How Many Rings Does Scottie Pippen Have?

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Misery needs company, they say—so does success. If you are an avid NBA fan, perhaps you know that the Bulls dominated the league in the 1990s, and the first person who comes into your mind is Michael Jordan. While it is true, did you know that Michael Jordan found the perfect right hand in the person of Scottie Pippen during his reign?

You are probably ecstatic to know Scottie Pippen’s rings without Jordan. If then, how many rings does Scottie Pippen have? To know more about Scottie Pippen’s six championship rings, read until the end of this blog.

Who is Scottie Pippen_ What is He Known ForWho is Scottie Pippen? What is He Known For?

The NBA league is filled with many proficient players with excellent track records even after retiring from the industry. Most of these players leave a mark that basketball enthusiasts in the present still consider remarkable.

Hence, one of the greatest NBA players in history is Scottie Pippen, who recorded a valuable contribution to the reign of Chicago alongside Michael Jordan. However, you must look into his background and trademark before going into details about Scottie Pippen’s championship rings.

According to Scottie Pippen’s NBA Legends Profile, his impact encompassed the statistics he made in his entire basketball stint. Although he averaged 16.1 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 5.2 assists (which is underwhelming for a legend like him), Pippen orchestrated all basketball fundamentals without leaving any crumbs. Thus, he earned the trademark “Jack of All Trades.”

Pippen even recorded the second-most playoff appearances with 208 in his bag when he retired, which is not surprising for someone who only missed the postseason once out of 17 seasons. On top of that, he was 10X All-Defense, 7X All-Star, 7X All-NBA, and 1X Steals Champion.

Since he made such a great all-rounder attitude in his NBA career, it would be better to trip down memory lane and revisit his humble beginnings before knowing Scottie Pippen’s ring count.

Scottie Pippen was not supposed to hit it big in the NBA for standing 6’1″ when he graduated high school. Luckily, the Seattle SuperSonic drafted him as their 5th overall pick in 1987; he became a traded player for the Bulls when Michael Jordan’s effort did not contribute to their coveted success.

After joining the team, Pippen changed the trajectory of the Bulls and dragged them from ranking 8th to 3rd in the Eastern Conference in his rookie year. He was the best complementary player to Michael Jordan’s offensive style with his ability to perform both defense and offense.

Even after Jordan retired during the 1994 NBA Season, Pippen managed to snatch the Bulls to playoffs as their focal offensive leader. Michael Jordan made a meaningful career because of his skills and the excellence of his best sidekick, Scottie Pippen.

Which Team Did Scottie Pippen Win Championships WithWhich Team Did Scottie Pippen Win Championships With?

Considering that Scottie Pippen is a player that is considered to be the best teammate Michael Jordan has ever played with, most NBA fans are curious about Scottie Pippen’s teams. Not to break your bubble, but Scottie Pippen did not spend his entire NBA career playing for the Bulls. Now, which team did Scottie Pippen win championships with?

Although Scottie Pippen spent some time playing for the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers, the six NBA rings in his bag happened during his years playing for the Chicago Bulls. Nonetheless, it is unfair on his end to credit all his wins to Michael Jordan because the Bulls only made it to the spotlight after he joined them.

Despite being a team newbie, he brought back the glory of the Bulls with his defined defense and assists. He was complimentary of MJ’s excellence in beating the opposing team’s star players.

If you are curious about his specific contributions to the team during the golden years of the Chicago Bulls, check out the timeline breakdown below. It also includes the years Scottie Pippen won NBA rings.

How Many Championship Rings Did Scottie Pippen WinHow Many Championship Rings Did Scottie Pippen Win?

Even though Scottie Pippen’s championship stats were not as staggering as other NBA legends, he managed to record six NBA rings due to his immaculate all-rounder ability. It also proves how well he can assist his teammates without snatching the spotlight from them.

Below are the years Scottie Pippen won NBA rings, all during his years in the Chicago Bulls.

  • Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers (1990-1991)

Scottie Pippen was just a fresh player in the team after being traded by the SuperSonic traded him, yet he made a noteworthy contribution to the team. They made it to the championship with the second-best record in the NBA playoff for losing just once in the conference finals. 

According to his NBA statistics, Pippen emerged as a dark horse averaging 21 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists in the championship rounds. The Bulls put a conclusion to the season by leading the games with a 4-1 record.

