The Best Basketball Blocking Pads of 2024

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Over the years, we have seen many improvements in the basketball scene, whether in the facility or equipment used. These innovations help make basketball much more exciting and improve players’ performance. Among the equipment that you should know of is the basketball blocking pads.

The best basketball blocking pads consider quality and price, including the materials used and the professional reviews. We have you covered if you are new to buying blocker pads or want to change your old blocking guards.

Check out the list below to see what brands you should buy depending on quality and budget.

Our Favorites for the Best Basketball Blocking PadsOur Favorites for the Best Basketball Blocking Pads

The best basketball blocking pads come in excellent quality at the most reasonable price possible. It means that not only are the blocking pads made of excellent materials, but the price is not too high nor too cheap.

Blocking guards or pads are equipment for basketball training to improve offensive skills. Usually, it is used for aggressive drills that will compel you to improve ball-handling techniques.

Now that you know the purpose of using basketball blocking pads, check out the best one you can buy in the market.

Spalding Blocking Pad Training Aid

You can never go wrong with any equipment from Spalding; you are guaranteed their top-of-the-line products in the basketball market. Aside from the fact that the materials used are durable, the price may be higher than other brands, but it is reasonable knowing the quality they offer.

The Spalding Blocking pad has everything you need for a blocking pad. Even though it is made of high-quality materials, the pad weighs perfectly—not too heavy nor too light. Therefore, your training will never be compromised with a defective blocking pad.

Therefore, the pad is designed to withstand long hours of training. You are always assured that the product will significantly aid your training program. The reason for its durability is its long handles, which give you an excellent grip and secured drills.

Aside from their online store, you can purchase Spalding blocking pad training aid on Amazon.

What Makes Spalding Blocking Pad Training Aid Unique:

  • The pad is giant compared to other high-end brands like Ball Hog, which means you can perform defensive drills like forceful shoves since it covers your trainer’s body. Hence, you can optimize your potential by delivering more intensive routines.
  • You can never go wrong with its durable tarpaulin cover. It will give you a long-lasting blocking pad that will stay with you from your beginner’s phase until you become a pro offensive player.
  • Its 24″ X 18″ X 4″ dimensions train your offensive skills because the wide size makes it more challenging. Hence, it will train you to use offensive drills to draw fouls strategically.

Why Choose Spalding Blocking Pads Training Aid:

  • First and foremost, Spalding blocking pads are protected with a one-year warranty. Even though the quality is top-notch, Spalding ensures that the customers are satisfied with their product.
  • If you are looking for a basketball blocking pad with an excellent grip, the Spalding blocking pads offer 1.5″ handles. Hence, the more oversized handles will make your training more manageable since it facilitates easy movement.
  • Most of all, the Spalding blocking pad is designed for both indoor and outdoor training. Therefore, it offers more significant cuts in cost since it serves two functions at the same time.

Spalding Blocking Pad Training Aid
  • 24" x 18" x 4" blocking pad designed to initiate contact during training drills
  • Heavy duty tarpaulin cover material
  • 2- 1.5" handles for easy movement during drills
  • Includes: (1) BLOCKING PAD
  • Training Area: Defense & Agility

GoSports Blocking Pad

Another trusted brand made it to the list; this time, it’s GoSports Blocking Pad. It is made of heavy-duty materials like rubber covers, yet it is lightweight because of its foam stuffing. Talk about durability, comfort, and size; the GoSport blocking pad has them all.

There is a reason why most professionals prefer this over other brands. The reason why it can absorb intensive impact is that it is thicker compared to the standard pads you are accustomed to. Moreover, it is an elite blocking pad since it can withstand high-impact drills.

It is the best for improving your contact skills in basketball because its handles are easy to grip. Not only is it perfect for professional and intensive training, but young basketball aspirants can also trust this brand. Where to buy the blocking pad? Similar to other products, it is available on Amazon.

What Makes GoSports Blocking Pads Unique:

  • GoSports Blocking Pads has a durable rubber cover, resistant to scratches and dents even from dropping on pavement multiple times (as you may know, these cracks are the reason blocking pads rip off).
  • The pad is ideal for all ages, whether you are an amateur, high school, college, or professional. Plus, you can use this pad for different sports training. Hence, buying this is always a win-win situation.
  • What makes GoSports blocking pad unique from other pads is that it deviates from the conventional two handles. Strategically, it is made with five handles for a more secure and superior grip. Thus, your training will never be interrupted.

Why Choose GoSport Blocking Pads:

  • First, it is designed with high-density foam thicker than the traditional blocking pads. As a result, you can train to the best of your abilities and maximize your potential.
  • Second of all, it is protected by a GoSports warranty. Since factory defects are inevitable, you can always have a replacement should there be issues with the product you receive.
  • You can easily maneuver the pad because it is not as comprehensive as Spalding’s blocking aid. Hence, it is perfect for contact training. –especially for younger players.

