Are Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter Cousins?

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Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter are NBA stars who performed incredibly in the league. They even played with the Toronto Raptors, showcasing a powerful duo combination. It left fans wondering: are Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter cousins?

Both players grew up in the same state and even played together at the AAU, but they were clueless that they were cousins until McGrady debuted in 1997. The moment they discovered their connection, the two became closer than ever.

This blog will explore the connection between Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady’s family tree. Stay tuned!

Tracy McGrady's Journey to the NBA brief career highlightsTracy McGrady’s Journey to the NBA Brief Career Highlights

McGrady’s journey to the NBA was unconventional, as he bypassed college and declared for the draft after an impressive high school and prep school career. His decision to forgo college paid off, as he would soon embark on an illustrious NBA career that would establish him as one of the greatest players of his era.

  • Mt. Zion Christian Academy (High School)

McGrady took the amateur NBA scene by storm as a young phenom at the Mt. Zion Christian Academy in North Carolina. At a young age, he was known for his incredible athleticism and scoring ability.

Due to his advanced skills, he quickly caught the attention of college recruiters and NBA scouts alike. During this time, McGrady earned the highly-coveted Player of the Year of North Carolina in 1996. He was also an awardee of the McDonald’s All-American honors.

  • Auburndale High School (High School) 

The best decision was for McGrady to transfer to Auburndale High School in Florida during his senior year. He solidified his name by averaging an impressive 27 points per game. 

A year later, McGrady received the Florida High School Player of the Year award in 1997. This feat made him a top prospect for the NBA Draft in the coming years.

  • Mt. Zion Christian Academy (Prep School)

After graduating high school, McGrady returned to the Mt. Zion Christian Academy’s prep school program to hone his skills. McGrady became unstoppable and earned his second McDonald’s All-American honor.

  • NBA Draft 1997

After McGrady graduated from high school, he received several love calls from different college programs across the country. None of the offers were accepted as he boldly bypassed college for the 1997 NBA draft.

McGrady indeed took the road untaken, as most players chose to play college basketball to gain experience and hone skills before joining the NBA. Nonetheless, McGrady proved his greatness by being drafted by the Raptors.

Vince Carter's Journey to the NBA Brief Career HighlightsVince Carter’s Journey to the NBA Brief Career Highlights

The NBA foundation of Vince Carter was his exceptional high school career in Florida. Due to his impressive skills and accolades as a high school player, he attracted scout managers.

After graduating basketball journey at the University of North Carolina and leading his team to win a national championship, he immediately made a powerful entrance to the NBA scene in 1998.

  • Middletown High School (High School)

At a young age, Carter already showed immense basketball potential, which sooner led him to make a name at Middletown High School in Florida. Due to his exceptional athletic foundation, Carter even made it big in the nationals.

As a result of his basketball prowess, Carter bagged several accolades as a high school ace player, such as Florida’s Mr. Basketball in 1995. He was a recipient of McDonald’s All-American in 1995.

  • Mainland High School (High School)

During his senior year, he moved to Mainland High School for his senior year, where he carried his team to the state championship game. He averaged 22 points, which made him a top pick for NBA Drafts.

  • University of North Carolina (College)

With his extensive list of achievements in high school, Carter secured a scholarship as a player for the legendary North Carolina Tar Heels. Carter did not waste this chance and showcased his high-flying dunks during his three-year stay at the university.

  • NBA Draft 1998

Although Vince and Tracy went to the same high school and of the same age, he was drafted a year late. The reason is he went to college and Tracy did not. He was drafted by the Golden States Warriors in 1998 NBA Draft as their fifth overall pick.

How are Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter RelatedHow are Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter Related?

Tracy McGrady shared on the Pardon My Take podcast that Vince Carter and him are third cousins through their grandmother at a family reunion. McGrady was preparing for his NBA career while Carter was playing for UNC.

The funny thing about how Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady found out they were cousins is that they met days before the revelation as McGrady was frequent at the UNC to train. He even used Carter’s locker room at UNC, proving their closeness.

One day, McGrady called Carter to say he was not attending the practice since he would attend a family reunion, only to find out they were cousins. His grandmother told him he had a grandson playing basketball at UNC, and to his surprise, it was Vice Carter whom he knows.

How are Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady related?

According to their grandparents, Carter’s step-great-grandfather was her stepbrother. In short, both of their grandparents are siblings. Although they are not related by blood, they are linked by family relations.

Who was Better Swingman_ Tracy McGrady or Vince CarterWho was Better Swingman? Tracy McGrady or Vince Carter

Choosing between Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady as the better swingman is a subjective preference, as both are equally great. Based on their career stats, McGrady has a better record of 19.6 average points per game, while Carter averaged 16.7 points per game.

Vince Carter was famous for his electrifying performance on the court, particularly his high-flying dunks. With that, he became a key scorer in his team and thrived in the NBA league for 22 years.

Meanwhile, Tracy McGrady was a versatile and top-scorer swingman. He was famous during his time because of his ability to make a basket from anywhere on the court. This trait contributed a lot to his outstanding career stats.

But did Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady play together? Yes, they both played for Toronto Raptors for two NBA seasons. If we compare their skills in these two seasons, they are on the same page since they both contributed with scoring skills in every game.

Wrapping Things Up: Are Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter Cousins?

Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter played in the NBA in the same generation, wherein fans saw their chemistry as a duo. The reason could be that they played at the same league high school and grew up together. The question is: are Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter cousins?

The answer is yes. According to McGrady’s grandmother, Vince Carter’s step-great-grandfather was her stepbrother. Although not really by blood, their family connections can tell why they are great basketball players.

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