The Best Basketball Resistance Bands

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Basketball players of all levels want to become bigger, faster, and stronger on the court, and one way to do that is by using resistance bands. With the help of these bands, players can perform dynamic movements such as side shuffles, rotational power exercises, and jumping drills to increase their explosive power. 

Resistance band workouts give an added bonus of improved agility which helps with lateral speed while dribbling or moving around defenders in a game context. Not to mention they’re also remarkably portable and convenient – great for practice or even at-home workouts – so there’s no excuse not to include them into basketball training regimens!

Our Favorites for the Best Basketball Resistance BandsOur Favorites for the Best Basketball Resistance Bands

There are plenty of excellent resistance bands in the market but there are only a few that checks all the boxes. Here are two of our favorites:

Lockdown Lateral Resistance Training Speed Bands

Lateral quickness is one of the most critical qualities of a good basketball player. Offensive players need to get around the defense, while defensive players need it to react quickly to shifty ball handlers. For these reasons, the Lockdown Lateral Resistance Training Speed Bands have become one of the bestselling resistance band workouts designed specifically for basketball players. This set of five bands can offer five levels of resistance and can be applied in multiple drills and exercises.

What Makes it Unique:

  • Specifically-designed for improving lateral quickness, speed, and jumping power for basketball players by targeting gluteus medius, quadriceps, and inner thighs
  • Comfortable neoprene belt  and padded ankle and thigh straps make for a comfortable workout.

Why Choose This Basketball Resistance Band:

  • Adjustable strength levels  from 7-40lbs is plenty of resistance for the muscle groups it’s designed to target
  • One size fits all approach to sizing means you one just one set can fit the whole team

D-Fend Lockdown Lateral Resistance Training Speed Bands - Won't Roll Up - Train for Speed, Toning, Strength
  • LOTS OF RESISTANCE - Includes 5 pairs of resistance bands from 10 to 50 lbs. & Carry Bag - Add multiple bands to increase resistance levels
  • WEAR ON THIGHS or ANKLES - Straps will fit around ankles or thighs so you can wear the resistance bands to do just about anything.
  • FOR ANY TYPE OF EXERCISE - The bands are not only good for basketball, but any sport, exercise videos such as P90X with Tony Horton, T25 with Shaun T, Body Beast, & Insanity
  • WON'T ROLL UP - Straps keep bands in place unlike cheaper bands that ride up on you.
  • FOR DEFENSE & OFFENSIVE DRILLS - Use to get quicker on defense and also become more explosive on dribble and offensive basketball moves while wearing the bands.

SKLZ Pro Knit Mini Resistance Band

The SKLZ Pro Knit Mini Resistance Bands are an ideal tool to enhance your workout, whether in the comfort of your own home or while on the go. Designed to help with muscle building and toning, this lightweight and portable device offers high results with low impact.

What Makes it Unique:

  • It’s perfect for light strength exercises such as arm pull-apart, banded squats, and plank kicks.
  • The woven fabric material  they used to create it is wide so that it won’t restrict circulation and soft so that it doesn’t pinch or pull on the skin. And since it’s fabric, it won’t slide across the skin when wet with sweat.
  • Available in three simple resistances – light, medium, and heavy. 

Why Choose This Basketball Resistance Band:

  • Simple to use and requiring no additional equipment, you pick the exercise you want and work away! It’s a great way to strengthen muscles without straining them.
  • Low barrier to entry as you don’t have to buy the bands in different resistances.
  • For beginners, the SKLZ Pro Knit Mini Resistance Band is an excellent entry point as it offers low-impact workouts in a comfortable package.

SKLZ Non-Slip Fabric Mini Resistance Band for Upper and Lower Body, Medium Resistance
  • mini durable, anti-slip resistance bands for upper and lower body training at home or in the gym
  • can be used to add resistance during warmup and streching
  • comfortable fabric that stays in place during training and won't pinch or pull skin
  • available in light, medium and heavy resistances
  • lightweight and portable for travel or bringing to the gym, machine washable and easy to clean

The Runner-Ups for Best Basketball Resistance BandsThe Runner-Ups for Best Basketball Resistance Bands

With the Lockdwon Lateral Resistance Bands and SKLZ Pro Knit taking the top spots, we rank Pseudois Resistance Bungee Bands and the HoopsKing Progressive Resistance Overload Bands as the runners-up. They’re both excellent resistance bands with some compromises

Pseudois Resistance Bungee Bands

Pseudois Resistance Bungee bands were designed to improve jumping power, speed, and overall leg strength. Just wear the comfortable free-motion ring and clip in the Recoil 360 Cord to use it. Then, you can run your drills with added difficulty. The recoil of the bungee cord adds more challenge to common basketball exercises and movements targeting lateral agility, speed, explosiveness, and other plyometric exercises.

