Do NBA Players Get Paid When Injured?

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If you are a die-hard NBA fan, you might have heard about injury-prone players. It is a derogatory phrase to discredit a player who gets injured frequently. On the contrary, injuries are inevitable, and even professional athletes are prone to them. If then, do NBA players get paid when injured?

The following section discusses NBA injury rules, what happens when a player gets injured, and whether or not NBA contracts are guaranteed for injury. Whether you are a rookie player trying to learn about the league rules or a die-hard fan looking for some answers, keep reading!

What Happens When an NBA Player is InjuredWhat Happens When an NBA Player is Injured?

Setting aside the financial aspect of NBA injuries, the agreement of the team and player enshrines medical assistance when the injury occurs under the circumstances specified in the terms, such as that the accident roots from the game parameters.

The rugged and physical nature of basketball explains why NBA players get injured frequently. Although the team always upholds safety and security while playing, their guard still falls victim to accidents since it is an inescapable fact.

When an NBA player is injured, there are several possible scenarios that he will likely experience since the verdict varies on the intensity and nature of the injury. The key points below will educate you about the consequences of this sad reality.

  • League Down

If the player is seriously hurt, the team may decide to waive the player and send him to a minor affiliate league like the D-league. Plus, severely injured athletes can hamper team dynamics and may no longer be able to perform their roles. Even though harsh and unfortunate, most teams aspire to select the best players to join their roster.

  • Retirement

Most athletes do not wish for early retirement, and that is for sure. However, some injuries may lead them to this decision. It only proves how much safety you should consider and how much you want to win.


Once a player retires due to injury, he is no longer qualified for salary. In this case, all his retirement salary will transfer automatically to retirement funds or be donated to charity. 

  • Overseas Contract

Some players are laid off from their time when their injury has seriously debilitated their performance. When players are cut from the team, they usually venture into global contracts such as Europe or pick up an overseas agreement elsewhere. 

This situation happens when playing in lower league affiliates is not advantageous on their end. Ultimately, it depends on the player’s decision to quit playing, take the league down, or try his luck in other countries.

Now, back to the golden question, do NBA players get paid when injured? There is no fixed answer to this question because it is a complex issue. Nonetheless, the usual scenario is that the salary will be put on hold if he is injured and resumes when he is qualified to hit the court.

Are NBA Contracts Guaranteed for InjuryAre NBA Contracts Guaranteed for Injury?

In any professional endeavor, a contract is essential to ensure the protection of both parties in various aspects that involve the performance of the job. In like manner, professional basketball players are guaranteed safety nets through contract agreements.

Since the NBA is one of the most physically demanding professional sports in the entire industry, injuries are just around the corner. The constant pounding on the court makes the games more challenging and risky. In some cases, it can lead to minor or major injuries. 

Fortunately, NBA contracts guarantee medical compensation and salary issuance if the player is injured due to sports-related activities. Hence, NBA players are highly meticulous with the contract terms before signing. It is their only protective measure to ensure they will be given adequate attention in an accident.

Are NBA Contracts Guaranteed for Injury

Check out the detailed discussion below about this matter to clear up your confusion in mind. Be sure to keep reading through! 

NBA Rules on Injury

To understand the injury rules of the NBA, you need to remember that NBA players are under the classification of independent contractors and not employees. In short, the league is not liable to support the medical expense of injured players in dire medical situations.

Here are the NBA injury rules you need to know:

  • Active Players

The NBA guidelines state that a team should comprise 12 active players on their roster in a regular season. In the case when a player in the lineup is injured, the team is allowed to have 11 players for a maximum of 2 weeks. The team shall fill the vacant position if the injured player cannot play for the team after the grace period.

  • Inactive Player

If a player is injured during the season and is advised by the attending physician to miss any games, they will be added to the inactive list in the meantime (and can only include a maximum of three players). If the injury is not severe, the player can sit out for one game and then be allowed to play in the next match, compared to when they were required to sit out for three games.

  • Dress Code

Since the injured player is added to the inactive list, he should wear street or civilian clothing to signify that he is yet to be added to the official roster. Again, the team can fill the vacant position to complete their lineup for the rest of the season.