GoSports Blocking Pads - Great for Martial Arts & Sports Training (Football, Basketball, Hockey, Lacrosse and More) - Standard or XL Sizes
  • CONTACT DRILLS: Heavy-duty blocking pad for safely simulating contact drills for a variety of sports or for martial arts training
  • 5 REINFORCED HANDLES: Strategically placed handles to provide superior control over the traditional 2-handle blocking pads - use for football, basketball, mixed martial arts, and more
  • ATHLETE FUNDAMENTALS: Perfect training aid for athletes of various skill levels - youth, middle school, high school, and college athletes
  • ABSORBS IMPACT: Blocking pad measures 24 in L x 16 in W x 5 in H with 5 in thick core of high-density foam to minimize impact and features a tear proof composite leather surface

The Runner-Ups for Best Basketball Blocking PadsThe Runner-Ups for Best Basketball Blocking Pads

When talking about blocking pads for basketball training, there are always alternatives that are equally great as select products. There are reasons why the products below are on the runner-up list. They may be taking over the top spot in the future.

One thing that we take into consideration is the price. It has to be justifiable to the quality of the product. Also, the product should not be a rehash of other existing products. Therefore, there has to be innovation that makes it stand out among others in the market.

Without further ado, let’s check whether the runner-ups have significant issues. Disclaimer: it is almost the same as our favorite products.

Goalrilla Blocking Dummy

Here comes the Goalrilla Blocking Dummy, which offers the same quality as the above. Durability, usability, and size, you name them, and Goalrilla Blocking Dummy has it all. The only downside is that it is a bit higher in price than the above.

This one is an excellent choice if you particularly want a long-lasting pad. It is made with high-end materials that you can never go wrong.

What Makes Goalrilla Blocking Dummy Unique:

  • First, it is made of high-durability PVC materials and foam. You will never worry about it getting ripped due to repeated intensive impact. Thus, you can optimize your skills.
  • Both inner and outer materials are made with top-quality materials. The reason is that the company has been manufacturing these materials since 1927. You are guaranteed quality and functionality.

Why Choose Goalrilla Blocking Dummy:

  • Suppose you believe that the higher the price, the better the quality; buy this product. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most trusted blocking pads because it can last for years.
  • Aside from guaranteed satisfaction with its quality, you can use this blocking pad for basketball and other sports. That said, it is versatile and effective in every training program simultaneously.

Goalrilla Football Blocking Dummy with Heavy-Duty Handles, Durable for Football, Basketball, MMA & Sports Training , Black
  • SIMULATE SAFER BLOCKING DRILLS – Heavy-Duty Blocking Dummy for Safer Simulated Contact Drills Measuring 26.4" High, 18.5" Wide, and 7.3" Thick
  • VERSATILE CONTACT DUMMY – Perfect for All Skill and Age Levels to Practice Football, Basketball, Mixed Martial Arts, and Many Other Sports
  • REINFORCED HANDLES – Two Reinforced Heavy-Duty Handles for Superior Control During Intense Workouts
  • THICK, DENSE INNER AND OUTER MATERIAL – 50.6 lbs/Cubic Meter High Density Foam And 500 Grams/Cubic Meter PVC
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Since 1927, Escalade Sports has taken pride in manufacturing quality products. With a fully-staffed customer service team, we are committed to providing courteous care and a 100% guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase

Combat Sports Basketball Training Pad

Another high-quality brand with a high price is the Combat Sports Basketball Training Pad. Again, there is no doubt that the product is durable. However, the interior is more demanding than the others. That’s why it is a little painful to hit it.

Besides, it shares the same size, quality, and functionality as the above. It comes in a conventional pad style, which is more extensive and sometimes difficult to use for layup training.

What Makes Combat Sports Basketball Training Pad:

  • First, it has synthetic leather material. Hence, it is not painful to hit it since it is softer than other exterior materials.
  • The advantage of having it is that its handle is covered with foam. Hence, it is easy to grip and not painful during training. Other brands do not have this feature.

Why Choose Combat Sports Basketball Training Pad:

  • The reason why you should choose Combat Sport Basketball Training Pad is that it is almost the same as the select products. However, it is essential to note that it is much more pricey than others. If you have the budget, you should buy it.
  • Talk about a lightweight basketball blocking pad, then Combat Sports will come into your mind. Undoubtedly, it is one of the lightest products in the market.

Combat Sports Basketball Training Pad
  • Durable synthetic leather construction
  • Light weight 3.5 lb. design
  • Dimensions: 14? Wide x 24? Tall x 4.5? Thick
  • 3 Rear and 2 Nylon webbed foam padded handles for durability-- comfort and endless pad positions

The Value Picks for Best Basketball Blocking PadsThe Value Picks for Best Basketball Blocking Pads

If you are looking for the best budget basketball blocking pad, we present the ones we have listed below. It does not mean that they are budget-friendly; their quality is compromised.

Ball Hog Bump Contact Training Pad

Coming first on the budget list is the Ball Hog Bump Contact Training Pad, which is easy to bring with you anywhere you go (aside from the fact that it is as durable as the elite ones).

Its small size can be both a boon and a bane. Since it can easily fit on your forearm, it is easy to move around while training so that you can improve your agility simultaneously. However, it also limits your maximum potential because you cannot fully perform intensive routines with it.

The advantage of having this bump contact pad is that it effectively improves your layup skills remarkably. Its exterior is padded but light, so it is easy to carry around while jumping.