What Makes it Unique:

  • The resting length of the band is 8 ft, and the maximum stretched length is 20 ft.
  • The bungee band is made of elastic nylon woven together in a sturdy design.
  • Aside from the adjustable belt size, you can also adjust the angle of the resistance on the belt. So you can either increase resistance from the back, side, front, and even at 45-degree angles. That said, Pseudois Resistance Bungee Bands can also work by connecting it to anything, from a workout buddy or teammate to a stationary pole for solo sessions.

Why Choose This Basketball Resistance Band:

  • Kids can use the Pseudois Resistance Bungee Bands with a bit of slack, but for adults and advanced athletes, starting exercises with the bungee cord already outstretched provides a much stronger resistance.
  • The belt is of a cushioned neoprene and nylon fabric construction for maximum comfort. The adjustable clip ensures a secure, customized fit.

Pseudois Resistance Bungee Band, Running Training Bungee Workout Band, Speed Strength, Basketball and Football Equipment for Improving Strength, Power and Agility
  • Speed training equipment 8ft stretch cord extends to 20ft
  • Running training equipment adjustable belt with 360 rotation ring for movement in all directions
  • Build explosive movement,power and proper footwork technique during training
  • Maximize motions for a specific sport with resistance sports training and speed dynamics
  • Use for basketball training tools,tennis training equipment,workout training equipment and strength training for runners

HoopsKing Progressive Resistance Overload Bands

Hoopers come in all shapes and sizes, and in some cases, even those who aren’t as blessed in height find themselves wanting to get better at the beautiful game of basketball. So, if your height isn’t exactly NBA-ready, or you’re a young hooper looking to get that competitive edge against your peers, the HoopsKing P.R.O Bands is a good option.

What Makes it Unique:

  • Not only is it 41 inches in length, making it suitable for athletes of average height, but it can provide up to 150lbs of resistance while at the same time toning and building muscle.
  • With this array of resistances, you can customize your workout experience whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Increase or decrease the tension depending on your skill level and goals and work your way up to become a formidable competitor on the court.
  • You can choose between four different widths that determine their strength levels. They’re all 41 inches long, which is perfect for crowded gyms or workout halls.

Why Choose This Basketball Resistance Band:

  • Available from 10lbs – 150lbs of resistance. With these strength levels, you can take your training to the next level and slowly increase the tension as you become more comfortable with the exercises.
  • The HoopsKing P.R.O. Bands have a simple loop design, making it incredibly versatile. You can use them in various ways, depending on what type of exercise you’re going for and which muscle group you’re targeting.

HoopsKing P.R.O. Bands for Basketball Resistance Bands Training (Single Band - 4 Levels to Choose from | Mix & Match as Needed) 41" Loop|(Medium)
  • TAKE YOUR GAME TO ANOTHER LEVEL – Choose from 4 different sizes of bands. Each band is premium grade latex rubber designed to meet your specific resistance needs. Use with a partner (1 to 4 bands) or solo (2 to 4 bands required) to improve your explosiveness on the basketball court. Many uses for the P.R.O. Bands make them a must have for any Player, Coach, or Team.
  • SUPREME VERSATILITY – Use Solo or with a Partner. Tie it to a column or post and use it by yourself to improve your explosiveness on the court. Great to use to practice your Dribble Moves & develop that Quicker First Step. When using with a partner we recommended tying two bands together.
  • COME ONE, COME ALL! - This is the kind of product anyone can get behind. No matter what sport you play you can benefit with the P.R.O. Bands. Great for Football, Baseball, Soccer & more!, This workout equipment was intended for you. Being stronger, faster, and quicker is something that we all inherently want; it's in our DNA. Now let us help you reach your goals.
  • MULTIPLE BENEFITS – Improve Strength, Speed, Quickness, & Flexibility. Use as resistance going up & down the court & then do defensive slides to improve lateral quickness. Do Strength Training right on the court before or after practice. Use the bands to Cool Down and stretch with.
  • MULTIPLE SPORTS – Use for any sport: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, MMA, Wrestling, Track & Field, & More!

