What’s a Glue Guy in Basketball? Are You One?

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Are you the person who makes sure that your team is operating at their highest ability? Do you find yourself working harder than any of your other teammates to keep the team together?  Every organization needs someone like this. They are an asset to the team on and off the court.

By definition, glue is a material that holds materials together regardless of what tries to pull them apart.  It comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and types. Some people often act as the glue for families, clubs, and even teams.  In basketball, this person is known as a glue guy.

Glue guys not only make for good teammates in basketball because they can hit free throws and put the team on the board.  They are assets because they create a community that any other player or coach would be happy to be a part of.

If you want to know how to spot a glue guy and find out about some of the best glue guys in basketball, keep reading.

What's a Glue Guy in BasketballWhat’s a Glue Guy in Basketball?

In basketball, a glue guy is known as a player that holds the team together. This is a person who is worried about being ready for their next photo opportunity but instead worried about if they are doing as much as they can for the betterment of the team.  The glue guy goes above and beyond to ensure that the team is successful. 

They take pride in winning together before they win alone.  The glue guy is the epitome of a team player. They understand the ins and outs of basketball, and they can be counted on to make the right shots, take the right action when needed, and hold the team accountable.  Glue guys have a monumental position on the basketball team.

Why are Glue Guys Important in BasketballWhy are Glue Guys Important in Basketball?

Glue guys are an essential part of a basketball team’s success.   They hold the team together for more than what they can do on the court, but off it as well.  Generally, a glue guy will not have the most impressive stats or even be the most popular player on the team.  Though this is so, everyone will value what he brings to the team, and this player will happily provide it.

Why are Glue Guys Important in Basketball

These players generally bring a wealth of basketball knowledge that other teammates may not possess.  For example, Prigiono is a glue guy for the New York Knicks.  Though his stats are not like the top players in the league, he is a seasoned international player and brings that knowledge with him to the game.  He can play smart on the court, take the right shots, and operates with a “pass first” mentality.  He plays with the full team in mind.

Many times, glue guys make good teammates in basketball off the court as well as on it.  Often these are the team players who take on the responsibility of planning team outings, resolving any team conflicts, and essentially keeping the team grounded so that they can focus on the game at hand.

How to Spot a Glue Guy on a Basketball TeamHow to Spot a Glue Guy on a Basketball Team?

Have you been wondering if your teammate is a glue guy?  Do you feel like you possess the qualities that all glue guys have?  The list below will help you determine if you or someone you know can be characterized as a glue guy.  There are several characteristics that glue guys ultimately posse that make them the fantastic player, teammate, and person that they are.  A glue guy also knows that talent is not the only characteristic that a glue guy must possess.

For that reason, we have come up with a list of characteristics that several glue guys possess.  Though this is not a full listing of all of the possible attributes that a glue guy can possess, they are a great starting point. 

  • They have an air about themselves which allows them to gel with everyone. They often find ways to make the team better. They work defensively. They can often be seen passing the ball and setting other players up for success.  
  • A glue guy is a team player who doesn’t have to be the absolute best or most known player. However, a glue guy doesn’t have to prove that they are valuable to their team; it is already known. The work that they do on and off the court is proof of the effects they have on their team. 
  • Glue guys also build purposeful engagements and bonds. They can get their points across and make their stances known to coaches and teammates without being rude or disrespectful. They can communicate well and often provide an example for their other teammates to follow. 
  • They aren’t complainers. One thing that a glue guy doesn’t do is complain. Though they may be frustrated or hurt at times, they put everything into their work. They can persevere through tough situations and often realize that the challenges are opportunities for growth. 
  • Glue guys understand that they can’t get anywhere without dedication and hard work. They don’t let anyone or anything stand in their way. These roadblocks may be injuries, team discrepancies, or even personal issues. Regardless of what’s in their way, they persevere and aim higher. This is often a reason why they eventually get to a very high pay grade. 
  • They never stop learning. Glue guys make it a point never to stop learning about their craft. They use their experience to teach them and utilize prior knowledge and new skills whenever they are faced with an obstacle.