  • Chicago Bulls vs. Portland Trail Blazers (1991-1992)

The Bulls seemed unstoppable in the 90s and made two consecutive NBA Finals Championships. Pippen established an impactful career during this time, not just Jordan’s assistant for scoring 21 points, eight assists, and eight rebounds.

Most of all, he showcased his formidable defensive skills and clinched his 1st First-Team All-Defense accolade. He is indeed watched out for as an all-rounder and a player no one should take lightly.

  • Chicago Bulls vs. Phoenix Suns (1992-1993)

After their two consecutive momentous victories, NBA fans wonder whether the Bulls could do it again for the third time. Expectedly, the Jordan and Pippen tandem recorded their third NBA ring streak with a 4-2. Pippen even recorded his first finals triple-double, with an average of 21 points in the championships.

  • Chicago Bulls vs. Seattle (1995-1996)

The Bulls made two slumps years after Michael Jordan abruptly retired in the 1994 NBA season. When MJ returned to the NBA scene, his dynamics with Pippen proved the critiques wrong by winning the finals, 4-2. Although the finals reached a 3-2 record, the Bulls did not fail and could pull through to the end.

  • Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz (1996-1997)

Although Scottie Pippen was slowed down due to his foot injury, he still managed to record 20 average points with eight rebounds per game. He made valuable contributions throughout the conclusion of the season, 4-2, despite an injury.

  • Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz (1997-1998)

The Bulls and Utah Jazz faced off for the championships for the second time. Due to his foot surgery, Pippen missed half the season but still made it through the end. Fans at the time were speculating that this would be the last season of the excellent dynamics between Jordan, Pippen, and coach Jackson.

Other NBA Players with as Many as Scottie Pippen RingsOther NBA Players with as Many as Scottie Pippen Rings

Scottie Pippen’s height was never an issue in the NBA league compared to his collegiate stint. His entire career allowed him to win six championships in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, and 1997. He is considered one of the best all-rounders in the entire NBA history. 

The good thing is only a few players could secure six rings, like Scottie Pippen, and all of them were included in the Hall of Famers. Check out the list below if you are curious to know who these legends are.

  • Bob Cousy (Boston Celtics)

Of his 14 championship appearances, Cousy won six rings in 1957, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, and 1963).

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers)

Out of his 20 championship appearances, Abdul-Jabbar won six rings in 1971, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, and 1988.

  • Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls)

Out of his 15 championship appearances, Jordan won six rings in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, and 1998.

Scottie Pippen Career Highlights Scottie Pippen Career Highlights 

If you hear of Chicago, perhaps Michael Jordan is the first player that comes to mind. However, Michael Jordan was not the only player who made an impact during their reign in the 1990s. 

If you are not aware, MJ had the best bud in the person of Scottie Pippen. He also sailed to the Hall of Famers with his impressive all-rounder abilities. Here are the highlights that Pippen made in his career.

  • Seattle Super Sonics Traded Him to Chicago Bulls in 1989

Little did the Seattle know, it was a liberating moment for Pippen, and he made it to the all-stars game in 1990. He rose to success after the trade and earned his first-ever championships ring, which he could have never gained in the former team. He was considered the best complementary player for Michael Jordan during his early years with the Bulls.

  • Scottie Pippen Established His Name

After only years, he gained respect for his ability to pull off any position in the NBA league. He carried the Bulls into the playoffs when Michael Jordan retired for the first time.

  • Way Back Home to Chicago

After his impressive stint with the Bulls, Pippen was traded to the Rockets and was swapped to Portland in 1999. However, he found his way home to Chicago Bulls in 2003 after not clinching any rings during his stay in the two previous teams.

Wrapping Things Up: How Many Rings Does Scottie Pippen Have?

You can always acknowledge that success is not always individual labor; it is better achieved when we have company. Scottie Pippen proved that he is an all-rounder with initiative, which made the Chicago Bulls dominate the 1990s. Since he was considered a “Jack of All Trades,” many are asking this question: how many rings does Scottie Pippen have?

In his 17 seasons, Scottie only missed one postseason game. He even made six rings during his stay with the Chicago Bulls. If you want to become an excellent player, it does not matter if you are playing the lead or complementary. If you make valuable contributions, you will be given credit for what is due.

If you’re interested in learning Scottie Pippen’s story, check out this basketball biography book.

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