The Value Pick for Best Basketball Resistance BandsThe Value Pick for Best Basketball Resistance Bands

When it comes to resistance bands, going with the most expensive option isn’t always best – you want the best bang for your buck as well. And with such a wide variety of choices on the market today, it can be hard to decide which offer the most value. 

But don’t worry – we’ve done some of the leg work for you and so you don’t have to search for where to buy resistance bands. From light strength bands that make a great introduction for beginners to sets that are suitable for folks at all levels, you should have no problem finding something that offers quality and affordability in one package. Best of all, you won’t need to break the bank trying different brands just to find your perfect fit.

Leekey Resistance Band Set

One of the keys to improving performance on the basketball court is consistency in your workouts. It ensures progress in your muscle and skills development. This is where the Leekey Resistance Band Set comes in.

What Make it Unique:

  • Made with durable and lightweight latex material for long-term use. All bands are 81.9 inches in length.
  • The Leekey Resistance Band Set offers five color-coded resistances. The bands achieve greater resistance by adding thickness, so the length stays the same across all the bands.

Why Choose This Basketball Resistance Band: 

  • It’s a lightweight, compact, and versatile resistance band workout gear that you can easily fit in your overnight bag or luggage, even during out-of-town trips.
  • The band’s long simple loop design makes it slightly adjustable. For example, you can adjust the resistance by doubling or tripling the loop, which changes the band’s strength level.
  • Inexpensive price makes it one of the easiest to purchase especially for beginners.

LEEKEY Resistance Band Set, Pull Up Assist Bands - Stretch Resistance Band - Mobility Band Powerlifting Bands for Resistance Training, Physical Therapy, Home Workouts (Assorted)
  • Durable and Quality Pull-up Bands: LEEKEY Resistance bands are made from of natural latex material , which is strong wear resistance and can withstand extreme tensile force. You can train without any worries of tear or wear.
  • Great for Stretching and Resistance: Our resistance bands work for anyone need stretching out those sore achy muscles after a workout and stiff ones for before the workout. You can use them to stretch out before deadlifts and squats.
  • Multi-Functional Resistance Bands : Resistance bands can used for multiple exercises, such as strength training, assisted pull-ups, basketball tension training, warm-ups etc.
  • Home Fitness Training : You may add to your home gym . It will help assist in YOU pull-ups at home. It can be used in a lot of different ways.You can use them for pull up and dip assist, stretching, and even adding some resistance to squats.
  • 5 Resistance Bands Levels : Pull up assist bands come in 5 resistance levels, and each color is different resistance and width for different purposes. The amount of stretch resistance of the exercise bands can be adjusted by giving more or less slack on the band, as well as by combining multiple fitness resistance band to increase the challenge.

Veick Resistance Bands

The Veick Resistance Bands just make workouts that much easier! Their handles provide a comfortable grip that make the whole exercise process much smoother. Plus, you get an array of bands with different levels of resistance – making it suitable for players of any fitness level or age!

What makes it unique:

Why Choose This Basketball Resistance Band:

  • While they’re not the most versatile bands, they’re one of the most comfortable to use for arm and leg workouts.
  • They’re relatively inexpensive especially when compared to the other brands on this list.

