booker, Herro also came out of Kentucky before getting drafted in 2019 by the Miami Heat. 

After going through a sophomore slump, Herro bounced back in 2022, becoming the second youngest player to win the Sixth Man of the Year Award. This young talent plays the same style and position as Devin Booker. They both love to shoot and lead their teams in scoring, but Herro tends to handle the ball less than Booker. 

4. PJ Tucker

PJ Tucker is an interesting contrast to Devin Booker. Despite the similarity in height, Tucker and Booker have totally different playing styles. Tucker is an undersized Forward or Center with defense as his calling card. Despite being undersized for his position, he relies on his heft and strength to defend against all positions from 1 to 5. While he doesn’t have the individual accolades nor the offensive skill to match Devin Booker, Tucker has something that the Suns guard has yet to get — a ring. 

5. Malcolm Brogdon

Here’s another player who has the same height as Devin Booker but plays a tad bit differently. Malcolm Brogdon first made the news when he was a rookie after beating the heavily favored Joel Embiid for the Rookie of the Year Award. While he can score, Brogdon thrives more as the ball-handler and facilitator of the offense. Even if many arguments can be made for that case, Brogdon is undoubtedly a top talent in the league who can help his team reach deep in the Playoffs. 

5 Interesting Facts About Devin Booker5 Interesting Facts About Devin Booker

Like most of NBA players, Devin Booker’s private life remains mostly private. However, if you’re a fan of the Phoenix Suns, learning more about Devin Booker gets you a little closer to the superstar and perhaps his motivations to win. Devin Booker is an interesting individual inside and outside the court – and here are five facts to prove that:

1. He is the boyfriend of Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner is a supermodel from one of Hollywood’s most influential celebrity families. She is known to date NBA superstars and has been linked with Blake Griffin, Jordan Clarkson, and Kyle Kuzma. Booker and Jenner have been together for two years and counting. 

2. He collects classic cars.

During his first NBA Finals game, Devin Booker pulled up with a 1959 Chevy Impala, to the surprise of many. Many people didn’t know back then that Devin had an extensive classic car collection that he inherited from his grandfather. Some of the other cars he brought to games include a Ferrari 488 Spider, a Buick GNX, and a 96 Impala.

3. He is a wine connoisseur. 

Devin Booker got into wines when he was 20, a hobby he openly shared in an interview in 2022. According to Booker, it all started when he was still new to the league and was influenced to take a glass of wine as a nightcap. He got more invested in it and started studying more about wine pairings.

4. He is known for being the youngest in many things.

Booker was nothing short of a teenage phenomenon during his early years in the NBA. During his early years, Devin Booker was a glaring bright spot in the problematic Suns franchise, so he was able to beat a lot of records early in his career. Here are some to name a few:

  • Youngest to score 60 and 70 in a game
  • Youngest participant in the 3-Point Contest
  • Youngest to score 39 points and above in consecutive games
  • Youngest to score at least 20 in 16 straight games
  • Youngest player with consecutive 50-point games

5. His dad played professionally with Danilo Gallinari.

Not many people know this, but Devin Booker’s father also played professional basketball. Melvin Booker was the 1994 Big Eight Player of the Year and played in the NBA for two seasons despite going undrafted. In his last professional season, Melvin Booker played for Armani Jeans Milano in the Italian Basketball League. In there, he played with a budding international superstar Danilo Gallinari who was yet to make waves in the NBA. 

Wrapping Things Up: How Tall is Devin Booker? Has It Changed?

Devin Booker is a premiere shooting guard in the NBA and perhaps one of the best offensive talents we’ve seen in recent memory. At 6’5″, Booker slots right into the guard position and thrives as the first scoring option of the team on the floor. His height may not have changed during his stay in the NBA, but he has successfully grown into a 3x All-Star in the NBA and a legit superstar off the court. 

If you’re interested in learning Devin Booker‘s story, check out this basketball biography book.

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