How Do NBA Buyouts Work?

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NBA buyouts remain a sensitive issue in the basketball industry today. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a rookie player, you can never go away from this issue since it is a reality that is hard to downplay.

How do NBA buyouts work? It happens when a player and a team decide to go separate ways and surrender a part of the monetary sum as agreed in the contract. If you want to know the whys and hows of these buyouts, keep reading! Nonetheless, there are factors to consider, like the NBA buyout deadline and candidates.

What Does Buyout Mean in NBAWhat Does Buyout Mean in NBA?

Before going into details about the NBA buyout meaning, you should never forget that it is a long process that takes multilateral strategies and documents to pursue. Do not worry; the sections below discuss everything—point by point. If you do not want to miss any detail, read everything between the lines.

This complex process often requires an attorney’s grounds for legal assistance when discussing NBA buyouts. By definition, NBA buyouts occur in the case when both parties of the team and player come to a consensus about discontinuing their contract.

Since contracts deal with monetary compensation once agreed upon signing, NBA buyouts reap consequences of penalties to ensure legal agreement between the parties. Hence, the player must receive a portion of the original contract value to compensate for his talent when a team decides to cease its contract with a player.

The team can reduce the red zone of its salary cap and give space for additional players on its roster through this legal procedure. Since the process is extensive and highly technical, players opt for an attorney to represent them during negotiations. 

If you ever experience this complex situation, make sure never to miss relevant aspects, and do not be afraid to ask any essential questions you have in mind. The best thing to do in these times is to find the right legal team to defend your end.

What Does Buyout Mean in NBA

Why Do Buyouts Occur in NBAWhy Do Buyouts Occur in NBA?

There are a lot of motivations that a team considers whenever buyouts occur. One thing is for sure, it must undergo a legal procedure to protect the enshrined rights of both parties. The bulleted point below will enlighten you about the reason why NBA buyouts happen despite the drawbacks they stir up during these events.

  • Improve Player Roster

Without having to elaborate, NBA buyouts are a thing in the league because it aims to improve the team roster or give space for new players to join the lineup. 

Buyouts are typically done before the draft season to make a better pick in the forthcoming drafting period. The case usually involves a pool of internet comments, whether the decision is likely a boon or a bane for the team.

  • Fill In Vacant Positions

Considering that NBA is a rigorous sport, injuries are prevalent despite professional training. Some players are injured permanently, thus compelling them to quit playing basketball. In this case, injured players are bought out and give rookie athletes the chance to play in the league. 

In the history of the NBA, Los Angeles Lakers have recorded the most buyouts, with six players out of the fifteen on the roster. Hence, the team could space for prospective players to join them.

  • Free Up Salary

Although improving the team is the main motivation, salary also plays an important role. NBA buyouts market players to provide teams with the opportunity to free up salary while attempting to improve the lineup for the upcoming seasons. 

Undeniably, NBA buyouts bring media and news outlets whenever this situation ensues. It is a big issue because fans are curious about why the team decided to end contracts with a player, be it personal or other factors.

On a positive note, players bought out are compensated relatively from their past team, depending on the agreed contract value. However, the former group is not mandated to pay the whole amount based only on the legal decision.

Free Up Salary

On top of everything, buyouts are also great ways to give more budget for the couples to splurge during the offseason. So, next time you are spectating an NBA game, always remember the points provided in this blog to figure out the possible reasons why your favorite team recently made a buyout.

What is NBA Buyout AgreementWhat is NBA Buyout Agreement?

The buyout agreement typically happens during the offseason, hence considered an integral part of this time. Whenever both ends agree to undergo buyouts, the deal is narrowed down to specific conditions and grounds requiring legal interventions.

What happens then when a player rejects the offer? When the player disagrees with the team’s parameter, he can still proceed with his basketball career and may opt for an unrestricted free agent.

What does it mean? He can sign with any other team to play for them. Amazing, right?

Now for the buyout compensation, the figure depends on various factors that need legal assistance. However, the usual amount is based on the amount of moment that the team is supposed to pay the player if he happens to renew his current contract with the group.

What about in the case when the player accepts the offer? When a player agrees, it is much easier for both benches to enter into a buyout agreement that itemizes the deals that come along. 

If then, what are the inclusions alongside this term? It typically includes the agreed buyout value, the specific number of games the player should not participate in, and the kind of contract the player will decide upon in the future. 

