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How Long Does a Basketball Game Last

How Long Does a Basketball Game Last?

Are you wondering how long does a basketball game last?  Or are you wondering how many quarters in a basketball game? No matter what type of basketball game you go to, one thing that always

What is BA in Basketball Stats?

You might be looking at NBA box scores and came across a stat for “BA.” You wonder, what is BA in basketball stats? BA in basketball means “block against” and refers to the number of

What Basketball Statistics Actually Matter

What Basketball Statistics Actually Matter?

‘Numbers don’t lie.’ You may have heard that expression used in sports, more so in a numbers game like basketball. However, numbers may not lie, but it also does not tell the whole story. You

How to Use Basketball Cuts

How to Use Basketball Cuts

There are many ways to score in basketball, and most of them are predicated on personnel movement. In fact, moving without the ball (or cutting) is probably one of the most underrated skills a basketball

What Are Shallow Cuts In Basketball

What Are Shallow Cuts In Basketball?

When you are talking about different basketball skills that any player needs to learn, cutting is one of the key ways that any player can use to get an excellent opportunity to score off the

What is TO in Basketball Stats

What is TO in Basketball Stats?

The stats on a basketball box score are not always positive. That is because some stats also indicate something negative. One such stat that instantly pops out when talking about its negative effect on a

What are Cuts in Basketball

What are Cuts in Basketball?

With all of the stepback threes, jelly layups, and flashy ankle breakers, moving without the ball is one skill that is not taught with an emphasis in basketball programs. Contrary to popular belief, this skill

What Are Open Looks In Basketball

What Are Open Looks In Basketball?

In the game of basketball, we are often told to focus on getting open looks instead of forcing shots. That is why plenty of offensive sets are designed to get open looks for any player