  • Compensation

You are still eligible for a salary if you are not forced to retire due to the injury. You will be given due time to heal and return to playing once everything is settled.

However, it is not always the case. The league forces some players to retire, thus bidding goodbye to the salary awaiting them for the entire season.

What are the Exceptions?

What are the ExceptionsIf the player is injured and will miss games, the league is legally allowed to force the player to quit playing in the tournament. Hence, you are not compensated once you are under retirement since the contract is technically void. 

Moreover, NBA rules on injury state that the player is given due consideration in terms of salary pay when the injury occurs in the contract premise, such as during the games, training, and other activities accredited by the league or the team.

The bottom line is that you should always prioritize your safety if you are a basketball player, which is the safest route to proper compensation. Although you are still eligible for monetary compensation, it sometimes takes a long and complex process.

Do Injured NBA Players Still Get PaidDo Injured NBA Players Still Get Paid?

Basketball comes with injuries, and it is a fact that we can never change. The sport requires intensive effort and rigorous movements, which explains why NBA contracts specify the terms for injury and other medical needs.

Returning to the most anticipated question, do injured NBA players still get paid? The shortest quip to this question is yes. However, there are a lot of considerations that you should take a look at before you conclude that a player you know may have been compensated or not.

When the player can still play for the rest of the season, he will likely receive his expected salary without any problem. Depending on the severity, it only takes a few weeks or months to heal fully. 

If the player is forced to retire by the league, he will be dealing with difficulty with the compensation since the contract may have been terminated already. Although the NBA player can file a legal dispute against his team or the league under the premise of negligence, the success rate is infrequent and typically bound to always fails.

A few players in the past have done the same suit, but the cases were dismissed, or worse, the player receives no compensation. The safety net that most injured players rely on is their team insurance to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

How Much Do NBA Players Get If InjuredHow Much Do NBA Players Get If Injured?

Everyone can agree that the NBA is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular professional sports leagues. The court is always filled with loud cheers and thrills. Have you ever wondered if they are still paid if injured, and how much then? How much do NBA players get paid a month? Do NBA players get paid monthly?

Average fans may not know that NBA players are given a salary even when not playing due to injury. However, the pay depends on various considerations like the position on the team, the number of games missed, and the length of their contract, among others.

An NBA player’s salary is on a case-to-case basis when injured on the parameter set in the agreement. There is no exact answer to the answer—the only specific answer is that it is measured on the player’s record.

If you or someone you know has been hurt on the field or during a match, you should always consult with an attorney about your rights and options. Legal assistance will guide you to make the most of your situation and ensure you are paid what you are entitled to.

Does an Injured Player Count Against the CapDoes an Injured Player Count Against the Cap?

Yes, all players are counted against salary caps, including the injured ones. If an injured player is advised to take leave for an extended period, he will be replaced with an Injured Reserve (IR), which usually costs half of the injured player’s salary.

However, the condition is only if a player is out for the rest of the season, which rarely occurs. In short, injured players are no exception to the team’s salary cap. It costs them their compensation in unfortunate circumstances.

How Does it Affect the Salary Cap?

As stated above, a player’s injury sometimes costs them their salary. There are instances when the reserved individual assumes half of the season’s pay. The reason is that a team can only spend a specific amount of compensation in a year, minimizing the payment for the injured players who are not “working.”

Wrapping Things Up: Do NBA Players Get Paid When Injured?

Many basketball players aspire to play in the NBA and earn a living as professional athletes. Some think becoming a professional player and getting drafted into the NBA is easy, but the reality is different. Injuries and the compensation that comes with them are just a few of their complexities.

Now, do NBA players get paid when injured? The answer is yes, but it depends on the factors you can find above.

It would be best if you were well-versed in the intricacies of the league as an NBA fan. If you are planning to get into this industry, start studying the terms and contract agreements as early as now to know your rights and the benefits you may receive in the future.

Of course, everything takes time and hard work. Along with proper education, physical training is equally imperative. Do not forget about the basketball fundamentals, for it is the most significant factor in getting drafted.

We hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to check out our other basketball FAQ articles here.

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