How Common is a Triple Double in Basketball?

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Everyone agrees that a triple-double is a rare feat in basketball. Hence, it is an achievement that many players like you strive for, but only a few manage to achieve this coveted standing. If you have no idea what is a triple-double in basketball, it means achieving three digits in any numerical category in a match—rebounds, points, and assists.

Perhaps you are wondering who has the most triple-doubles in NBA history. It would help if you did not forget this prestigious accolade as a rookie player or fan. Worry no more; this blog answers your questions about how common is a triple-double in basketball.

What Exactly is Triple Double in BasketballWhat Exactly is Triple Double in Basketball?

Veteran basketball enthusiasts and players alike are highly aware of how big of a deal triple-double moments in basketball are. Although this feat is not mandatory, players grind their best shots in every match while holding onto the slight chance of gaining triple-double standing.

Before unraveling the in-depth aspects and technicalities of this genius execution of basketball prowess, check out its fundamental definition first. If you are not aware yet, basketball comprises various statistical categories that make up the game, such as rebounding, assisting, scoring, blocking, and ball-stealing.

When discussing basketball triple-doubles, it is easier to digest this concept if you think of it as an achievement you get for scoring ten or more in three of the abovementioned statistical categories. In other words, you make ten plus rebounds, assists, and scores (or any combination of the statistical categories).

To understand more, suppose you are playing in a tournament and made 17 blocks, 11 steals, and 18 scores. In this case, you are qualified for a triple-double performance in a single match. It is also an effective way to boost your basketball credentials and stats.

Remember, triple-doubles may be rare but are possible to attain. Hence, put your guard on them! If you have ever achieved this standing, keep up this monumental feat. If you have not yet, there is always room for improvement—do not lose hope.

Is Triple Double Common in BasketballIs Triple Double Common in Basketball?

Basketball triple-double moments are undeniably an exciting basketball achievement, yet it remains an under-appreciated part of a game. That’s why you must not hesitate to appreciate a player when you see them attain this milestone.

If you have not yet educated yourself, basketball triple-doubles are less common than you thought. This event is not a typical celebration in any NBA season—it only proves how much athletic dedication and professional mastery basketball players invest in every match they play.

Even though average basketball players have scored a triple-double, it reminds players and game spectators not to downplay this feat, for it takes courage and may happen once in a blue moon. It is an impressive feat that not everyone can ace, for it needs proper training and immense athleticism.

If you are an avid NBA fan, keep your eagle eyes and meticulously check out the players expected to achieve this milestone this season. You might be surprised which player would emerge as a triple-double.

Meanwhile, be on the lookout for triple-double opportunities in your next tournaments if you are an athlete, as you might be able to pull off a triple-double on your own. It may be a rare chance, but you can always shoot your shots without any problem!

Triple-doubles are not common in basketball, and only a few big-name players usually make them. However, do not get dismayed whenever you do not spectate them as often. It only means that a basketball game is filled with rollercoaster events.

If you are curious about how many players have attained this celebration, the sections below will route you to the relevant information you have been dying to know. For now, check out every game for triple-doubles during the season, and you will indeed have an immersive and fun experience.

How Often Does a Player Get a Triple Double in BasketballHow Often Does a Player Get a Triple Double in Basketball?

One thing is sure about the triple-double frequency in a basketball game; it is so rare that only 1.7 percent of played games from 1984 to 2014 had a triple-double moment, which translates to 1,242 TD out of 72,798 matches.

Based on the data from the Play Index, the abovementioned period recorded 2,401 players, with only 9.1 percent or 248 of them achieving a triple-double. Unsurprisingly, only 131 made two triple-doubles, and 29 had more than ten.

With the above numbers, you can conclude the rarity of this occasion even in professional basketball tournaments as big as the NBA. This feat undoubtedly indicates intense play and perseverance—you can tell how much grit and passion players pour into the game to clinch the highest prize.

The figures also suggest a whopping 75 percent of the team with triple-double records had won the match. Although this achievement is just a bonus you can get during a game, the statistics also show that triple-double moments measure dominance, which might lead to victory.

To answer the question, achieving it is so rare. You are not guaranteed to perform it without proper training, and it is already a huge victory when only one or a few from your team attains this standing in a single match. Treasure and seize the moment if ever you experience one!

Who Has the Most Triple Doubles in the History of the NBAWho Has the Most Triple Doubles in the History of the NBA?

Whenever you think about a triple-double, it is impossible not to think about Luka Doncic’s triple-double records or how many triple-doubles LeBron have. Perhaps you are also wondering about the professional players who have proven their prowess on the court by breaking multiple statistical categories and standards.