As a result, NBA teams can sign free agents to fill in the space of the buyout players. Generally, it includes a contract agreement to specify all the terms and salaries a player will receive.What is NBA Buyout Agreement


Can a Player Ask for a BuyoutCan a Player Ask for a Buyout?

This is where the topic gets exciting; whether or not the player can propose a buyout agreement. It would be best to remember that buyouts are usually done by the team, not by individual players. It does not guarantee that a player will be granted his buyout offer.

What is the answer, then? The short answer is yes. A player is not restricted to asking for a buyout, especially during the end season when fans and sports enthusiasts anticipate a significant turn-up of events.

However, player proposals for buyouts are not always accepted by the team for various reasons. Maybe the player is a crucial team member, and his parting way might cause dysfunctions to the dynamics he had already established.

 What awaits the athlete whose proposal is accepted, then? You must understand that buyouts benefit the player, not just the team itself. As for the team, it allows to free up spots for potential members to fill in in the drafting season.

The player is still liable for salary even though he is traded to another team through buyout procedures. He gets a chance to work with other players from another team when he is demotivated to do so in the previous one.

Since you have had the NBA buyout explained, the bullet point below will tell you about its different types, including their differences; check them out!

  • Veteran Players

When you have already spent substantial years, it would be more accessible for your team to buy you out. It could be due to multiple reasons like frequent injuries and skill deterioration. Whether you like it or not, your physical health can affect your performance on the court; that’s why you will often be traded to different teams.

  • High Maintenance Players

High Maintenance PlayersOnce drafted for an NBA team, it is not guaranteed that everything will work your way. There are instances when you find out that the team is not fitted to your dynamics too late. 

In like manner, you should be bought out if you are a high-maintenance player because you may constantly cause difficulties for the team. The process is a win-win situation for both ends because they will likely find a team or player who fits their skills.

  • Nearing Contract Expiration

If your contract expires soon, the tendency for you to be traded to another team is high. Your former team is opting for this setup in pursuit of finding a replacement for your spot on the roster before you officially leave your post. Hence, they will not have a hard time looking for players in the drafting season.

  • Trade Packages

If you are unaware, NBA teams can trade their players out in the market, hoping other groups will back up the players. If the player is accepted, the former team will still bill for the salary.

What happens then if any team does not back the player? If this case ensues, the player will become a free agent. He can play for different teams without any legal repercussions.

3 Successful Buyouts in NBA3 Successful Buyouts in NBA

Contrary to popular belief, buyouts are not always negative. It depends on the case you are in. Some players are reluctant to accept buyout offers because they fear not staying long in the industry.

On the other hand, some players become more successful when they decide to accept the offer. Take a lot at the following players who got lucky with their decision and shot their way up to stardom.

Without further ado, check out the most successful buyouts of all time according to the article published by the Bleacher Report.

  • Derek Fisher (2012)

Fisher was a key player for several championship games for the Lakers. However, after a deliberate decision, the team decided to trade him to the Spurs. Then, he landed with Thunder after being bought out by the Spurs to provide a veteran presence in the then roster-led roster.

Lucky as he is, he eliminated his old team, the Lakers, in the Western Conference, which secured them a spot for the Finals against Miami Heat led by LeBron James. Although he averaged 6.3 points per game alongside Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, his team still lost to Miami Heat.

  • Markieff Morris (2020)

He debuted in the 2018-19 season as a player for the Wizards but ended up in the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the following season, 2019-20, he started in Pistons but later found a spot in Lakers, making him a champion!

He became flexible in the team despite having an average of 5.9 points per game. His three-point attempts each game increased the team’s record to 42.0 percent. His crucial contribution in defeating the Miami Heat eventually secured him a free-agent position.

  • Boris Diaw (2012)

Diaw was on the loose from Charlotte Bobcats and relocated to San Antonio Spurs in 2012, which would later be a blessing in disguise. Spurs made a vengeful comeback in 2014 after their loss to Heat the previous year.

What a great hero story! Diaw made a highlight as a player with great passing ability during the entire season. As a result, he was re-signed for a $32.3 deal with the Spurs.

Wrapping Things Up: How Do NBA Buyouts Work?

In conclusion, NBA buyouts are typical occurrences in professional fields. It can happen to anyone, even if you are a great player or not, as long as you are no longer influential in the team dynamics.

If this happens, you will receive a large portion of the contract value, but your contract with them will be terminated. You should ensure you know your rights, understand how NBA buyouts work, and consult a legal team before deciding to follow suit.

We hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to check out our other basketball FAQ articles here.

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