What Makes Ball Hog Bump Contact Training Pad Unique:

  • It is innovative because of its smaller size that fits on your forearms. If you are looking for a blocking pad that improves your layup skills, choose the Ball Hig Bump Contact Training Pad.
  • Since it is wrapped around the forearms, you can improve your mental alertness since it is easier to maneuver for blocking rapid shootings. Hence, you can be better at basketball fundamentals and mentality.
  • It is by far the best one that replicates game-like situations due to its smaller size. Hence, it is ideal for mastering your contact skills.

Why Choose Ball Hog Bump Contact Training Pad:

  • First and foremost, it is durable and very lightweight. You can quickly move around with it, making it an all-around blocking pad (from ball handling to layups).
  • Secondly, it provides the same quality but is much cheaper than the elite ones. Hence, it is an excellent product if you are just a beginner using a blocking pad for training.

Ball Hog Gloves Ball Hog Bump Contact Training Pad (Basketball Training Aid)
  • Contact pad to simulate game like situations
  • Add contact to your finishing drills
  • Add a physical presence to your ball handling and shooting drills
  • Durable, lightweight and can fit in your gym bag
  • Can be used for multiple sports

GoSports Padded Blocking and Sparring Training Pads

Here’s to another unconventional basketball blocking pad. The GoSports training pad does not come in the size of a rectangle, but it is in the form of padded poles. Therefore, this is a versatile product that can complement any training style.

What makes GoSports Padded Blocking and Sparring Training Pads:

  • First, the unconventional style is a versatile way to improve blocking routines. The trainer can easily handle it and target any of your blocking strategies.
  • Since it is smaller in size, it is perfect for all ages. Whether you are a newbie player or a veteran, you can optimize your skills with the help of this unconventional design.

Why Choose GoSports Padded Blocking and Sparring Training Pads:

  • The best reason for choosing it is that it is half cheaper than your favorite products. Hence, you can spend lesser money on the same kind of product. Therefore, you can spend the spare money on other training equipment.
  • It is incredibly lightweight, which is perfect for all training programs. If you want to use it for ball defense, then you can. If you want to use it for layups, you can also.

GoSports Padded Blocking and Sparring Training Pads - 2 Pack for Martial Arts and Sports Training (Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, MMA and More) - Choose Your Style
  • VERSATILE TOOL: Heavy-duty padded poles simulate defenders for a variety of drills across all major sports and martial arts
  • OPTIMIZE TRAINING: Allows coaches to improve player technique without having to jump, lunge or bend over
  • PADDED DESIGN: Made from robust padded foam with padding on the handles for superior grip, control and comfort during training; Inner high-density foam minimizes impact and outer composite leather surface is tear proof, sweat proof and water proof
  • ALL AGES & ABILITIES: Perfect training aid for athletes of various skill levels - youth, middle school, high school and college athletes
  • VERSATILE SIZE: Each blocking guard is 2.5 ft in length and features thick foam guards that are 5 in wide

How to Choose the Best Basketball Blocking PadsHow to Choose the Best Basketball Blocking Pads

Choosing the best basketball blocking pad is not just about the price or weight; the overall quality, functionality, and features should be considered. Hence we have listed the things to consider when buying one; check them out.

What is the Blocking Pad Made Of?

The first thing to consider is the materials used for the interior and exterior. The interior should have a soft material like a foam to absorb impact without leaving you injured. Then, the exterior should be durable, like leather or tarpaulin, for basketball’s wear and tear nature.

Is it Durable and Impact Resistant?

This quality is the best thing to consider because it will help you improve your skills without compromising your physical health. You will be injured if the interior is not made with foam or other soft materials. Plus, it has to be impact resistant—meaning it does not easily rip with your frequent impact.

Is it the Right Size and Shape for You?

Please note that different brands have different sizes and forms. If the blocking pad is too big, it is not ideal for you because it will act as a hindrance rather than a training aid.

Another thing is the shape. Some pads deviate from conventional styles. If you want a versatile one, then use the conventional one. But if you want to target specific skills, you may use unconventional shapes like the Ball Hog Bump Contact Training Pad.

What is Your Level of Play?

It is somehow interconnected with the size. If you are a newbie and a kid player, it is not advisable to have more prominent ads. I suggest having the smaller sizes since it responds to your needs. Please note that professionals use the products listed in the Favorites Section above.

What Does it Cost?

Lastly, it would be best if you considered the price. If you have a tight budget, then start investing in cheaper alternatives. But if you are professional, you can purchase top-of-the-line products like Spalding.

Wrapping Things Up: The Best Basketball Blocking Pads

The best basketball-blocking pad depends on your needs. If you are looking for a high-quality one, then you can never go wrong with the Spalding Blocking Pad since it is the most trusted in the market. You can go with the Ball Hog one if you want to target a specific strategy like layup and a cheaper alternative.

The first thing you should consider before buying is to think about what kind of blocking pad you need. Until then, you can find the best one according to your desire. Read the points we listed above to check the market’s features of the leading pads.

If you found this post helpful, check out our other basketball gear reviews here.

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