VEICK Resistance Bands, Exercise Bands, Workout Bands, Resistance Bands for Working Out with Handles for Men and Women, Exercising Bands for Strength Training Equipment at Home
  • Adjustable Resistance Bands, Maximum equivalent of 150 lbs - Comes as a set of 5, 48-inch long colored exercise bands: Yellow (10 lbs),Blue (20 lbs), Green (30 lbs), Black (40 lbs), Red(50 lbs). All bands can be combined together to provide up to 150 lbs
  • Works for multiple workout scenario - As true resistance is maintained through every part of a motion.The resistance band set can be great with any popular workout like Yoga, Pilates and more. Or use them for general exercise, stretching, strength training, power weight programs
  • Mobile gym to build muscles - You can use the resistance bands with ankle straps and door attachment to exercise at home or outside.You can do exercise anytime and anywhere to burn fat and increase muscle strength
  • Portable and easy to store - These bands are so lightweight and this resistance kit comes with a cloth pouch. It is very convenient to carry and store
  • What are included: 5 Tube Resistance Bands, 2 Soft Cushioned Handles, 2 Ankle Straps,1 Door Anchor,1 Exercise Guidance, 1 Carrying Bag

How to Choose the Best Basketball Resistance BandsHow to Choose the Best Basketball Resistance Bands

While they’ve existed since the 90s, resistance band training is only now making inroads in the basketball community. It’s becoming popular among players and coaches alike for the way it develops strength, power, and speed in a balanced and much less injury-prone way than traditional weightlifting.

By strategically looping these versatile bands around ankles and wrists, players can mimic the movements crucial to their respective sports. So whether it’s a basketball player looking to build agility or a soccer player improving acceleration, resistance bands offer an incredibly effective alternative to working out in physical space.

Resistance band training helps basketball players develop explosiveness while preventing them from over-training, which can lead to injuries. Even better, they’re lightweight, compact, and relatively inexpensive, so they don’t take up a lot of space or break the bank.

The key to resistance band training is understanding how to use the bands effectively. The goal should always be challenging yourself while maintaining proper form and technique. If you’re a basketball player looking to take your game to the next level, resistance bands might just be what you need!

Unfortunately, looking for the best resistance bands for basketball training is more complex than it sounds. So, if you’re in the market, we’ve compiled some of the most important considerations when purchasing one for basketball resistance training.

What is Your Strength Level?

Resistance bands come in a variety of levels to accommodate different strength levels. Understanding your current strength level will help you determine what band is right for you.

A resistance band’s strength level is decided by several factors: material, thickness, length, age, and brand. You can usually find the band’s strength level printed somewhere on its packaging.

The material the band is made of is the most important factor when talking about its strength level. Fabric, latex, and synthetic rubber are the most common materials.

Latex or Rubber Bands?

The material is one of the most important factors when choosing a resistance band. For most people, the question is between latex or rubber bands. But there’s a third option that basketball players may want to consider: fabric.

Fabric bands are usually more affordable, more comfortable, and less resistant to stress. These properties make it perfect for low-stress exercises needed for basketball injury rehabilitation.

Synthetic rubber – is typically the most resistant of the three materials. It’s designed specifically for durability and resistance to wear and tear, making it perfect for heavy-duty resistance bands that are meant to withstand the highest levels of stress.

Latex – is a natural material known for its elasticity and durability, but it may not be as resistant to wear and tear as synthetic rubber. As a result, they’re often used for lighter resistance workouts and stretching exercises.

Fabric – fabric resistance bands are often the best option for low-impact exercises and rehabilitation as they have a very low resistance level. It’s great for those just starting out or who want a gentler workout. However, different weave styles have become available that can significantly increase fabric bands’ resistance levels.

Is It Adjustable?

Some resistance band makers have developed adjustable systems for their resistance bands. With these systems, you can easily alter the length of your band, its resistance level, and other features depending on your exercise. This makes them perfect for those who intend to use their band for multiple activities or athletes looking for a more versatile workout tool.

What is Your Budget?

Like any other fitness equipment, resistance bands range significantly in price depending on the quality and material. Make sure to consider how much you are willing to spend on a band, and be bold and go for the pricier options if they offer more features or higher resistance levels.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that resistance bands are incredibly versatile tools and can be used to get great results regardless of skill level. With some research, you’ll find the perfect band to fit your needs and help you take your basketball training to the next level.

Wrapping Things Up: The Best Basketball Resistance Bands

So, there you have it, some of the most important considerations when shopping for resistance bands for basketball training. From strength level to budget, there are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect band for you. Ultimately, you’ll want to find one that fits your needs, offers ample resistance levels, and is comfortable and durable enough to withstand heavy use.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab those resistance bands and let’s get some work done!

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