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The Ultimate List of Basketball Slang Terms

The Ultimate List of Basketball Slang Terms

Playing and watching basketball long enough brings you in contact with basketball terms and jargon. Some of them are pretty elementary, but others are incredibly creative. These creative basketball terms, often called “basketball slang,” get

Did Master P Ever Play in the NBA

Did Master P Ever Play in the NBA?

Percy Robert Miller (aka Master P) is a man gifted with many talents: a businessman, a mogul rapper, an actor, and a star point guard in high school, and he tried out for two NBA

Who is Faster_ Soccer Players or Basketball Players

Who is Faster: Soccer Players or Basketball Players?

There is no denying that playing sports is physically draining and mentally exhausting since you exert immense strength to perfect a routine or move. No wonder most sports, like basketball and soccer, require you to

ow Often Do NCAA Basketball Rankings Change

How Often Do NCAA Basketball Rankings Change?

NCAA basketball has often produced exciting plots and subplots, but the 2022-23 season could be the most entertaining in years. Familiar faces on the sidelines– Mike Krzyzewski, Jay Wright, and Roy Williams– are all retiring

What is RPI in Basketball

What is RPI in Basketball?

Are you a newbie looking to understand basketball lingo?  Are you curious to find out what RPI ranking is and how it works in basketball rankings?  If your answer to either of these questions is

What is a Bracket in Basketball

What is a Bracket in Basketball?

For all those who follow the NBA, NCAA, or the TBT (The Basketball Tournament), it’s safe to say you are very familiar with a tournament bracket. But if you don’t, it’s not the end of

Soccer Ball vs. Basketball_ What's the Difference

Soccer Ball vs. Basketball: What’s the Difference?

Being a well-rounded athlete can sometimes be confusing, especially if you need help deciding which sport to focus on more. Indeed, debates over soccer ball vs. basketball are gaining attention these days. It proves that

How Dangerous is Soccer Compared to Basketball

How Dangerous is Soccer Compared to Basketball?

Sports are not always bursts of sunshine. Fun as they are, dangers are around the corner. Soccer and basketball are two of the most dangerous team sports in the world, considering that they involve severely