How to Spot a Glue Guy on a Basketball Team

Ultimately a glue guy sets an example that coach would love for other players to follow. They cultivate great relationships while still doing what they love regularly. Based on these characteristics and the glue guys you know, they will stop at nothing to be great players, teammates, and friends.

Who are Some of the Best-Known NBA Glue Guys (Past and Present)Who are Some of the Best-Known NBA Glue Guys (Past and Present)?

Now that you have learned about the characteristics that a glue guy possesses, can you think of any player in the league who possesses them?  If you happen to be drawing a blank, no worries, we will give you several examples of glue guys in the past as well as in the present. 

Tristian Thompson is a famous glue guy that many basketball and non-basketball lovers know well.  Though you may be more familiar with his relationship with Khloe Kardashian rather than his skills on the court, that does not take away from his immense abilities. Tristian Thompson plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and though many were, at one point, questioning his future with the Cavaliers, he has certainly come into his own. Tristian Thompson has excellent rebounding ability and often does a great job making high percentage shots.  He also a player with a particular playing style and fabulous low post presence.

Larry Sanders is another great Glue Guy.  This Milwaukee Bucks team member donates heavily to a variety of areas on the team.  This includes defense, scoring, and even rebounding. He is ultimately able to make his presence known at several places during the game.

Tim Duncan is considered a glue guy for more than just his incredible defensive skills.  If you are unfamiliar with Tim Duncan, are you really a fan of basketball? He is a current NBA coach and former player for the San Antonio Spurs.  His career in the NBA lasted from 1997 to 2016. 

Tim is always seen as being in the right place at the best moments.  He is no stranger to being a great shooter, but his position in the game generally helps his teammates win as well as himself. 

Draymond Green is one player who screams glue guy. We couldn’t make a list of glue guys without mentioning him.  He can easily be considered one of the best glue guys in basketball. Many have said that Draymond allows his team to shine and does a great job of elevating the players around him.

Who are Some of the Best-Known NBA Glue Guys (Past and Present)

He boasts offensive and defensive superhuman abilities.  He also has shown and stated that he is okay with not receiving the accolades which some of his teammates may not win. He and the coaches know that he is a pivotal part of his team’s success.  

Joe Ingles is a math teacher turned NBA player, turned glue guy. To many people, he is the epitome of a great glue guy and teammate.  He has excellent defensive skills, passes frequently, and he is smart.

He can hold a significant place on the Utah Jazz. He also boasts excellent chemistry with fellow teammate, Rudy Gobert.  Joe knows where to be and gets there at the right time to set his team up for success. He has a calming presence and is still growing as a player. 

Kevin Garnett is one excellent historic glue guy in the industry.  He played for the Boston Celtics and is a seasoned veteran in the industry.  His career lasted 21 seasons from 1995 to 2016.

Kevin is a lifelong star player.  He is crafty and, even though the end of his career, was able to hold his own with younger players in the league.  He impacted games with more than just his physical ability but his mental ability as well. 

Shane Battier is a glue guy who has had a 13 year NBA career.  He not only worked on small tasks to put his team in the right spot to win, but he also proved that you don’t have to be a top scorer to have an impact.  The reality is that everyone can’t be the most popular teammate or scorer; someone still needs to think strategically enough to carry the team to victory. He wrote a great article on glue guys here.

This is ultimately only a handful of players in the league who have served as a glue guys for their respective teams. They often work to rebuild the brands around them if needed, create victories with their team, and provide immense support for the people around them.

Wrapping Things Up: Glue Guys in Basketball

Glue Guys in basketball are an essential part of a team’s success. They are great players who think strategically and ultimately aim to do everything in their power to put their team in a great position.  Glue guys play a variety of positions on a team. Some may be excellent rebounders, and others may be great at assisting while providing opportunities to other players.

Glue Guys are not often the most popular or highest known players on the team.  These players often know their value and can secure monetary value based on that.  They work hard to hone in on the skills that make them an excellent asset to their team and are continuously learning.

Several players have served as excellent glue guys, new and old.  This includes seasoned veterans like Shane Battier, Kevin Garnett, and even some more fresh players like Tristian Thompson.  Are you a glue guy? Do you understand the importance of a glue guy? Hopefully, we have provided you insight into what glue guys are and how they serve as assets to their team.  

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