This blog is what you need, for it answers all the questions you have in mind and lists down the players with the most triple-doubles in basketball history. Keep reading through it and be surprised at who made it to the list.

1. Russell Westbrook

On a Monday night in May 2021, Russell Westbrook officially broke the all-time triple-doubles record that Oscar Robertson had long held. It took multiple players 47 years to steal this considerable accolade from Robertson, but only Westbrook successfully made it to the end with his 182nd triple-double record.

After 12 years of racking up triple-doubles from blood, sweat, and tears, Westbrook finally passed Robertson. The first moment he marked a personal record was on the second of March 2009, when he was still under OKC Thunder. On that play against homecourt-advantaged Maverick, he made ten rebounds and assists with 17 points in the bag.

2. Oscar Robertson

Although Russell Westbrook broke his 47-year record, Oscar Robertson is undeniably a legend in the triple-double category. Robertson already defined it even before the basketball committee finally made a name for this feat. He averaged 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 11.4 assists in a single season, 1961-62.

If that is not yet enough reasons to prove his legacy, Robertson was the first player to ever recorded 41 triple-doubles in NBA history. Plus, he ended his career with 182 triple-doubles that seemed impossible for any athlete to break before Westbrook took over the spot.

3. Magic Johnson

He is not just a record-holder for triple-doubles but is also widely regarded as the most outstanding point guard of all time, if not one of the greatest basketball players. His entire basketball stint was devoted to the Los Angeles Lakers, averaging 19.5 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 11.2 assists per game in his whole career.

Aside from his 138 triple-double records, Magic Johnson was a key player for the Showtime Lakers during their championship matches in the 1980s. Hence, the Lakers made it to the NBA Finals nine times, with five of them being championed. 

On top of his group achievement, he also showed individual athleticism and won the All-Star Game MVP award 12 times, the NBA MVP and finals MVP award three times, respectively, and the All-NBA First Team award nine times.

4. Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd’s peak moments were spent with the Brooklyn Nets, contrary to his stint in the Phoenix Suns. He invested 506 matches for the Nets in seven seasons, two during the NBA finals in 2002 and 2003.

Based on his stats and records, he also had his highest scoring season in the abovementioned years. He had an average of 18.7 points and 8.9 assists per game. Before he officially left the NBA courts in 2013 for good, he gathered 107 assists that made him shoot to records history.

5. LeBron James

Of course, we should never end this roster without mentioning the GOAT, Lebron James. His legendary NBA career debuted with Cleveland Cavaliers, where he got chosen by the team to complete their first five rosters.

James also played for the Cavaliers for 11 seasons, with nine times playoff opportunities. He has had six Eastern Conference Finals in his bag, five NBA Finals games, and four championship wins in 2012, 2013, 2016, and 2020.

In addition, James has been consistently named NBA MVP and All-Star MVP twice. As of now, LeBron James has 105 triple-doubles and counting. He is expected to extend this record in the coming years, so better watch out for him.

How Do You Get a Triple Double in BasketballHow Do You Get a Triple Double in Basketball?

Triple-doubles mean scoring two-digit numbers in three statistical categories: score, steal, block, assist, and rebound. In other words, you must score above ten in any combination of the abovementioned categories if you aim to have a triple-double record at the end of the match. 

For example, you will be given this feat when you score ten plus shots, steal, and assist. As long as you satisfy the three above ten scores in any statistical category, then you are qualified for the award.

Nonetheless, it is better to understand that gaining this accolade does not happen overnight. It takes practice, coordination with the team, and muscle memory. The best thing to do is improve your fundamental basketball skills.

If you are lacking in any of the categories, you need to work on it. You must improve every aspect; as long as your skills are above average, you can dominate the court.

Playing sports is a matter of strategy! Start hitting the courts now. Also, do not forget to train your mental alertness.

Wrapping Things Up: How Common is a Triple Double in Basketball?

Scoring multiple points, rebounds, and assists in a single game is an excellent way to earn some bragging rights and show off your basketball prowess to the world. In your attempt to score this statistical mastery, you are making your team effectively dominate the game by doing crucial defensive and offensive tasks that will boost your chances of victory.

If you are wondering how common a triple-double is in basketball, it is so rare that only a few all-star players have achieved it. Moreover, players who perform this feat are usually widely praised as superstars because of their beneficial contributions while on the court. Start training properly, improve your holistic skills in any statistical category, and earn that highly coveted price!

We hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to check out our other basketball FAQ articles here.

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